FLOWER GIRL … (18+) … Part 1


Author : Feathers

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“Shall we stand up and observe a minute silence for Mrs Sandra, she has being a source of inspiration to many when she was alive, may her gentle soul rest in peace” I watched as the pastor spoke and the church members stood to observe a minute silence for my mum .

I had lost my mum on a very fateful night five days ago , I woke up as usual in the morning ,I went to the bathroom to brush, I rinsed my face and used towel to dry it, I stretched my body and blinked my eyes

I walked out of the bathroom feeling relaxed and happy , I went to the kitchen to greet my mum, that is where she is suppose to be , she wakes up as early as possible to cook for the whole family everyday. I checked her there and I couldn’t find her

“ what could be wrong with my mum” I thought as I came out of the kitcen
“ I guess she is not feeling fine “ I went iinside her room and saw her still lay on the bed “ I moved closer to her and tappped her but she was not responding
“ this is uncommon for my mum” why in the world will she be sleeping helplessly like this ?” I asked myself

I tapped her again , this time very well , but she was not responding

I tapped her a number of times and made her look at me , I touched her nostrils to see if she was still breathing ,she had stopped breathing

I shouted and jumped , I held my hair tight like I would pull it off , tears rolled down my eyes , my father is not a serious man , since he had tried to rape me when I was 6, my mum decided to divorce and she divoorced him so that he would not destroy my life

Just my mum and I , and now the only person I trust and love so much had died , I cried hard and lay my head on the dead body’s abdomen

I couldn’t call any more person than the pastor of the church we attend , I called him and he came around

He confirmed that my mum had died and felt so pathetic for me, he advised me to be strong that it is the Lord the give and take

Every words of his couldn’t console me , I lost the dearest person to me

The pastor callled the ambulanmce and it came after few minutes to carry my mum away

Many church members came around to symphatize with me , coonsoling me ,encouraging me while I sobbed hardly
I cried for days until it was Sunday and I decided that I must go to church that day
I had beeing in church lost in mind, thinking about the beautiful experiences I had with my mum and If I could ever find someone that I can find solace in .

After a series of programmes , the pastor came out and told the church member to observe a minute silence for my mum, which they did

I fought tears from comiing from my eyes but it refused , tears gushed down my eyes and my head kept swelling like it would burst any time

The Old church folk who was a woman hugged me with her left arm and petted me , few eyes were on me when they noticed that the lady whose mother had died was sobbing , which was me

Other programmes unfolded in church and after the Sunday service , the pastor was busy attending to some cburch members and everybody was just fixed up , I moved out of the church feeling sorry for myself and went home

I got home and saw my Dad sitting on one of the chairs in the sitting room with his legs crossed, sipping a glass of wine ,he looked at me and smirked as I entered the house

Dad: Grace , aren’t you happy to see me , why are you frowning your face ?

Grace : Oh really , you are such a wicked father , you tried to rape me so many years ago , you are not even ashamed of yourself , your wife died and still, you had the gut to be laughing mockinly at me , You are not sober , you are even sip;ping wine , Oh my! What kind of a man are you , are you so dumb?

I percived a rush of turnado rush towards me in split second and hugged my cheeck with a hot slap, my father slapped me so hard, I fell to the floor at once

My head stopped working for a second

“You fool , your mother is not here again , you think you just talk to me anyhow, you were not thought to respect elders” my father said shouting and panting heavily like he would kill me

I lay on the floor crying , I was trying to find my way to stand up when he pushed me down roughly with his wicked and stinking hand

“ what was that for?” I thought as I lay on the floor gasping for breath , I was so afraid of him

He started unbuckling his belt and lay on me
I used my legs to push him but It is not having any effect on him , I am a slim girl , He gave me blows at sensitive joints in my body , I became inactive, I couldn’t use my hand or my leg , the hard blow he gave me had made me weak , he pulled off his trouser and a knock sounded on the door

I was so happy that I would finally escape the saga that is about to happen to me, without any iota of shame , I still lay down on the floor and he did not bother putting on back his trouzer , he went to the entrance with his boxer to see who the person was, after few seconds , the person entered

I stilll didn’t know who the person was because they were behind me , the visitor came in front of me so I can have a clear view of him , I saw him , It was my pastor

“pastor , help me “ I muttered silently

Pastor : I wish I can baby , but I’m glad your father had not slept with you, because I would have killled him , I wanted to be the first person to taste of your pussy

“ what is going on here “ I thought as I looked at the pastor fretfully

I watched as he unbuckled his belt and pulled off his trouser, he placed his right hand firmly on my neck like someone that would kill me ,

“If you tell anyone , It simply means you are dead ” he said and pulled off my pinafore and pulled off my pant , he was not putting on a boxer , he just pushed his stinking cock inside my pussy, tears rolled down my face as he thrust his dick inside me continuously

I wished for help but I couldn’t find one, after he had thrusts in and out and felt satisfied , he pulled his cock out and stood up from me

“: wao! That was so sweet , now it’s your turn boy “ he said speaking to my dad

“ you see, your father is one of my many workers , so don’t be surprised “ the pastor said and find a chair for himself to sit , he sat and watched my dad

