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(When the Love is gone )
Episode 57
Written by: Racheal Dennis.

Jasmine’s pov
“I’m really sorry, Jas” Jade apologized.
Apologizing after raping my man? Does she expect me to just forgive her and pretend like none of that never happened?
“Jade, sorry can’t cut this out, you.. you…”
I couldn’t even say the word, not with my mom here.. it’s such a shameful act.
“I was your sister, how could you do that to me?!”
“Was?” Mom asked, looking between Jade and I.
“Yes, she denied our sisterhood, we’re no longer sisters” I answered mom.
Mom faced her with a frown, she put her hands on her waist.
“Jade, is that true?”
Jade nodded weakly, her tears rushing down her cheeks but I quickly looked away.. I don’t wanna be influenced by her crocodile tears.
“Because of a man? You rejected your sister because of a man? Aren’t there any other man in the universe?”
Jade didn’t speak, she was simply crying silently. While me on the other hand, my body’s shaking from anger.
Like I should just continue beating her up, seeing her kept reminding me of what she did.
Thanatos placed his hands on my shoulders and started massaging them softly, to help me calm down… He must have noticed my stance.

“I know was wrong, I’m sorry, I’m really sorry Jas…”
Seeing how sorry she is, I’ve come to realize something…she wasn’t on her right senses before.
Someone must have instigated her to do whatever she did. But who is that? Who can successfully lead her astray?
“Tell me honestly, who instigated you to do it?” I asked her.
“Henry!” She answered without thinking.
Thanatos hands on my shoulders stilled, he grabbed my shoulders tightly…to the extent it’s hurting me slightly.
I tapped his hand and he quickly released his death grip, he resumed his self-employed job.
“What was your aim doing that? What did you think you could achieve?” I asked.
She sniffled, she lifted her hand to wipe her tears but couldn’t, I must have dislocated her shoulder when stomping on her stomach.
“He said if I can make Thanatos get me pregnant, then I can be the heir’s mother… ”
Jade paused and stared at dad briefly, then turned back to me.
“… I just wanted to make dad happy”

I scoffed mentally.
“Make dad happy by snatching my boyfriend? Make dad happy by raping my man?! You did all that just to make dad happy?!” I growled.
Anger shot through my veins, I’m barely holding them in.
And there’s this gut is at the back of my mind, nagging me and pushing me to unleash my anger on her.
“You don’t know a lot of things, dad never hated you.. he’s always being protecting you”
My gaze moved to my dad, he looked away from me and I scoffed.
“Him? Protecting me?” I snorted contemptuously. “I doubt that!”
Jade laughed shortly and weakly.
“You wanna know why dad made me married into the O’Briens family?” she asked.
I stayed silent and wait for her to continue, which she did in no time.
“Our company was going bankrupt, dad had to borrow money from one sir Roman.. ”
“Sir Roman?” Thana cut her off.
She nodded and continued.
“.. when it was time to pay back, dad couldn’t. Unfortunately, when sir Roman came to our house, he saw you and wanted to have you as his sl*t… ”
Wait, who’s this sir Roman? Thana seemed to know him too.. who is he?
He must be a despicable, dirty old man!
“…dad refused, that’s when he met Mr O’Briens who was looking for someone to give him a grandson.. so, dad made an agreement with him.. he’ll pay our depths and I would marry his son”
Hmm! Dad really did that? I can’t bring myself to believe her, if he really love me, he wouldn’t disowned me.

