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🎈 My Christmas Lover🎎

🌷Written by Ricky Gold🌷

‼️ Don’t Copy Or Repost ‼️

Chapter 1

Merry Christmas,” Celine could hear the loud voice of his Uncle greeting his wife.

She sat on the bed and took her stick locating the way to the window.

A year came out of her eyes and she wipe it.

The door burst open and she already know who they are?

Her step sisters!

Hmmm, a blind bitch won’t be able to witness Christmas of the year,” Kylie said laughing.

She look so miserable. Star Hotel will be fabulous because Blake our hotteet singer will be there.
I wonder why you have to be here,” Snow said and landed a slap on Celine face as hot tears rushed down her checks.

Fool,” with that, they stormed out of the room.

Celine sat on the ground crying heavily.

Why is my life like this? Why do I have to be blind? Why does everyone hates me? Is being blind a crime!,” She sobbed.

Her life was filled with pains and suffering.

Her name is Celine Marshall a p
Sweet loving girl but everything change when she had an accident and she became blind.

Her only remedy to see is To get a True Love kiss 😘

God please help me. I wonder who love or kiss a blind girl like me. Why me,” she cried .


Blake was pressing his phone when his father Bruce walked in with smiled.

Merry Christmas son,” Bruce said getting Blake angry.

I came to inform you that you are going to be going with me to Stars Hotel and you will performing a Christmas show there,” Bruce said.

Why do I have to follow you. I am not going,” Blake yelled with a tone of finality.

You have no choice on performing the Christmas show,” Bruce said.

Don’t f***king mention the word Christmas to me. Get out,” he yelled as hot tears rushed down his checks.

Bruce laughed and left the room.

Blake screamed and smash the television on the walls is it break into peices.

He continued destroying everything as his hands was filled with blood.

Kissa damn you,” he screamed.

Mrs Clara entered her son’s room with a tray of food. She gasped as the tray of food fell from her hand.

Blake why do you have to hurt yourself,” she asked crying already.

Blake heart softened as he embrace his mother.

Mom stop crying,” he muttered disengaged from the hug.

You don’t have to stop celebrating Christmas.Try to adapt to it. This is you anymore Blake,” she said as Blake was trying his best not to get angry.

Mom, I don’t like it. You know the reason why I hate Christmas,” he said.

Don’t worry,”, with that, Mrs Clara left his room.

I hate anything call Christmas. Gosh,” he ran his finger on his hear as if he is going crazy.

To Be Continued

🌷Ricky Gold🌷


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