I saw as my dad unbuckled his belt ,I wish I can fight so hard but I had being rendered useless,he moved closer to me and threw my pant that the pastor had already pulled off away

He thrust his dick in gently and smirks looking at me to see my facial expression , he thrust his cock in and out of my pussy continuously for what looked like minutes , it went on and on until I lost consciousness , I guess I fainted

I woke up and find myself lay beside a bush, I didn’t know where I was , I need to find solace for myself , I bgged a lot of people for weeks to accommodate me but no one was willing to accommodate a stranger , I became a beg on the street

A woman came down from her jeep one of this days that I dressed tattered, standing on the street begging for alms from passerby

Woman : Young lady , tell me about yourself

Grace: I’m grace , I was raped and dumped to this place , I did not know how I find myself here

Woman : would you like to work with me

Grace: I would be glad ma

Woman: hop inside the car

I did as she commanded , we got to a beautiful building and with the people strolling up and down naked , I knew at once that I was in a brothel, a place for prostitutes

Woman: This is the work I do for a living , you will become a slut and strip for men every nigh , you will be safe and secure , you will make more money for me and for yourself and live a happy life

“ oh no ! not again , I can’t just give out my body just any how , giving my body to every thorn, thick and array to use, Oh no! I cant “ I’m sorry ma , I have to start going ” I said and faced back wanting to leave

“ young girl, do take your time and think about it , you are perfect for the job” she said and walked away

I shook my head and decided never to be a prostitiute , I had always being a good girl all my life, I walked out of the brothel back into the street


Miss Beatrice’s POV

“ ma , Miranda is still asleep I guess, I knocked on the door of her room for a number of times but I was not receiving any reply from her “ Charlie said standing in front of me

“oh really “ I said and checked my wrist watch ,it was fifteen minutes to eight AM

“ has she forgotten that she is commencing high school today ?” I asked facing Charles

Charles is the driver I appointed to drive Miranda.

Miranda is my adopted daughter , I had being barren for seven years with my ex husband , when he realized that I wouldn’t give birth to a child , he slept with another woman and the woman got pregnant and gave birth.

All the time my husband’s concubine was pregnant, I was oblivious of it , It was when she gave birth to a child, a boy to be precise , that my husband told me .

I felt so disappointed in him and so sad for myself , I can’t live with a cheating husband , so I opted for a divorce which he accepted .

We divorced just last year and I became a single mum .

A friend of mine had invited me to a birthday party at Miami , I informed Charles , my driver about the party and that he should get prepared.

I’m to take a fligt but Charles is to drive me to the airport .

My friends birthday came, It was on Tuesday , I got myself dressed by employing one of the best dressers for models.

I wanted to look my best , I’m a blessed woman who owns a multinational company , a construction firm to be presice , I had meet with the president a number of times and some top officials in government

After I was dressed , I checked myself in the mirror and I looked so gorgeous , I reallly tripped for myself
I came to the sitting room and met Charles pressing his phone

“ It’s time boy ” I said and walked out of the house and went straight to the car

Charles walked as fast as he could and he overtook me and hurriedly went ahead to open the door of the owners sit

I stepped inside the car confidently, Although I do not have a child , I chose to be happy .

Charles closed the door of the car by my side gently and jugged to the drivers sit and started off the car

I like Charles , he is very hardworking and smart . I guess Its because of the pay he receives from me . The pay is much for a driver though but I chose to pay him

We drove across the street new York and while I was just staring at the houses, institutions and outlets through the tinted glass of my car, my eyes met with a young lady dressed tattered , skinny and looking hungry

“ stop the car “ I ordered Charles who was driving professionally .

Common ! I like the way Charles drives me

“ Ma, I’m sorry , there is no parking space here “ he said and tried to find the nearest finding space to park

Yeah! Thanks goodness, he found one .

“ ma’am , Is anything wrong? He said as he stares at me through the front mirror

“ Charles, just come down and open this door for me “ I said getting frustrated towards his attitude

“ I’m sorry ma’am “ He said and stepped down and came to the door at the owners sit , he opened it and created a space for me to step out

I stepped out of the car and stared around the ugly environment

I can’t remember the last time I stepped my feet at a place like this in America

“ Charles , do stay here and wait for me , I’m coming “ I said and walked away

“ Alright ma’am ” Charles said and watched me as I left

I walked to where I saw the tattered and battered lady , I walked around and saw her standing like I saw her standing few minutes ago

I moved closer to her , I could see that she saw me coming and she looked towards my direction with a blinking eyes, I guess she was wondering why I was coming towards her

“ young girl, what are you doing here ? where are your parents ? what is your name ?” I rushed the questions at her as though I expected her to grab every of those questions and answer me accordingly

“ my name is grace , my mother is dead ,my father and my church pastor rapped me till I became unconscious , When I became conscious, I found myself here , I had never in my life being in this place , I do not know any single person in this vicinity “ she said with tears streaming down her eyes

I felt pity for her

I wanted to tell her to follow me to my car , but she stinks and by the ways , I ‘m going to a birthday party in Miami

“ young girl, has anybody tried to help you since you have being here ?“ I asked looking curiously at her face expecting a definite answer

“ yes ma’am, but the woman is a prostitute ,she wants me to work at a brothel and strip for men“ She said and sniffed

“ so?” I asked expecting her to say more

“ I declined , I used to be very good girl at home before my mother died” she said with pity glaring at the sound of her voice

“ Seriously! you declined that kind of offer ,so there are still good child on earth. Was your mother sick?” I asked

“ No ma’am , I just woke up as usual one of those days and checked her at where she is suppose to be at that time, but I didn’t find her .

