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DONE WITH YOU – Episode 1



🌷Love needs no fake life 🌷

Written 🅱y :Felix peter

Chapter 1️⃣

Jane and Cedric sat at a bear bar facing each other.

“What do I owe this visit ” Jane said smiling.

” why are you saying as if you never do so ”

” not that but this one feel like special edition”

” you are right ” Cedric said.

” I thought as much ” she sipped her wine.

” what? ” Jane ask observing a sudden stare.

” doesn’t your date ring a bell? ” Cedric asked staring into her eyes.

” nothing comes to mind ”

” okay today makes it four months since we been dating ” Cedric expounded.

” sorry have not been counting, but what makes today so special? “Jane asked.

” because today is the day ” he stood up from his seat and kneel before her, Jane eyes felt like popping out in amazement.

” truly am asking you to marry me”Cedric said his knee down and open a box of diamond ring.

” oh my God…oh my God ” Jane screamed. ” I dont think I can do this ” Jane said.

” I promise I will do anything to make you happy, just marry me..just marry me ” Cedric plead.

” l…think we should call it quit, the truth is I really appreciate all the grand gestures and all the things you do for me , but I can’t settle with a man that does the kind of work you do ” Cedric felt astonished not expecting that from her. ” am sorry if have hurt your feelings, but am just being honest…am sorry I can’t marry you ” Jane said, stood up and picked her bag leaving Cedric right there with his ring. Cedric felt disappointed and heart broken.

Cedric slept on the bed enjoying the comfort spraying his legs broad, suddenly his phone ring loud.
” Hello guy ” he said📲

” is it that you are still on bed, don’t you have work today? ” on the other phone 📲

” am not sure ” Cedric said 📲

” so how is your bae doing? ” 📲
” my guy just that she’s trying to play me ” Cedric said📲

” am tired with you guys issues. I think you guys need fasting and prayers ” the other phone jested 📲

am tired with you guys issues. I think you guys need fasting and prayers ” the other phone jested 📲

” don’t get tired please I know what to do ” 📲
” alright then bye” 📲. The phone went dead
Cedric lives alone in a flat, he’s a transporter. He own a tricycle which he use, he brought out his tricycle and cleaned properly. He wore a short and short hand T-shirt and drove his tricycle off for the day work.


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