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(When the Love is gone )
Episode 58
Written by: Racheal Dennis.
Jasmine’s pov
Mike’s kitchen!
Adele lets out a screeching sound, I covered my ears at once and shot her a glare.
Luckily, we’re out customer’s coverage, else some of them would have been giving us weird glances.
“Shut up!” I scolded her.
She slapped her hands on her mouth, but doesn’t stop screaming. When she’s had enough, she stopped.
“I knew you’d react this way, that’s why I brought you to the locker room” I told her in warning tone.
She scoffed and shrugged off my words, crazy female.
“You mean, Elvis was sent here by your dad.. to watch over you?” She asked.
“Now it all makes sense!” She exclaimed.
“What makes sense?”. I asked.
She got up, I sighed and rolled my eyeballs.. she’s about to make it dramatic.
Her hands behind her, she paced to and fro in front of me…she tilted her head as though she’s thinking.
“Our behaviors throughout these years should have gotten us fired, but it didn’t”
Adele nodded her head, she stopped pacing and reached out her hands.

“Let me count our merits and demerits… I’ll start with our demerits”
She cleared her throat and began.
“We always come to work late, you always give the wrong orders…”
“Wait” I cut her off with a small frown. “How come it’s only me that give the wrong orders?”
“Baby, you do it all the time, but I don’t… that’s your habit”
“Pot calling kettle black!” I mumbled.
I shook my head, giving the wrong orders is clearly her habit, everyone in the restaurant knows that.
“We usually skip when it’s our turn to clean… Now, let’s count our merits”
“Do we have any?” I asked.
Adele released a laugh, she waved off my words.
“Of course we have, we can’t be all that bad” she said.
Hmm, she’s right.
“Already, let’s hear it, knock it off” I told her.
She cleared her throat again.
“Well, we… we… we… ”
I tilted my head, while she paused to think.
“We… we… ”
She stopped talking and sat down, she put her elbow on the table and rested her head in her hands.
“We don’t have any” she said.
I laughed briefly at her expression, she glared at me and I quickly sobered up.
“Like seriously, it’s obvious we’re his favorites because he was sent here to watch over you… ”

She trailed off and gasped loudly, like she just remembered something.
“… maybe he has always hated us because we give him headaches, who knows if he’s being secretly killing us in his heart!”
“Adele, you really need to stop watching K-dramas” I said.
“No, I’m serious, who knows how many times he’s been stabbing us in his house”
We tensed when we heard Elvis clearing his voice behind us, we turned our heads slowly like they normally do in the movies.
“Elvis?” Adele and i asked, as if we can’t see him clearly.
“Yes, it’s me, Elvis” he answered.
Adele and I laughed nervously, she tapped my shoulder and laughed dramatically sweet.
“I told you, Elvis is such a great guy… If he wasn’t already married, I would have gotten some of his hotness!” She laughed again.
My eyes grew wide, wasn’t she just badmouthing him?
Elvis laughed at her silly excuse, he grabbed both our ears and pulled us up.

“Right… unfortunately I’m married with three kids!”
I winced when I felt my ear started hurting, I tapped his hand to let go, but the devil just held it tighter.
“You thought I’m deaf, right?”
We both shook our heads, desperately wanting him to let go of our ears right now.
“I heard everything you said, perfectly clear.. you see that shelf?” He asked.
Adele and I managed to twist our necks, truly there’s a shelf there.
“I’ve been standing there, now, there’s no way for you to escape… You’ll stay behind and clean the restaurant today!” He growled in our ears.
I laughed.
“Elvis, we can talk about this… ”
“There’s nothing to talk about!” He cut me off. “You’ll clean every single spot, I want everywhere sparkling clean!”
With that he started pulling us towards the Janitor’s room, we tried to resist but Elvis is a man after all.

“We can negotiate” Adele said.
“Go tell your boyfriend that” Elvis growled in her ear.
“Jas, Elvis is our doom!” Adele sighed dramatically.
Elvis scoffed loudly and continued pulling us along by our ears.

I stopped wiping the table and reached for my phone, I checked the time and sighed deeply.
“Adele, let’s stop for today, we’ll continue tomorrow morning” I said.
Adele stopped mopping the floor and walked towards me, she used the towel hanging around her neck to wipe her face.
“Why are we stopping, let’s just finish everything today”
“It’s time to pick Davis up, I can’t let Mich stay in school till 7pm” I replied.
She reached for a bottle of water in my bag, she popped the cover open and took a few gulps.
“You’re right, besides, I should go get dressed… I’m meeting Clark’s parents today”
Just then, we saw Elvis approaching us.
We quickly got up and pretended as though we’re still working, we’ll wait until he’s gone home.. then we’ll leave.
“Alright, ladies, I know you’re tired” he said.
Adele and I paused, we faced him.
“You can leave, the other girls will do the rest parts tomorrow”
“Yay!” Adele and I exclaimed happily, we high-five each other.