I went to her room to know if anything was wrong with her only for me to find out that she was dead” she said pathetically

“ I’m so sorry , you look so lean, are you still that good girl ?” I asked her bluntly

“ If I had become a bad girl, you wouldn’t see me here ma, the woman gave me the opportunity to come back to her at anytime of my choice , maybe , after I had thought it over and still have no choice but to seek her help, I would come back to her , but still , I refused, I can never be a prostitute” she said and tried to look at my face but lowered her face when she saw a part of my face

“ good girl indeed” I muttered

“ This girl might actually console my pain of barreness and give me the joy I had being longing for all my years , the joy of having a child” I thought deeply while staring directly at her eye balls

“ afterall her mother has died , so , I can be confident that no one can come to snatch her from me in the future.”
“Moreover , her dad is a devil, she would never accept him back”
“and she even declined to be a prostitute
So yes , I’m gonna go for her , I will take care of her and make her my own child ” I finally concluded my thought

“ follow me” I said to her after few seconds of thinking of either to help her or not

She obliged and followed me

There is something around her that sparks joy in me , the joy is incomparable to the one I had have over the years . I was feeling like having the longest conversation with the girl

“ oh ! common .I’m not going to the party again, I guess I find a greater joy already” I thought decisively

I’m gonna find a better way to speak to my friend and make up for the birthday party I could not attend

We got to the car and I met Charles standing in the same position I left him when I left to meet the girl

“ Charles , I aint going to the party anymore ,drive me back home “ I said in a tone of serious order, so, he did not even border questioning me

I guess he must be wondering who the new girl was.

All through our stay in the car , no one spoke to another , we kept mute like we were observing a minute silence for the dead

Charles would have brought up a coneversation , but I guess the only thing on his mind would have being how I had behaved recklessly by picking up just a girl from the street

But who cares? my barrreness and my willingness to help had made me do what I do , and I’m ready to face to consequence , either positive or negative


Yeah, we got home

Charles came down to open the door for me and I stepped out waiting for Grace to come out , she walked out gently

I informed my workers immediately to work on her , my doctors arranged her in a mini clinic and gave her some medicines , they administered some medical treatments to her.

That same day, My very good saloonist invited her to a mini saloon in my house , her hair was well dressed in few hours

Then those that would work on her skin did, they worked on her and gave her a special type of food for three days , those three days must have being hell and paradise to her ,because she will enjoy some treatment , but some tratments will he hard on her

I couldn’t see her for the three days , my professioanl workers were working on every single part of her body.

After three days,she was presented to me.

I looked at her from head to toe and I’m finding it hard to recognize her.

“Oh no !”

I couldn’t control my curiosity

“ Is she the one , I mean , Is she the lady I brought, Is this grace? “ I asked with total surprise and my lips lowered like it will fall

“ yes ma, she is the one “ one of the worker smiled and replied

“ That is the result of money ma” another worker said and smiled

They were probably feeling themselves now because it is obvious they did a good job on her .

I moved closer to her and perceived a very good smell, with tears on my face, I huggged her tightly, It was as if I had found my lost daughter

She raised her arms gently too and rapped it around me

“call me your mother from today henceforth” I whispered to her ear

“ see me as your mother and relate with me as your mother . Don’t ever see yourself as a stranger, you are my daughter from today henceforth, and you have access to everything I have ever worked for “ I said whispering with a cracking voice inside her beautiful ears

“ Alright mum, thanks “she said and hugged me tightly. I do not need anyone to tell me that she was extremely happy

“As a seal between us , you will no longer be called Grace from now henceforth, you are now named MIRANDA “ I said gently into her ears

“ Alright mum”

“ call me all the workers in this house “ I commanded one of my workers

“ Alright ma” he said and walked away

After few minutes , all my workers had assembled

“ ladies and gentlemen , this is my lost but found daughter “ I said facing all of them and watching their facial expression

I could here murmuring and mutters, but in all, I found happiness in their voices

“ well, Her real name is Miranda, so call her Miranda “

“ okay , Miranda … lovely Miranda …. Oh ! fine Miranda … different people with different comment about Miranda

All my workers were happy for me.

Indeed , it was a beautiful and glorious day for me

I took Miranda to a nice room and told her it’s for her. She did appreciate it.
I told her that she will be commencing high school on Monday. I had already spoken to the Principal of American International School, He is a very good friend of mine ,I had done all the registrations required for Miranda. It is just for her to resume on Monday


Back to the scene

“ Charles , just stay here , she is not used to going to school yet , let me check up on her “
I said and went to her room. I got to entrance and knocked lightly on the door to her room.

She opened the door and what I saw shocked me


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