💗 Forced Marriage 💗
{Crazy couple }

Episode 1
Skyler’s POV
I groan and rested up before crawling outta bed.
A yawn excaped my mouth as I stretched Abit and drag my lazy feet to the bathroom.
I did my daily routine before stepping out with body dripping wet.
I strolled to my closet and picked out a sunset yellow floral gown.
Won’t be going to the office today , just need to stay at home and watch movies all day long.
I packed my hair in a tight bun and wore my flip flop before walking outta my room.
I’m Skyler gray , age 26 , senior doctor at gray general hospital . Clubs at night ,
My Dad is the third richest man around.
That’s enough info for now.
I jogged downstairs to the living room only to meet mom and dad with some strange folks discussing.
They all turned towards my direction when they noticed me .
” Ahh Skyler dear come quickly” mom said as she was grinning from ear to ear.

I glanced at the folks Seating down .
The man and the lady seems to be a couple while the gentleman beside them might be their son or so.
He had an expressionless face and barely looked at me .
“Good day ma’am and sirs” i greeted before seating beside my mom .
” OMG she looks so much prettier than when she was little” the lady cooed as her husband nodded affirmative.
” Do you know this people sky? ” Dad asked smiling too.
I still don’t get why this people are smiling but smell something fishy.
Nodded negatively.
“Okay this is the Cortez family , Mr and Mrs filho Cortez and that’s their son jaylen your future husband to be” that came out like a bomb.
” Hold up dad I didn’t actually get the last part . You said what ??” I asked again to be sure I heard him well .
“Your husband to be” mom chipped in.
“What the hell!!! When did I get engaged that I didn’t know about” I groaned angrily as I glare at him.
” Calm down dear let’s explain to you ” Mr Cortez said in a calm way.
” Oh yeah am calm ” I mumbled as I folded up my arms.
“I know this is too sudden but we’re getting you married to form an alliance with the family and secondly it was a promise made by me and Mr Cortez years ago it’s time to fulfill that promise” dad said and smiled.
” This is pure bullshit !!! How can you get me married to someone I know nothing about ? Someone I barely know !! Seriously?? ” I growled at them.

” Calm down dear ” mom tried to touch me but I jerked off her hand.
” Don’t tell me to f*cking tell me to calm down!!” I spat.
That dude had a smirk on his face.
I bet he’s enjoying the show right now.
“Too bad there’s nothing you can do about it dear . We’ll give you two some privacy to get to know each other better” dad winked as the both family stood up and walked away leaving us together.

I Huff loud and glared at him but he only laugh.
“And what the heck is funny?” I rolled my eyes angrily.
To be continued…


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