“You can go home” he said.
“Thanks, Elvis” we both thanked him.
We gathered the cleaning supplies we brought, then headed towards the Janitor’s room to keep them back in their place.
“Wait” he stopped us.
I groaned mentally, wondering why he’s stopping us now.
“Don’t think I’m pretending to like you, because your dad sent me to watch over you…”
He smiled at us.
“… you’re both my favorites, because you’re hardworking. When you set your mind on something, you don’t give up easily”
Is he talking about Adele and I? Or there’s someone behind us? I sneakily looked behind me, there’s no one.
“Elvis, we’re like the laziest waitress here” Adele said.
Elvis shook his head.
“No, you’re not. Yes, you’re not as fast as other waitresses, but you do your job diligently and that’s why you’re more hardworking than them”
“Oh” Adele and I nodded in understanding.
“And… You’re funny too, whenever I’m having a bad day, I always come to you with an excuse of something you did wrong.. just so you can make me laugh”
We frowned.
“Does that mean, we’re never wrong? You blame us injustice?”
He smirked.
“Yeah, now get your a*ses off!”
We laughed, then headed off to the Janitor’s room.
Writer’s pov
“With this record we can put them behind bars” Peter said.
Thanatos nodded, he shoved the flash in his pocket.. they had just finished listening to the record.

“The men you talked about, where are they now?” Thanatos asked.
“Stationed outside the retirement home, sir” he replied.
Thanatos got up, he reached for his phone and dialed Clark’s number.. Clark picked up after a few rings.
“Yo, buddy” Clark’s voice emerged.
Thanatos frowned at the sound of his voice, he tilted his head.
“Are you banging someone?”
“What?! No!” Clark exclaimed quickly. “Adele will just cut off my head and use it as a dog neck chain”
He laughed at his own joke, while Thanatos cringed.
“Well, at least we have someone who can put you in your place” Thanatos said.
He cleared his throat.
“Right.. about the getaway car?”
“It’s ready, but I’m gonna be leaving immediately we get her out.. I have a date”
Thanatos rolled his eyeballs.
“It’s not a date, your parents are inviting you and Adele over for dinner”
“It’s a date, I said it’s a date”
“Fine, fine, whatever helps you sleep at night” Thanatos replied and hanged up.
His stomach growled quietly, he held it and sighed.
“A man needs food to reimburse his energy”

Adele’s pov
A smile appeared on my face as I stared at the mirror, the woman staring back at me is very different entirely.
She’s beautiful, noble, full of confidence and carries the aura of a queen.. this is what Clark’s parents wants to see.
“Aunt Adele, you’re beautiful” Davis said.
I winked at him and flashed him a smile.
“Thanks, baby” I leaned down and kissed his forehead.
He pushed me away with his tiny hands and wiped his forehead.
“Cooties!” He shouted.
He turned to his momma and pointed at his forehead, then threw me a glare.
“Momma, aunt Adele gave me cooties” he cried.
I gaped at him, wasn’t he just complimenting my look? What a little traitor!
“Sorry, baby, momma will kiss the cooties away” Jasmine said and kissed his forehead.
“Much better?” She asked him.
“Yeah” he replied with a smile.
Jasmine opened his backpack, she pulled out a book and placed it in front of Davis.
“Here, draw momma, daddy and little Davis.. ok?”
Davis nodded quickly and happily, he reached for his backpack and searched for his pencil.
Jasmine averted her gaze to me, she smiled at me.
“You are truly beautiful, Adele” she said.
I looked at myself in the mirror again.

“Yeah” she replied.
But I suddenly frowned when a thought occured to me.
“But.. this is not me”
“Not you? What do you mean?” she asked.
I rested my butts on my dressing table, I kicked off my shoes.
“I’m not some rich lady, why do I have to dress up as one? How long am I gonna pretend?” I asked.
Even if we get Clark’s parents approval, it’ll be because they thought I’m a rich lady.
Wait…I don’t know if I’m nervous, but I think I’m losing some confidence.
Besides, I kinda left a bad first impression last time we met, who knows what they’re planning right now.
Jasmine smiled, she got up and walked closer to me.
She placed her hands on my shoulders.
“I didn’t dress you up like this so you can go act like a rich lady, I just wanted you to look decent when you’re meeting your future in-laws”
She stared at me briefly, then smiled.

“You can always be yourself in whatever you wore, you can dress up as the queen of England.. but still be Adele”
She paused.
“You can’t dress up like some crazy street girl, your in-laws will think you’re irresponsible and unfit for their son”
All she’s saying are just blowing past my ears, I’m nervous.
“Don’t worry, Clark will stand by your side” she encouraged me.
I simply nodded, she looked at the wall clock.
“It’s still quite early, let’s watch some movies to while away time” she suggested.
“Ok” I replied.
Watching movies might help keep my nerves at bay.



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