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(When the Love is gone )
Episode 56
Written by: Racheal Dennis.
Writer’s pov
Chicago_Sir Roman’s resident!
“Mr O’Briens” sir Roman’s butler greeted Henry with a nod.
“Where’s my grandfather?” Henry asked, ignoring Simon’s greeting.
“He’s at the golf…”
Henry didn’t let him finish his words, before pushing him out of his (Henry) way and he headed straight towards the golf course’s direction.
He balled his fist as he went, it seemed as though he’s quite upset about something.
He arrived at the golf course in no time, his eyes scanned the whole place.. but his grandfather is nowhere in sight.
He narrowed his eyes and gritted his teeth.
“Simon said he’s here, where is he?” He growled lowly.
Just when he was about to leave, he heard his grandfather’s voice behind him.
“I heard someone barged into my home, who’s that audacious lamb?”
Henry turned around at once, his grandfather walked past him into the course.
“Grandfather… ”
“Why did you barge in like that? Have you lost your manners?” Sir Roman sneered.
Henry simply bowed his head, he followed sir Roman to a table under an umbrella.
“I’m sorry if I was being rude, grandfather, but I just heard a disturbing news” Henry said.
Sir Roman sat down, one of his guards handed him a coconut drink.
“What news could make you panic so much?” He asked.
Henry pulled out a chair and sat down, he reached for his phone and started typing on it.
“Here, grandfather”
He handed his phone to sir Roman, one of sir Roman’s guards collected it and showed it to him.

“It’s news from Las Vegas, my spy sent it to me this morning”
“What’s the news about?” Sir Roman asked.
Not even bothering to lift his head or take a look at the phone, he wholly focused on his coconut drink.
“Our plan failed again” Henry answered.
Sir Roman stopped sipping his drink, he lifted his head and stared at the phone this time.. he read the news content.
“Jade was caught, beaten up and rushed to the hospital.. she’s currently in a coma” Henry explained.
His grandfather clenched his jaw, he balled his fist and banged on the table.
“She must have slipped and left a flaw, the plan was so perfect!” He growled lowly.
Henry sneakily peeped at him, then smirked. It seemed like he knows something about this.
“Who caught her?!”
Henry frowned slightly and thought about it for a moment, then recalled something.
“It’s her sister… Jasmine”
“Yes, she’s the heir’s mother”
Sir Roman lets out a very deep growl, from the deepest of his throat.. he gritted his teeth tightly.
“She’s becoming more and more of an obstacle..”
He trailed off, he got up and angrily threw his coconut drink away.
“… It seems we’ve made a big mistake, we should have gotten rid of her since the beginning”
Henry got up too.
“What should we do now? It seems we can’t achieve our goals if we continue like this..”
He collected his phone from the guard, he pressed a few buttons and shoved it in his front pocket.
“… grandfather, we need a concrete plan this time. Let’s hit the O’Briens once and for all”

His grandfather turned to face him, he nodded at his words and tapped his shoulder.
“Let’s do what we should have done earlier” he paused.
“What is that, grandfather?”
Sir Roman sat back on his chair, he leaned back on the chair and crossed his legs.. then sighed.
“Kill ’em all!” He said.
“Kill them?”
He nodded.
“But how are we sure we’ll get the documents if we kill them?”
“One at a time, I’ll make arrangements for that later” sir Roman replied.
“Arrange some men and get the job done! The earlier, the better!”
“Yes, grandfather!”
Henry turned to leave, but his grandfather stopped him.. he turned slightly to face him (sir Roman).
“Make sure you leave nothing behind to trace it back to us, I need a clean job done!”
“Yes!” Henry replied and hurried off.. though not before glaring at his grandfather.
When he’s (Henry) outside sir Roman’s mansion, he pulled out his phone and stared at it.. he smirked.
He’s been recording their conversation, he quickly sent it to an unknown number and also saved it in his phone.
He shoved his phone back in his pocket and continued his journey, with a satisfied smile.

