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FACEBOOK BABY … (18+) … Part 8




The following month, I went back to school. I tried as much as possible to hide the pregnancy from my friends but soon, they got to know. Akuvi my best friend asked me what happened. I recounted the events that led to the pregnancy to her. She said I was foolish to open my thighs to a guy I knew nothing about, much less not to use any form of protection. What was more, I couldn’t even trace his hometown, though he said he came from Kejetia, Kumasi which I believed was a lie. It was just part of his carefully orchestrated plans
In the third month, rumours began circulating that I was impregnated by a 419 guy whom I met on Facebook. Quite a few of my colleagues also alleged it was Koomson because I was very close to him.
Of course, nothing stays hidden under the earth forever . The school’s authority got wind of the incident and invited me for questioning. The date was scheduled. I knew exactly what they wanted to ask me and the punish that would be meted on me.
I decided to take my fate into my own hands. The night preceding the invitation to the school’s Disciplinary Committee, I packed my few belongings in the school and ran away under the thick cover of darkness, without even telling my closest friend and confidant Akuvi.
I went home. My parents were very furious with me for behaving like an idiot when I finally confessed the truth to them. They said if they were to behave like me while in high school, they wouldn’t have provided me with the comfortable home environment I was enjoying.
My father being a conservative and highly religious man in the Church of Pentecost, disowned me and sent me out of his house to go and look for the father of my bastard child.
Sadly, he was nowhere to be found. He had fully disappeared into thin air, without leaving a trace, after accomplishing his mission with me, leaving me in the wilderness of bitterness and confusion.
Koomson decided to be a little bit benevolent to me. She asked a certain rich woman who was barren for ten years if she could help me. She agreed to take care of me and my unborn child. She allowed me to stay with her until I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. I am sure you KNOW the name I gave to my baby boy.Yes, you are right – YEBOAH JEFFREY JNR.
I decided to give the child to Madam Cecelia, the rich barren woman and come back to school to continue my education so that in future I would be able to cater for my child.
At that point I realised Love has two faces. Good and bad,
beautiful and ugly.
When love turned into an obses
sion, logical reason became a last resort.The same emotion that came with joy and excitement, also carry in its bag a fair share of tension, depression, trauma, anxiety and even death. Jeff was my first true love but the cut it inflicted on my heart and soul was very deep.
After that experience, I knew that pleasures of love lasts but a moment but Pains of love lasts could last for a lifetime. I was determined to leave that bitter experience in the gabbage of history and move forward. Yes, I must move forward. Maybe our paths would cross again.


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