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Days passed turning into weeks, months passed too… Eid el Kabir came and went and… And… And….

Tommorow… Yes tommorow!
They are getting married tommorow!! Though many rites have already been done remaining the last one which is the Muslim official marriage.

They’re getting married for real!! It was never easy but they tried! They really did.

Looking back to the past at all that happened and how they got here, you won’t help but cry out so loud cuz if it were you… You will never endure what they endured for each other.

What sacrifice they did to each other to get them to where they stood today,
It was really hard but cool! Aisha couldn’t get a wink of sleep tonight.

It was late in the night and all her friends had gone to sleep but she can’t sleep.
She can’t believe that after tomorrow,she’s going to be someone’s woman forever.

She wiped a tear that dropped on her lid,
Its so amazing! From tommorow…. She’s going to be Mrs. Khalid and not addressed to her father’s name again.

She tossed on her bed, how much she missed Khalid.
Since she came back to the village two weeks ago for the preparation of their marriage,

She haven’t seen Khalid, its only calls and calls and nothing else.
She wished to see him one more time but she have to wait for some hours before that will be fulfilled for her.

She tossed on her bed once more and that’s when a text message pulled into her phone,
💬Not asleep?
Khalid texted and seeing that message seemed to rise her up from the bed.

She punched the keys of her phone in a reply for his message,
💬You haven’t either,
💬I couldn’t.

She crossed her legs tucking her pillow in between her legs and then balanced her position before replying.
💬Me too.

Khalid sat up from his bed which he shared with his friends who were on his neck trying to strangle him to death because of their weird sleeping positions,

He pushed Deji’s leg off his head and then heaved, only tonight and everything will be over…
💬I missed you.
He texted and she smiled on seeing that message from him.

💬I missed you more, can’t wait to see you tommorow.
He smirked,
💬How’s Naphie?
💬Getting extra stubborn everyday.

He laughed silently,
💬You need to see what the villagers here are saying…
💬She needs a sibling that’s why she’s acting so stubborn and babyish.

Khalid smiled wildly,
💬A baby?
💬Yes! They said… We’ve got to make one for her.
He laughed out loud trying so hard to control it but can’t.
💬So… We are going to make one soon right?

That message swept off Aisha off her feet, it was like Khalid was next to her cuz of the heat she felt as she saw that message.

She texted back composing herself as she changed position on the bed from sitting to lying with her tummy down to the bed.

Her pillow was tucked in between her armpits to relax her arms,
💬How? Tommorow night? Or the next? Or when we go on a honeymoon?
That got her again! Tommorow night!

How close? How close she was to sleeping with Khalid again!
Goose pimples filled her skin and she shivered recalling the last s3x they had before they broke up.

The most scariest s3x ever!
💬Are you already thinking about our blissful night?
Khalid smirked seeing her reply,

He had been thinking about it, the best romantic style befitting for tommorow night filled his mind each day he thought about his up coming marriage.

How he’s gonna pin her down, tame those violent sexual taste of hers, it always made him so horny and kept his divk standing each time he thought about it.

So she shouldn’t even ask him that question,
Its been long he really touched her the way he wanted, the way he’s going to love it.

Is it going to be on the bed? Or on the wall? On the floor? No… Its going to be a decent s3x cuz God blesses it (Muslim belief), a bed and then he’s going to show off his bed skills once again to her.

How much he wanted to hear her moan again,
Those sweet soft moans which kept him grinding and sliding in harder and deeper into her and groaning softly at the soft claws of her nails on his back.

How much he missed it, how much he wanted to suck her lips dry and make her go breath less, how much he wanted to design her nîpplés with his tongue.

Gosh! He was getting horny thinking about all the whole of it again,
But how’s tommorow night going to be like?

Maybe he’s going to let Aisha have her way for once, she liked being at the top but he never allowed that, maybe tommorow, she’s going to let her do the whole thing… No, he’s going to do the whole thing.

Its been long he touched her, she needs to be touched tommorow!
Are you there?
Are you asleep?

She texted and texted thinking he was asleep but he wasn’t, he was lost in thinking.

How he’s going to face the crowd with his Ameriya by his side clad in Muslim women shawl and native clothes which they had sown before now.