“Dad love you very much, he just doesn’t know how to show it… ”
She paused, she tried to reach for my hands but she hissed in pain.
“… I’m sometimes envious of his love for you. He always boast about you with his friends, he always told them how smart you are”
I looked at dad again, really? Is Jade really describing this man on front of me?
“He loves me? Then why did he disowned me? Why did he let me leave?”
“He was just angry at you for a brief moment, but you’re long gone before he could cool off” she explained.
Is she just defending him? Or she’s really telling the truth? I turned my gaze to mom, she nodded in agreement to Jade’s words.
“Jasmine, no father would be happy his daughter whom he loves so much.. whom he cherished so much got pregnant in highschool… ” Mom trailed off.
She tore her gaze from me and focused on dad.
“…at first I didn’t understand him, but I realized how his love for you when I heard him talking to someone on the phone”
Mom faced me back, she smiled and sighed.
“Do you know Elvis Costello?” she asked.
“Yes, he’s our manager at the restaurant where I work” I replied.
“Your dad made him work there, to take care of you and keep an eye on you”
Elvis is working for dad?!
“Yes, he reports back to your dad about everything going on in your life.. and those bonuses he gives you, they’re all from your dad”
“Elvis… Dad.. ” I’m speechless.
I thought I was independent all these years, but that’s been a lie. My dad’s money… I thought those bonuses were my hard work.

No wonder Elvis never fire me for any of my mistakes or tardiness…now I understand why he’s being lenient with me.
“My child, your dad never abandoned you…he was just angry that you ruined his plans for you” mom said.
I felt something wet dropped on my hand, that’s when I realized I’m crying.. I stared at my dad.
“The only mistake your dad made, was not finding out who impregnated you”
This means dad knew nothing about the O’Briens family conflict, he only wanted Jade to marry into their family to save me?
And here I was thinking he’s doing it for his company alone.
“Jas, your dad isn’t a bad man…”
“That’s enough, those are just… ” He sighed. “… I was just making up for my sins” he told mom.
I shook my head, I got up and walked towards him. I stopped in front of him and fell on my knees.
“Dad… ”
“Jasmine, what are you doing?” Dad asked.
He reached forward and tried to pull me up, but I shook my head.
“I’m sorry.. I.. I misunderstood you, I was… I was a fool” I cried.
“No, no, I didn’t give birth to a fool, I’m at fault too”
“No, you’re not.. I’m sorry, forgive me dad…”
“Get up first” he said.
He forcefully pulled me up, I quickly wrapped my arms around him and continued crying on his shoulder.
“Dad… ”
He chuckled when he couldn’t unwrap my hands, he sighed.
“I guess I forgot how strong you are” he laughed at his own joke.

He pat my back gently.
“Fine, let’s forget about the past and focus in the present” he said.
I nodded but didn’t pull away from him, I continued crying.
All these years, I’ve blamed him for being a ruthless father, I’ve cursed him, hated him and called him all kinds of names in my heart.
But I was too young to understand his intentions for me, I was too rash!
“Ahem” dad cleared his throat.
I pulled away from him, wiping off my tears. Mom came to my side and hugged me sideways, she smiled at me.
“Can you forgive your dad and sister now?” she asked.
Without hesitation, I nodded my head. I heard dad heaved a relief sigh, while Jade broke into a smile.
“So… you’re the bast*rd that ruined my daughter’s future?!” Dad growled at Thanatos.
Thanatos stood in shock, he’s staring at dad as if he’s scared. He opened his mouth slightly, as if he wanted to say something.. but decided against it.
“Dad…” Jade called him weakly.
Dad cleared his throat again.
“I know I haven’t been a good father to Jasmine these past years…”
He trailed off, his gaze focused on the ceiling when he said that.. he inhaled deeply.
“… and I know I don’t have a say in her affairs any more…”
He smiled at me, then faced Thanatos.. he walked closer to him (Thanatos) and stopped in front of him.

He grabbed Thana’s collars, then narrowed his eyes at Thanatos.
“… but I won’t sit back if hurt her! I might be a bad father, but I’ll be a deadly man if my precious daughter is hurt!” Dad growled in his face.
Thana’s eyes bulged out of their sockets, I don’t know if he’s faking it or if it’s real.. but there’s fear in his eyes.
“Y-yes” Thanatos stuttered shortly.
Dad let go of him and went back to the chair he was sitting, he sat down and nodded.
“At least, I can die and rest in peace…”
“Shut up, Donald!” Mom cut him off.
He quickly shut up and looked away from mom’s glare, I bite back a laugh and shook my head.
I caught sight of Thana checking his wrist, I checked the time on my phone too and realized we’ve spent so time here.
Thana must have other things he wanna do, like making arrangements of getting his mom out of the retirement home.
“Mom, dad, it’s almost time we pick Davis up from school.. I think we should get home and prepare lunch awaiting his arrival” I said.
Mom’s smile grew wider, she nodded in agreement.
“Alright, I’ll have Arthur bring me over later, I want to see my grandson” she said.
I nodded, before leaving, I faced Jade.
“I’ll forget about what you did, but don’t let me catch you and my boyfriend in a compromising position again… ”
I trailed off and looked between her and Thana.
“… I’ll kill both of you!” I snarled.