Jasmine’s pov
I checked the time on my phone and groaned, I’m standing outside the retirement home waiting for Thanatos to come pick me up.
He said he’s coming, but I’ve been standing here for almost a hour he’s still not here yet.
I wonder what’s keeping him.
I reached for my handkerchief and damped off some sweat from my face… It’s not afternoon yet, but the sun is already soul draining.
Just at that moment, I saw Thanatos car approaching me. He stopped in front of me and stepped out, he flashed me a smile.
“Baby” he kissed my lips softly.
He looked behind me, he must be checking wether ma Gloria came with me.
“You said she’s ready to talk to me, why isn’t she with you?” He asked.
“Let’s get in the car first” I replied.
He hesitated a bit, but got in the car when he saw I’m already standing by the passenger seat… I opened the door and entered the car.
My flicked towards the entrance of the retirement home, I saw a man watching me.

That must be one of the spies, I just hope he doesn’t harm ma Gloria after my departure.
Thanatos started the car and drove it into the road.
“You sounded as if it wasn’t convenient for you to talk there” he said.
“Yeah, she said there are spies stationed there”
He nodded. “So… what did she tell you?”
“Nothing, she said she’ll talk to you…she also said you should make arrangements to get her out of there”
He frowned slightly.
“I guess she’s scared those spies might stop her from telling you anything, so you should be careful when getting her out”
“Yes, ma!” He replied. “I’ll get her out tonight”
There is a brief silence between us, the car jolted to a halt at a red light.
“Your mom…I can just take you back home if you don’t wanna see her now” he said.
I rested my head on the window, I stared outside and watched a kid sitting by a corner in tattered clothes.
If it wasn’t for Arthur, I would have ended up like this kid.. I would have been a street kid.
“Yeah” I tore my gaze away from the kid and faced him.
“I was asking if you want me to take you to the hospital.. or home” he repeated his words. “You know your mom is at the hospital” he added.
Mom… she wasn’t as hostile as my dad towards me, she was lenient and comforted me every time dad scolded me.
But I got pregnant and left home, I don’t know if she’s mad at me or not.
It’s been five years since we last saw each other, I don’t know what to say to her when I see her.
“Hm, I guess we’re going home then”

“No!” I said quickly.
He squinted his eyes at me.
“Let’s go to the hospital” I said.
I won’t know if she’s mad at me, unless I see her and talk to her.
“Are you sure?”
I nodded. “Yeah”
“Alright, let’s go!” He said.
The red light flicked to a green light, Thanatos stepped on the gas and zoomed off.

My feet ran cold when I arrived outside the door of Jade’s ward, I played with my fingers nervously.
Behind this doors is my mother, I don’t know what to say to her or how to react after five years.
“Baby…” Thanatos trailed off.
He placed his hand at the lower part of my back, he gestured towards the door but I shook my head.
“Wait… I’m feeling nervous” I said.
He held my face in his hand and smiled at me, he kissed my forehead.
“It’s just your mother and sister inside, you’ll be fine.. besides, you have me here” he said.
I took deep breaths and nodded, he grabbed the handle and pushed the door open.

We both stepped in and my eyebrows furrowed instantly at the sight before me… I faced Thanatos.
“You said it’s just my mom and Jade, what is he doing here?” I asked pointing at my dad.
“I.. I didn’t know he came along”
“But you sounded so sure that it was just my mom and Jade”
He released a hysterical laugh.
“Baby, I’m not God, I’m not omnipresent”
I glared at him and elbowed his ribcage, he groaned quietly.
At that moment, my mom lifted her head and saw me, she stared at me briefly, then broke into a smile.

Within seconds, she’s already running towards me with her arms spread open…she engulfed me in a tight hug.
I tensed, cause I don’t even know how to react.. I wasn’t expecting this reaction from her, she ought to be angry at me.. but she doesn’t seem like it.
“Ja.. Jas…” she stuttered.
She sniffled and before anything else, she’s started sobbing. Not knowing what to do, I wrapped my arms around her.
“My daughter.. my child.. I’m sorry.. I’m so sorry..” she sobbed.
Why is she apologizing? Aren’t I supposed to be the one apologizing? I was the one that got pregnant and left home.
“… I’m really sorry..”

