FIRST TIME FOR VICKY…..(18+)…..Part 5


Vicky, you just had an orgasm, sounds like it
is your first.
I guess so, I have heard the girls at school talking
about making themselves orgasm, but I don’t
play with
Vicky, you don’t know how to make yourself
No I don’t and I hear it is a lot better if some else
does it for
you. I rather you did it for me like earlier today.
The boat got to the dock after dark and late that
Carlo, thanks her for her help and dropped her off
at her
home. Vicky, had tried to get him to make love to
her, but he refused
and got so mad he would not touch her or let her
touch him
the rest of the trip home. He had told her up front
that he
would not have vaginal s*x with her, ever!
After Vicky got ready for bed her mom came into
her room
to say good night. Vicky, dear how did things go
with Carlo?
Well at first things seemed to go well mom, but
then I got
carried away and tried to get him to make love to
me and he
got mad and would touch me anymore or let me
touch him.
Vicky, you mean you didn’t get him to do
anything. No, mom I
didn’t say that. Before he got mad he licked my
K!ttyC@t and I
went down on his J0yst!ck.
Well dear that sounds like progress and by the
way did you get him to come in your mouth and
if so what did you do with his Pour?
Well after Carlo said that
guys like it best when a girl swallows, I wanted to
please him
a lot, so I swallowed. it wasn’t easy because I had
never done it before and he came so many times
I thought I was going to drown. But, he tasted
pretty good, nothing like I
tasted before, but I could find him habit forming.
I wonder,
mother is Pour fatting?
Well dear if it was fatting a lot of
ladies including your mother would be at least 20
heavier than we are.
Vicky, remember we are taking Carlo out to
dinner this week end. we going to that great
Italian restaurant that
Carlo and your dad like so much, then we are
going to the nice
Danza club with all the hot young people, who
have money and like to dress up.
God mom, that place is hot they have 4 dance
floors and each one has different music.
Yes, dear the
one we will take Carlo to has nice slow romantic
music and
is very s*xy** in its atmosphere. mom, what am I
going to do? I
screwed things up.
Well Vicky dear, be patient and be s*xy**.
don’t push him, let him come on to you. but you
have to be
prepared to stir the pot. we are going to buy you
a dress that is conservative, but at the same time
is very beautiful and s*xy** like you. You need a
dress that brings out the best
of your beautiful body. I saw a fantastic dress
made of silk
that was champagne white in color. This color is
perfect for
someone with your coloring. Vicky’s skin had a
nice Italian
olive glow and her hair was a stunning red. It was
but only ladies who spent a lot of money at a high
class beauty
salon could duplicate it.
Her eyes were a brilliant brown with flecks of
green sprinkled over them. her complexion was
perfect. Her father’s family came from the south
Italy, while her mother’s came from the north of
Italy. Her
mother had much lighter colored skin and green
eyes, with red
hair. her dad had olive skin and dark brown eyes
and hair.
Vicky’s hair was naturally curly with a reddish
gold luster.
Vicky is about 5′ 4 tall, 110 lbs., with a perfect
and her breasts ideal for her body: c cup with out
and sag and the face of an angel, sometimes a
one. Vicky did not need glasses or contacts since
her vision was better than 20/20
Vicky liked people and
people liked her. She was always trying to get
other people
to feel
better about themselves. She was a natural

Vicky, was an exceptionally intelligent person,
who took
all the challenging classes in high school and
had the top grades in her classes.
Beneath all that wonderful beauty beat a heart
that lacked self-confidence. Vicky felt she was not
beautiful and felt that no one liked her. Since
Vicky was new at her
school she did not know any of the kids in her
classes. Vicky
did not dress in such a way to call attention to
herself, her
mother thought to herself.
the following Saturday Vicky found herself
enjoying a great meal at Antica Napoli. Carlo was
in rare form telling
a lot of funny, but interesting stories to a captive
Vicky heart felt so happy to be near him, her
heart was close to exploding. Her K!ttyC@t was
heating up and caused her
to day dream about having him touching her,
making love to her and pleasing her in every way
possible. Vicky had a few stories she told that
Carlo found very funny. He thought to himself this
girl is very smart and mature beyond her years.
For the first time he looked at her as a
woman, not just a cute little girl. Her dress and
limited use
of make up made her look 10 years older, Carlo
thought and
what was that perfume. Carlo, was having trouble
due to the sensory over load coming through his
eyes and his nose. God she smells incredible and
words were lacking for how good she looked.
Guy, ordered champagne for everyone, they
managed to sneak Vicky a glass or two. Vicky was
seated next to Carlo,
unlike dinner, where she was across from him.
The bubbles
were making Carlo feel nice and mellow and
before he knew
it his upper leg was rubbing against Vicky’s.
When Vicky felt
his leg rubbing against her, she was at first
shocked, but
pleased. She did not pull away or do anything
and then she
felt his hand reach over under the table and
touch her hand resting in her lap. she opened her
fingers and interlocked his fingers with his.
Just then her dad said lets
dance, Carlo do you mind dancing with Vicky
while I dance
with her mom?
No problem guy, both ladies are very special
So Guy and Jean proceeded out on the dance
floor and talked about Vicky and Carlo, Jean
brought Guy up to date
on what was going on.
Jean, I got to hand it to you and Vicky,
you might just pull this off, but still Carlo said no
s*x and
if I know Carlo he is not about to change his
mind. That man
is tough and he has a lot of self-control. Once
when we went together to a business convention
two very hot, young beautiful ladies came on to
us in the hotel bar. They
were college students who had to lose their
virginity in order to get into a sorority. Well it did
not happen because
Carlo would not let them drag him off to their
room. Those
girls would not take no for an answer, they had
had guys
hitting on them for s*x all the way through high
school and now when they wanted to, the guy
they hit on tells them no. They were in shock
when they finally went off
for greener pastures.


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