🧢 ( Her dangerous
prince charming ) 🧢


By, Naomi Cindy B.

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He gat the cute eyeballs that’ll make you want to spend forever with him…

He gat the tempting lips that’ll make you want to kiss him till forever

He gat the sexy body that’ll make you want to have a one night stand with him and more

He gat the full eyebrows that makes him look adorable

He gat that deep masculine voice that’ll want you to listen to him all day

All this came together to form one guy,

Gavin McDowell

That’s the owner of all the mentioned qualities, he’s dangerously handsome!

A final year student of BTR Medical college in Mexico, studying Medical Laboratory science

Maybe 22

He’s cold like ice

A good example of handsome but dangerous

He has a friend, Craig Smith..the only person who knows he has a lively side

Carson is another friend of his, but he knows nothing about his life…

A little sis is all Gavin has got, her name is JoJo, she’s as pretty as you have guessed, he loves her like hell!

Then an old grandma… grandma Nana who’s crippled on a wheelchair, he adores her so much…let’s just say grandma Nana and JoJo are the two important people in his life

No parents!, Are they dead?, Lost? No one knows, no one knows his past either, well except Craig

Gavin is a drug Lord

He ships drug in and out of Mexico, he has more than thirty workers in his drug empire

No love life record despite his handsomeness

All he has is an icy heart, difficult to break into

He’s too popular in BTR college cos of his handsomeness and smartness…..Gavin, Craig and Carson are the most brilliant in the department of medical lab… So much that the lecturers don’t handle practicals for year one students again

They split them under each of the guys for their practicals

Gavin is dripping rich, he’s the richest dude In the school, popularly addressed as “Money bag”

Lisa Florida got admitted in the school as a first year Medical Laboratory science student

She hates him at first sight, cos to her, he’s arrogant

But then she found herself wanting to know more about him and in the process, she unknowingly started liking him

Wait.. our Gavin?

Let’s talk a little about Lisa, she’s a talkative, just like a parrot,

she’s pretty and likes prying, the type that’ll always want to know everything, let’s just call her a nose poker

She works part time at a bakery with her best friend Mabel who got admitted with her into the university, same department

They both live with Rose and many think they’re sisters

Wanna know who Rose is?, Follow the story

Will Lisa be able to break Gavin’s icy heart?

What’s the secret behind his coldness ?

What’s his past?

Who exactly is Gavin?

And when Elsa Aiden the daughter of another drug Lord (Cornel Aiden) got admitted at the same time Lisa got admitted

As another first year Medical Laboratory science student

She fell for Gavin at first sight

What’s next?

Can’t wait to find out right?

Unlock with your numerous likes and encouraging comments

EXCLUSIVELY YOURS is a novel you won’t want to miss out on… swears…

Grab your popcorns please


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