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Happy Sunday Rickians?


? My Christmas Lover ?

Written by Ricky Gold

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Chapter 7

Cara was rushed into the theatre room as she was gasping for breath and the doctor commenced treatment on her immediately.

Has it been that you are not with her, this would have not happen, ” Mrs. Margaret yelled at Celine who was crying.

It wasn’t my fault. She was the one that suggest that we should take a stroll, ” Celine replied as Margaret forcefully push her but Mr. Thomas was fast enough to hold Celine from falling.

Don’t get me upset Margret, ” Me. Thomas said.

I wish I never born , why do you keep on making my life miserable, ” Celine yelled and Margaret was shocked.

Do you just tell at me,” she asked.

Screw you!” Celine walked out of the ward carefully with her stick.

? Dowen High?

School has dismissed as Kylie walked towards her car only to see a box wrapped neatly which is on the bonnet of her car.

She opened the letter which read this:

KYLIE, MY LOVE. YOU ARE THE SUN SHINING THROUGH THE DAY AND THE MOON THROUGH THE NIGHT. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, ” she scoffed and tore the papers into pieces and threw away the flower.

She had already known who it was

Jake, ” she muttered angrily and felt a hand covering her face.

She smiled thinking that it was one of her friends but turned to see Jake.

Hi babe you look sexy, ” Jake said and Kylie landed a slap on his face.

I never love you and I will never love. My heart is for one person, ” she yelled and enter her car without sparing him a glance.

He keep on staring at her car till she drove off, he sighed walking to his car.

When will you love me Kylie, ” Jake thought.


Romeo barged into the office as Blake looked up to see him burning in anger.

Long time my honourable friend. Why are you in my office, ” Blake smirked.

Why do you like getting on my nerves. How dare you make the MPELS to sign out of my company,” Romeo roared in anger.

Really. Then it you deserve it,” Blake said as Romeo grabbed him by the collar .

You have the gut to talk. This is not over,” Romeo muttered releasing Blake who laughed sarcastically.


I told you to kill that girl not my daughter,” Mrs. Margaret said on the phone.

I’m sorry m’am,” the voice at the phone replied.

Shit,” she yelled hanging the call.

I will make sure I ruin you Celine,” she muttered angrily as she noticed Cara moved her hand.

Mom,” Cara said weakly as Mrs Margret walked to her.

How are you feeling now,” she asked carcasing her face.

Am fine. What if Celine,” Mrs. Margaret wanted to tell at her but quickly hold herself.

” She is getting better my daughter”


Celine sat on the bench along BB restaurant enjoying the cool breeze which blew against her face.

Wow this girl is pretty,” she heard someone say and it happen to be the two boys at the restaurant.

She got her stick and stood up to leave and one of them dragged her back spanking her butt.

Let me go,” Celine struggled trying to force herself out of his grip.

Will you let go of her,” a voice said and the boy quickly let go of her knowing that it was Blake Braxton who owns the restaurant.

Sorry sir,” the guy apologize and a punch was landed on him as he fell on the ground.

Blake keep on punching him as his face was filled with blood.

How dare you try to force yourself on the grill, huh,” Blake yelled when he felt arms around him as he softened.

It’s okay. Thanks for protecting me,” Celine said as Blake pulled her closer to him and without wasting time, he smash his lips on hers.

Just like a magic, Celine eyes fell open.



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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.