I lived not too far from where I work, and being very hungry, I decided to buy some eggs from the Aboki by the junction to my area then walk home. It was a bit cold as it had rained all day, but nothing I couldn’t handle. Still, when the newer model Tuareg had pulled up beside me and asked if I wanted a ride, I was glad for the warmth of the car and didn’t hesitate in sliding into the empty passenger seat and thanking the driver. The driver was a stunningly beautiful, busty and from the way her Buttocks was positioned on the car seat, well-endowed woman and wearing a wig as I know no African woman’s hair could be that long or curly. She had on the shortest dress I have ever seen on a woman, with the seat belt bunching it further up until it was almost possible to see the patch of her Kittycat. She had full sensuous red lips that I imagined wrapped around my Joystick. The mental vision created a bulge in my pants.
“I’m Jo,” she said in a husky voice, “Where are you headed?”
“Just up the road, two streets to the left” I replied.

“I live around that area too, I believe the second street from yours. Never seen you before though. And I know virtually all the men in this area. You must be new around here” She said.
“Fairly new,” I replied, “I just got the apartment a few months ago.”
“Ok,” she said, “Probably take a little while to get settled in with your family.”
“There’s no family yet, I’m single,” I said looking at her, thinking, she wants a F**K. “Just me.”
“That so,” she said smiling slightly and seductively, “So you live alone?” Having gotten horny from just thinking of those lips and mammoth Bosom trying to escape their confines, I was beginning to think my night was looking even better. “Yes, completely alone,” I replied smiling back.
?My smile turned to fright as a cloth was immediately clasped over my mouth and nose from someone who had apparently been hiding in the backseat. I grabbed the hands of my assailant, trying to get the cloth from my face, but it was a strong hand and after fighting for what seemed like a short time, my world went dark.
I awoke to find myself strapped down across a bench. My hands and knees were tied to the 4 legs of the bench and my head was strapped sideways and down so it was unmovable. My mouth was held open with some type of metal ring, but the inside of the ring was well padded. I tested the ropes around my wrists and found them to be very secure, but my movements apparently attracted the attention of my captor who began speaking to me.
“Back with us I see,” she said in that same voice. I tried to ask what was going on, but only managed some garbled sounds. “We were on our way to town looking for someone to bring home with us and here you were nice enough to volunteer,” she said.
“Et ne uff,” I tried to say, only managing to drool on myself.

“I can’t understand you,” she said in a sarcastic way, “but that doesn’t matter. You see, we’re all horny, so we needed someone to F**K for the night. If you’re a good boy and behave, you’ll be let go tomorrow. If you’re not, you’ll be F***ed anyway and the squirming might even make it more fun. You will be F***ed to our satisfaction. John here will be your teacher for the night.”
?With that comment, I saw a torso step in front of me. Hanging from the crotch was a Joystick that was semi hard and looked to be about 8 inches long. I then found why I had the ring in my mouth and my head strapped so. My head was sideways and my mouth pointed forward and his Joystick slid nicely through the ring and into my mouth. As he worked it back and forth in my mouth, I tasted the pre-Pour on my tongue. As he F***ed my mouth, I felt the mushroom head of a rather thick Joystick press open my Buttocks and slowly slide into me; I tried squirming, trying to remove the Joystick from my Buttocks. I have sucked Joystick, had a finger or two stuck into my Buttocks but never had a real Joystick stuck in me. Part of me resented being tied up and taken, but another part of me was thinking, try and make the best of a bad situation. But try as much as I could, the Joystick invading my Buttocks was painful as it tried to force its way through my anal ring. The owner then removed the Joystick making me heave a sigh of relief which was short lived as I felt something cold being inserted into my asshole with a finger. I guess it must be some lubricant. I wasn’t wrong as the finger was replaced by the Joystick again and without preamble, the owner shoved it all the way into my guts. I tried to scream through the Joystick in my mouth and struggled to be free of my bonds but I was tied up real good. As the guy behind me shoved his Joystick into my Buttocks and I groaned as the pain of it forcing its way past my assring tore through me. The guy ignored my screams and after making sure he was seated deeply in my Buttocks started thrusting faster and faster and I felt my own Joystick grow in excitement. Strange!


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