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? ( All I want for Christmas is You) ?

?By Ricky Gold ?


Chapter 16

Kylie could not stand the Shane, she ran out of the class as Mateo and Paxton started clapping their hands.

Wow, finally our grumpy idol has found love,” Mateo said.

Gray walked into the garden only to see a figure sitting on the bench. He walked closer and saw Rainey crying.

Hey, why is a princess like you is crying,” he said as Rainey turned to him with tears all over her face.

What are you doing here,” she yelled at him.

I’m here to see my Cinderella,” Gray said as Rainey blushed but covered it with frown.

I want you out of here right now,” Rainey said.

You look cute when you are angry,” gray said as Rainey made to leave but Gray pulled her closer as they stared at each other with their hearts beating.

Tell me what’s bothering you,” Gray said sitting close to her.

Rainey can’t help but feel safe and comfortable around him.

Do you want to know why I hate boys,” Rainey asked.

Yes,”gray replied holding her hand.

Back then at Italy, I fell in love with a guy named sam. I love him alot and I thought he feel the same for me.

One day, he took my virginity forcefully and broke up with me.

I pleaded and pleaded him but it fell deaf on him.
He threaten to expose it to everyone.

I kept my mouth shut and since then, my hatred for boys grow. I hated them and I promise not to fall in love with anyone,” Rainey conclude as tears rolled down her cheeks.

Gray hug her patting her back.

I still love you Rainey and I won’t stop loving you,” Gray said.

You love me after what I told you. I don’t think I deserve you,” Rainey said.

I don’t care right now. I love you,” gray muttered.

Can I kiss you,” she asked.

Gray was taken aback from the question and before he could utter a word, he felt her lips on his.


Blake and Celine drove into the restaurant going to the mail to get dress. He actually drop Celine at home after everyone has gone home.

Everyone was happy about him having a girlfriend.

They locked their hands and sat down facing each other.

What can I get you sir,” the waiter asked.

Get me ice cream,” Celine asked.

Same thing,” he added as the waiter left.

?Aww! So cute?

? Romantic couple?

?They are surely the best?,” people compliment.

Gosh, I never knew that I will find happiness in this Christmas,” Celine muttered.

Can you explain to me why you always Moody and alone,” he asked.

It begins when I was ten years old. Our family is full of joy and happiness and Christmas is drawing near.
Until one day, my dad brother Mr. Thomas showed up with his wife Margaret and his two kids that’s cars and Kylie.
I noticed Mrs Margret lusting after my father. She will sometimes stare at him, trying to seduce him but my father never fall for her.

One day, my mother caught her peeping at my father in the bathroom which resulted into a fight. From then, they hated each other.

One day, I eavesdrop on her planning to kill my parents and she caught me. She threaten to kill if I tell anyone about it.

On the day we are to travel o Paris to celebrate Christmas. I pleaded my parents not to go that day but they will not listen.

We had an accident and my parents died and I manage to escape from the car. I looked up to see Mrs Margret staring at me wickedly. She pushed me and I fell flat on the ground with my face. That how I became blind,” Celine narrated as hot tears rushed down her checks.

You have to stop crying ok, don’t ruin the dinner for us,” Blake said patting her back.

Thanks, Blake. I really don’t want to lose you please. I want us to be together,” Celine cried.

We are together today, yesterday and forever. I love you so much,” Blake replied.

Celine smiled and dug the meat and cut it into two and feed him.

Hmmm, that’s delicious like you are,” he said as Celine laughed.

You haven’t tasted me yet you have known how delicious how I am,” Celine replied.

I have taste you in my dreams,” Blake said.

Let it be in dreams, we are not yet married. By the way, why don’t you tell me your own story.
Why did you despise Christmas with passion” Celine asked.

It’s all started five years ago…….



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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.