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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)

DOCTOR CUTIE – Episode 44



[Love cures All]

Episode 44.

By; Racheal Dennis||

|| Aurora/Phoebe ||

“You can put me down now”


“But we are back in the mansion”

“No! I will carry you all the way to our room”

I shrink back in his arms and kept quiet. It’s better I let him do whatever he wants. He’s even more excited than I am about the baby.

My stomach growls loudly and he chuckled.

“Are you hungry?” He asked.


I haven’t eaten since morning, I think I need to stop starving myself now that I know I’m pregnant.

He opens the door to our room and step inside. He laid me on the bed and caresses my cheeks.

“Wait here, I’ll go prepare something for you to eat” I nod and he leaves.

30minutes later,,,

Why isn’t he back yet? I’m gonna die of hunger soon. Maybe I should go check on him.

I got off the bed and walk down the stairs, I step in the floor where my ex-room was. I heard hushed voices as I got closer to a door, they seem to be arguing about something important.

I moved closer to the door and placed my ear on the door.

You can’t continue living here a female voice said, it sounds like Mrs Morgan.

Who could she be talking to?.

Why not? Dean’s uncle?

Because our secret will be exposed


Which is why we shouldn’t keep it a secret anymore, let’s tell him. Let’s let him know he’s our son!

I gasped loudly but quickly covers my mouth. I guess they heard me because Jeremy yelled from inside.

“Who’s that?!”

Quickly, I run down the stairs and just at the third step, I lost my balance and fell down.

“Ouch!” I cry out as my head hits the hard tiles.

“Angel?” Dean quickly drop the plate of pancakes aside and rushed to help me up.

I stand up and look up, Jeremy stands at the top of the stairs glaring daggers at me. Mrs Morgan’s not besides him.

“Are you ok? Why were you running? You have to be extra careful now that you’re,,,,,, ”

“I’m fine!” I cut him off.

I gesture for him to look up, he did and saw Jeremy.

“Was he chasing you?” He whispers in my ear.

“Kinda, I heard something” I whisper back.

“Come on, let’s go to our room” I nod.

But I hissed out in pain when I tried to move my legs.

“What is it?”

“I think I sprained my ankle!”

He hands the plate of pancakes to me and carries me.

“You should’ve stayed in our room, why did you leave?”

“You were taking too long so I wanted to come find you”

He doesn’t say anything more, he simply walk in silence. He walk past his uncle and head towards our room.

He sat me on the bed and sits next to me.

“I told you to stay away from my uncle. Why didn’t you listen?”

“I didn’t mean to eavesdrop”

“What did you hear?”

“I heard your Mom arguing with him that he shouldn’t stay here no more. And they also talked about a secret”


“Yes. Jeremy wanted your Mom to tell someone who his real dad is!”

Dean stilled and stayed silent. He seems to be thinking, like he’s connecting dots in his head.

Just then the door burst open and Javier rushes in with a big smile.

“Brother! I have brought good news!” He said.

Dean rolled his eyes and quickly whisper in my ear. “Don’t let Javier know about what you heard” I nod.

“What good news?” Dean asked him.

Javier pushed Dean away from me and gives me a life squeezing hug. I tap his back when I couldn’t take it no more.

“Aurora, why did you keep something as joyful as this away from us”

I looked at him confused.

“Brother, Aurora is pregnant!!”

“Yay!!!” Dean mocks him.

Javier’s smile falters. He look between Dean and I with narrowed eyes.

“Don’t tell me you already knew about it”

“We know”

“F**k!” I smacked his head. “Hey, what’s that for?”

“Don’t curse in front of my baby!” I scold him.

“Sorry” he said.

Dean clears his throat.

“Erm, Javier?”


“Don’t tell anyone about the pregnancy yet”

“Huh? Why?”

“We want to keep it a secret for now” I explained.

“What about Mom?”

“Especially Mom, she mustn’t know!” Dean said sternly.

“But she’s our mother, she needs to know about her grandbaby”

“Javier, we wanna surprise Mom. If you tell her now, we won’t get the reaction we want” I told him.

He nod and smile.