Jade shook her head frighteningly, which made me smirk.. I grabbed Thana’s hand.
“Let’s go!” I said.
He nodded and turned to my parents.
“Take care, dad, mom”
“Take care of my daughter!” Dad replied.
I rolled my eyeballs at his words, like we just got reunited and he’s being an overprotective dad.
“Yes, sir” Thana said.
I pulled him along and we headed towards the door, he grabbed the handle and pushed it open.. then we stepped out.

We exited the hospital building and approached Thanatos car, it was parked a few meters away from the building.
“Is it really time to pick Davis from school?” He asked.
“You’re such a dummy, thankfully, Davis inherited my intelligence!” I said.
“Huh?” He asked dumbly.
“I was making up an excuse, so you can go make arrangements to get your mom out.. do you understand now?” I explained to him as if I’m explaining to a five years old.
“Oh.. ah!” He nodded his head.
“Dimwitted human!” I insulted him under my breath.
Thankfully, he didn’t heard me, else he’d have choked me to death.
“Well, I know you’ll be very busy soon.. before you get yourself busy, please give me a ride to Mike’s kitchen”
He scoffed.
“Whoa! I thought you’re very rich, you’re gonna board a cab”
I balled my fist beside me, grabbed his collar and pulled him down.. I wanted to land my fist on his face but he caught my hand.
“Baby, if you punch me.. our baby will be ugly” his eyes flicked to my stomach as he said that.

I looked down at my flat tummy, my brows furrowed in a frown.. I lifted my head and sighed.
“Are you hallucinating? Me? There’s no way I’ll get pregnant, so don’t worry about our baby being ugly”
I wanted to kick his groin but he caught my leg too, I glared at him and snatched my leg from him.
“You’re so mean!” I barked at him.
I marched towards his car, grabbed the door, pulled in open and slide in.. then shut it with a bang.
He rushed towards me, he stood outside my window and wanted to talk to me, but I wind up on him.
He sighed and rounded the car, he got into the driver’s seat and turned to me.
“To Mike’s kitchen!” I commanded him.
“Yes, ma’am” he replied.
He started the car without saying anything, he drove off.

Mike’s kitchen!
“Alright, thanks for the ride, my dimwit” I teased Thana after alighting his car.
He got out of his car, he leaned on against his car…which made him sexier and hotter than he already is.
“Now you’re being ungrateful” he replied.
I stuck out my tongue at him, then bounced into Mike’s kitchen.
I stopped at the entrance, blew him a kiss, he caught it and shot it at his heart.. then winked at me.
“I love you!” I mouthed and created a heart shape with my fingers.
“I love you, baby!” He shouted, calling some attention to us.
My face heated up, I gave him a short wave and ran in.
Giggling along as I headed towards the counter, to report to duty.. but I bumped into someone.

“Jasmine Reinle!” A familiar female voice growled.
I released a nervous laugh, then took few steps back and wanted to run away from her.
She caught my surplus dress and turned me around… I grinned widely.
“Hey.. Adele” I laughed.
She kept a straight face.
“How’s work today?” I asked.
She didn’t speak, her face remained blank.
“I.. I should go report…”
“You’re so gonna regret making Elvis scold me and deduct my salary!” She growled in my face.
Uh-oh! RIP world!
Thanatos pov
I parked outside my penthouse, I alighted the car and headed towards the main door.
“Mr O’Briens!” Peter called and rushed to me.
“Did you get my message? Is everything ready?”
“Yes, sir.. we’re ready at your command” he replied.
I nodded, he pushed the door open and I stepped in.
“Sir, I received the recording”
“Quick, come show it to me” I said.



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