FORBIDDEN LOVE … (18+) … Part 1


A story by Jochrine Kunda


***”How far are we?”

I anxiously asked as I was blindfolded and he led me

“We’re almost there sunshine”

His voice was music to my ears that would calm me down even when I was mad, I giggled and after taking a few more steps he uncovered my eyes and the place was beautiful. A beautiful garden with flowers grown in a pattern of my name, it was a quiet and peaceful place only the sounds of water flowing from a fountain and birds singing were heard

“Wow! This is so exquisite my love”

That’s all I managed to say coz words weren’t enough to describe what I was seeing

“You deserve the best, you mean everything to me and I’m incomplete without you”

He picked me up and stood by the side of the pond then took out a ring

“I will forever love you despite what might come our way, I may not be perfect but I’ll do everything I can to ensure that you’re happy coz that’s what matters to me”

He looked straight in my eyes and I could tell that he meant every word he said from the bottom of his apart so I found myself handing him my hand to put the ring on my finger

“I give my all to you, I trust you with my life Justin, I’ll be your own little star let me shine in your world, I’ll love you till the end of time only death will do us part”

I spoke from my heart

“Not even death will do us part “

We shared a long passionate kiss and as he was placing the ring on my finger it dropped in the pond and we were both shocked then I zoned out.

I heard someone calling out my name but it sounded distant then I felt a cold breeze hit my skin and the voice kept shouting my name but it was louder this time then I woke up to Mwelwa, my husband shaking me roughly


I rolled my eyes and gave him a bored look

“I’m talking to you Veronica”

“What now? Huh tell me what’s wrong now”

“Honey, you’ve really changed, when was the last time you prepared me for work? I don’t even remember when I had a meal prepared by you, what has gone wrong?”

***He looked hurt and one would feel pity for him but I didn’t and I just couldn’t no matter how hard I tried ***

“Nothing, we’re good”

“This must seriously come to a stop, are we clear?”

“Yes I’ll work on it”

I said that just so he could leave

“And when I return I want to find Lumanda cooked in groundnuts prepared by you”

He emphasized on the “by you” part

“Yeah you have to get going the pupils are waiting for you”

Jane barged into our bedroom with her school bag and jumped on the bed

“Dad I’ve packed everything we can go no now, morning mom”

She perked my cheek

“Morning princess”

I replied back

Mwelwa kissed my cheek and they left holding hands, they had a good relationship together and I felt bad for my little Jane that she’d have to be separated from him but I knew she’d love Justin just the same if not more. I got out of bed and opened the windows so I could begin cleaning my bedroom since it was the only thing I did, when I was done I took a long bath, wore warm clothes and stayed indoors since it was a cold day. I wasn’t in the mood of going out so I called Bana Chileshe who was our house help and a bit older than me to go to the market and buy the items that were required to prepare the dish Mwelwa wanted. I missed Justin who I hadn’t seen in two days and his phone rang unanswered each time I tried calling him which got me worried so I called Blessings, my best friend who I thought would have an idea of where he was since Justin and her husband were more than cousins, they were brothers and she answered on the third ring

Me: Hey

Blessings: honey how’re you?

Me: I’m worried sick about Justin, I haven’t heard from him in two days his phone rings unanswered

She chuckled

Blessings: you miss him?

Me: yeah I do not even words can exp……

She cut me short

Blessings: patience pays sister remember when I used to tell you that you deserved better than Mwelwa what did you do? Nothing mattered to you at all now just look at yourself you can’t experience love freely and you’re like teenager who hides her relationship so she won’t be caught by the mother

Me: Blessings I know I was wrong, I shouldn’t have jumped into a relationship with Mwelwa but you don’t have to rub it in my face okay? I love Justin and he’s the one I want to be with so why not support me than remind me of a mistake I made in the past

Blessings: don’t worry it will all pass maybe it’s just karma visiting you on Sarah’s part everything will fall in place

Me: I thought you were going to help me but I guess not

I was hurt that she had to bring up the past then I heard her breath out loudly

Blessings: I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you

Me: it’s fine I shouldn’t have even called you in the first place

Blessings: Vero please don’t hang up, I also don’t know where Justin is but Thomas has been out for two days too so I guess they’re together and whatever they’re doing must be work related

I dropped the call without saying anything and let my tears flow freely as her words resounded in my mind. I had to destroy Sarah’s marriage via Jane since she couldn’t bear Mwelwa any children, Mwelwa knew that he had a child with me back in junior secondary school when I was his pupil and he came running to me, I couldn’t forsake such an opportunity considering our means of survival at home mom took care of Jane and made ends meet through her business of selling vegetables so I accepted to get back with Mwelwa so I could redeem her. I was brought back from my thoughts by a knock on the door and I dragged myself as u went to get it and it was my mother in law who pushed herself in without saying anything


I said to myself coz I too drained to deal with her drama……..


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