“Oh! Now I get it!”

We hear a knock on the door.

“General” Brandon called from outside.

Dean walk towards the door to meet him. Javier takes a piece of pancakes and brings it to my mouth.

“Eat! I want my nephew to be super strong!” He said.

“What makes you think it’ll be a boy?”

“Uncle’s instincts. It’s called uncle’s instincts”

I shake my head. These Morgans brothers and their weird ideas. Dean came back in.

“Javier, I’ll leave Phoebe under your care, I’ll be back soon”

“Ok, but where are you going?”

“Somewhere that doesn’t concern you”


“But are you going to the dungeon?” I asked him.

“No! And don’t think of going there!” He said, I simply nod.

Dean leans down and kisses my forehead.

“I’ll be right back” I nod and Dean leaves.

Now is an opportunity to visit the dungeon and have a talk with that Eric, I only hope Javier will let me go.

“My sweet brother-in-law, I want you to do a tiny favour for me”


“Can we go to the dungeon?”

“Dungeon? Ian just said you shouldn’t go there”

“There’s something I wanna confirm, we won’t take long”

“No! Ian will kill me if I let you go there”

“Please, we won’t spend too much time there”


“Please, please, please”


Humph! Who knew Javier could be this stubborn too. Maybe I should try another method.

Wait,,,, he’s so in love with his unborn nephew, maybe I can use him. Hehehehe,,, Javier you think you are Wise.

“Fine! I won’t go. But that’ll just make me sad, and me being sad is not good for the baby. The baby will be so stressed out and who knows he might come out prematurely, and that will make him weak and if he’s weak hell,,,,, ”

“Ok! Ok! Let’s go, but we mustn’t stay too long”

I jump off the bed.

“Yes, sir!”


|| Ian/Dean ||

“Brandon, are the guards ready?”

“Yes, General. I have five more guards ready”

“Good. They should be her ghost guards and protect her in secret”

“Ghost guards?”

“Yes, I don’t think My Phoebe can handle five more guards, she’s already complaining about the two guards I assigned to her”

We stopped at the secret room where my dad is.

“General, Miss Aurora just left the room”..

“What? I told her not to leave,,, where is Javier?”

“Oh, they both left together”

I sigh and rolled my eyes.

“She’s fine then, Javier can take care of her”

With my uncle around I need to be very careful and now that My Phoebe is pregnant with our baby I must be extra cautious.

“Stand guard here, don’t let anyone come in!”

“Yes, sir!!”

I pushed the door open and step in. My dad is standing close to the window, looking outside. Though he can see everything outside, but people outside can’t see him inside.


He turns to me and smile.

“Son, you are here!”

He walk towards the small sitting area in the room and sat down, I also sat next to him.

“Dad, I have good news”

“What good news?”

“My Phoebe is pregnant dad! You are gonna have a grandbaby soon!!”

He grins and hugs me, he pats my back.

“Congrats, son, that’s a real good news” he pull away from the hug.

“Dad, I’ll try my best to find whoever tried to kill you soon and when everything is over, I’ll get you out of here”

He scoffed.

“What if the person is closer to us than we think?”

I frown. Closer to us? Then who could that person be?

“I don’t understand you, dad. It seems like you know the person, if you know him, please tell me”

He laughs dryly.

“I want to ask you a question”

“Go ahead”

“Your girlfriend is pregnant, let’s say she gave birth, you love the baby and cared for him so much, you’re even ready to lay down your life for his. But after do many years you found out that you aren’t the baby’s father. What would you do?”

“This isn’t a story, right? It’s something that happened to you, correct?”

He simply smiles and shake his head.

“Son, just know that I love you. I wanna sleep” and just like that he head towards his bed and lied down, leaving me with my thoughts.

I believe this happened to him,, Mom must have cheated on him. But who is the illegitimate son between Javier and I.

Wait,,,, Phoebe said Jeremy was telling Mom to tell someone the truth and let him know his real father. Could it be that it was Jeremy Mom had an affair with?

If yes who is the son they are talking about? Javier or me?

I need to talk to Mom. I must talk to Mom.

T. B. C


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