She untangled herself from the hug, she held my face in her hands and stared at my face.
A gasp left my mouth when I saw her face, I thought she was just sobbing.. I didn’t know she was actually crying.
Her face is a crying mess, her eyes are red and puffy as if she’s been crying for a long time.
Maybe she’s been crying since she saw Jade on a hospital bed.. after all, my mom love her children equally.
“Mom..” I called her quietly.
“My child, I’m sorry.. you must have suffered a lot, I’m sorry.. I couldn’t do anything, I tired reaching you but…” she trailed off and continued crying.
“You tried reaching me?” I asked in surprise.
“Yes, but I couldn’t talk to you, I’m so sorry..”
Wait.. could it be she’s the mysterious woman who’s been calling me.. and sobbing?
“It’s ok, mom, I’m at fault too, I left home in a hurry”
She shook her head.
“No, you were never at fault, you were just a teenager and mistakes are bound to happen, it’s just…”

Mom trailed off and glared at dad, dad looked away from her.
I frowned when I took in my dad’s outfit, he’s hearing thick clothes and gloves as if he’s sick.
“… It’s just that, someone was too blind to see the bigger picture.. and created havoc in the family!”
I sniffled a laugh, mom is just like Adele..
She might be quiet on normal days, but she’s ready to unleash her smart mouth on anyone that needed to be taught a lesson.
“I’ve really missed you, my child” she said.
“I missed you too mom”
She looked behind me, she smiled at Thanatos.
“He must be my son-in-law”
“Yes, mom” Thana answered before I could.
I scoffed and rolled my eyeballs, he’s already claiming the son-in-law title.. when he hasn’t even wed me yet!
“You’re one handsome young man” mom said.
“Mom, he’s not a young man.. he’s 30years old” I told mom.
Mom frowned.
“What?!” Thana exclaimed. “Baby, that’s a lie, I’m just 29”
“What’s the difference?” I asked.
He couldn’t speak, he simply gaped at me and I winked at him in return.

Mom flicked my forehead, I groaned and rubbed it.
“Don’t tease him!” She scolded me.
Why are all the people around me taking Thana’s side?
Davis is already ganging up with him against me! Even mom that have been separated from me for years now, she only met Thana for the first time.. but she’s already taking his side too!
What charm is he using on them?!
“Where’s he?” She asked.
“Where’s who?” I asked back in confusion.
“My grandson” she replied.
I narrowed my eyes.
“How did you know my child is a boy?” I asked.
“Arthur told me” she replied simply.
“Yes, he’s been sending me his pictures over the years.. but I’m happy I’m gonna see him in person today…”

She paused and looked behind me again.
“… where is he?”
Now I understand why Arthur always stole some of Davis’s photo from our photo album.. he’s sending them over to mom.
“Jas, where is he?” Mom asked anxiously.
“He’s at school, mom” Thanatos answered.
The smile on mom’s face wiped off, but quickly came back on.
“It doesn’t matter, I’ll see him after school” she said.
Mom is such a free spirited person, I had thought our meeting would be so awkward.. but here she us, talking to me as if we’ve been seeing each other everyday.
“Come on, your sister and father have something to say to you” she said.
I moved my gaze towards them, but they avoided my eyes.
“What’s left to say?” I asked.
Jade denounced our sisterhood and dad disowned me when I needed him most…what do they have to say to me?

“I know what’s going on your mind, but you have to listen to them first”
“No, I don’t want to”
“Jas, don’t be stubborn”
I turned away from her, she would try to persuade me now…but I don’t want anything to do with those two.
“Even though you all cut ties with each other, it won’t deny the fact that you’re of the same bloodline”
What she said does make sense, but those two are just too selfish for my liking.
“Just hear them out… ok?”
I glared at them.

Our story is coming to an end soon, we have just about five episodes to go…


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