How is he going to act?
He looked to his phone and saw Aisha’s text,
💬Oh my! I’m not asleep.
💬Why weren’t you replying?

💬I was thinking that’s all.
💬About what?
He texted with deep emphasis on that word YOU,

That got her thinking and feeling cold, how she wished he was by the side of her bed, she would’ve gone into his arms while he wrapped his huge arms around her slender body and how she will sleep off like a baby.

She really missed him, how is she going to be like when she didn’t have him in this life?
She replied his text and he smirked,
💬How you’re going to look tommorow night for me.

Her hormones read the message in another way and style which began to arouse her s3xual desires.
She replied biting her lower lip and he smirked the more.

How he wished she was here lying by his side where Naphie won’t locate them,
He’s definitely going to have her.
But, tommorow night… Everything will be over.

She’s going to be officially his wife, bearing his name… How proud he’s going to be with her tagging his name to hers.

He will make sure that Aisha will never lack anything at all for choosing to marry him, even if his feelings change for her, she’s going to be the best wife… A wife who showed and taught him the real meaning of love.

💬How you’re going to be naked in front of me and how am going to touch every part of your body and worship them with my tongue Aisha.

That AISHA which he added to his sentence made her so wet and h*rny,
💬And I can’t wait for you to bury yourself deep into me giving me all your best once more just like in the past.

That got him too! Yes! He remember it so vividly, the night she pulled off naked and invited him to fuvk her.

It was one of their amazing moments ever! He won’t forget that night in a hurry.
How he had groaned over and over again as every inch of him went into her.

Her tight p*ssy enthralled him the more, he thought he was going insane as he rode her back then,

He wasn’t going to forget that in a hurry,
💬I will give you more than you will expect Aisha,

She beamed, she really wanted to bury her face in his chest just like she used to and then sleep off like a baby.

But he’s not here,
Only text but that did not seem to help her at all,
💬Feeling sleepy?
Khalid asked,

💬Don’t you think we have to sleep?
💬Yeah, cuz of tommorow.
💬Sweet dreams.
💬Sweet dreams Khalid.

She turned off her phone but her eyes refused to shut up for sleep.
She was restless and needed some cuddle from someone she can’t see.

Being single is a disease… Was the first thought that came to her mind… How do they even manage to cope with their single life?

Men/guys can be trash and heartbreakers but, it doesn’t mean we won’t marry them.

It doesn’t mean we won’t date, just find someone and have patience, endure, act foolish sometimes to the truth you know with a motto *no one is leaving this relationship * in your head all the time.

Cuz if you leave, the next man/guy you’re going to meet isn’t a saint! He’s like that man you left… She heaved… She was lucky!

She was indeed lucky with her man, she prayed silently for Naphie, she should be like her when choosing a man.

She will make sure that Naphie finds the right man,
She tossed from one end of her bed to another before she finally slept off.

But Khalid didn’t sleep still, his head was filled with many thoughts.
So from tommorow, he’s going to be a husband and a responsible one at that.

From tommorow, he’s going to have a real home,
Which will be soon filled with kids.. Something came to his mind immediately again and he texted Aisha.

💬How many kids are we going to have after tommorow night?
No reply.
Twenty minutes passed and he resolved that she was already asleep.

But he really wished that she was awake to answer the question for him,

Three?? Four? Five or maybe six so that her mom won’t complain about scanty kids and preaching unending about what Muhammad S. A. W. spoke on Muslims giving birth to plenty children.

What if Aisha says two or maybe three adding to Naphie? Its going to be cool too, they won’t give birth to kids that they won’t be able to train… Not in this harsh country.

No, three plus Naphie is so perfect..
That aside, he closed his eyes to sleep…..

🎶so let’s take tonight,
never let go

🎶Will be dancing and kissing like there’s no tommorow.

🎶As the stars sparks of dawn and the down my dreams….


Next morning,

Her eyes fluttered up followed by chatters and noises coming from all directions of the house.
Her friends were the loudest.

“Aisha ooo! Come and see your text message? Your sweet heart texted you oo”one of her friends shouted as they gathered around her on the bed with the one talking holding her phone.

She was still trying to remember what today was when they read out the text,
“How many kids are we going to have after tommorow night?

🗣So romantic!
“Give me my phone “Aisha collected her phone and re read the message over and over again….



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