ESCAPADES OF A S£X ADDICT … (18+) … Part 1

From the beginning of my life, I use to like girls with big booties and nice Bosom, but mostly I love girls or ladies with big booties

…………Now the story…………

I started watching ponography movies from a tender age, and that got me more thinking and wanna explore it someday, somehow but do not know how to start it, but then I was really learning a lot from indecency movies and I take time touring the internet on some videos and tips to satisfying a woman.
I got exposed early to all the fucckings but haven’t experiment it on any girl before but I do know I was gonna do it someday….though I have got some ladies flirting around with me….though do not make it open but does it secretly but because I was a novice and a jew man….i really don’t know how to go about it.
Fast forward to 2009, I travelled from my school to P.H then for my industrial training and I met a friend….Erasmus by name…..somehow we became friends and we spend most of our time together gisting and sometimes go clubbing….you;re really gonna get any kinda girl you like in ph.
Three weeks later Erasmus told me to see him off somewhere and because I was new in town and I was also trying to know everywhere, I couldn’t turn him down than to follow him….we got to the place….seeing some girls, fat slim, short, tall, dark and fair…..i have never been to a place like that before so I didn’t realize on time it was a brotel for LovePeddler… we entered into a room and saw this girl….they got talking and I saw another girl came in….and we got talking and gisting..the other girl was telling my friend that….mehn this your brother fine ooooo….he be like say him ma JJC. My friend laughed and I just did as if I didn’t hear anything.

After everything we left there…and I was now asking my friend why he brought me such a place without informing me where we were going to even if I was happy within within me…because I knew it was an opportunity for me to start exploring the man in me, he pleaded and told me he was sorry…
The third day I went to the brothel on my own without informing my friend….i went to the bar…..and ordered for a drink even when I knew I don’t drink….i ordered for a small stout just feel among…and was watching and seeing allota girls with big assess, small ones, big bossom and small ones….since I loved big booties…I sighted a girl and I excused her, she told me where her room is located and I went inside with her, for the first time in my life entering an ashawo’s room…I asked her the price and she told me her price….i didn’t talk too much because I cant wait to put ma dicck in her Kitty-Cat because already my blood temperature has risen to 150 degree…..she brought out a condom and started touching ma dicck…I was confused because it was ma first time ever… a woman is really touching ma Joystick…my legs were shivering and she noticed I was a novice and maybe a virgin…she layed on her back and since I have already have the experience when watching indecency movies….i know what to do but haven’t done it before…..i got on her and she took my Joystick and inserted into her Kitty-Cat, wooow… I felt like what on earth is sweeter than this because it was hot and slippery maybe because she’s already wet while touching ma Joystick…to be honest have got a curvy, long and fat Joystick…
I started inserting my Joystick and bringing it out…slowly…I didn’t stay upto 2 minutes… I told her i wanna pee…lol and she told me to pee inside…i was like what is this girl saying….but she insisted and i was hitting her faster and faster…my breathing change because now i was breathing faster and heavier…..ohhhh ma God…my body was shivering and i could feel my legs shaking….finally I came….i was like oh ma God it feels so so so sweet…..i was in cloud 9….if an armed robber came in that time to kill me i would have rather agreed to die than not experiencing such a wonderful feelings. it was my first experience and now I have disvirgin myself…..that starts the beginning of ma fuckings and being addicted…..
This is just the beginning


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