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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)

DOCTOR CUTIE – Episode 43



[Love cures All]

Episode 43.

By: Racheal Dennis||

|| Aurora/Phoebe ||

The next day.

I walk to and fro in front of our bed. Right now I feel so frustrated, suffocated. I have been trying to leave the mansion and go to the hospital to confirm the pregnancy, but the two hulky guards won’t let me even leave the room.

They have been watching me like a hawk. I thought of tricking them but their emotionless expression discouraged me.

Maybe I should try again.

I walk towards the door and open it gently, I stick my right leg out and take a peek at them. They are both staring at me with a blank expression, arms crossed across their chest.

I laughed nervously.

“What a lovely day, huh?” I said.

They didn’t reply, just staring at me.

“I think today is particularly good for sunbathing, yeah?”

They still didn’t say nothing. Humph! Aren’t these guys taking this job a little too serious? Or they aren’t getting the hint that I want to go out?

I guess I will have to tell them more clearly.

“Guys, no sirs, I’m gonna die of boredom if I don’t get out now. How about you let me take a walk in the garden?”

“No!” Travis finally speak.

He managed to speak and no is the word he could utter.

“But I will just be in the garden,,, strolling,,, with you watching me”


“It’s not as if I’m gonna outrun you guys” I mentally roll my eyes, of course I’d outrun them.


Ok, I’m getting frustrated with him saying only one word.

“Why are you just saying no, no, no? How about you try using another word, like yes!”

“Sorry ma’am, but we are under strict orders from the General not to let you leave. No matter how persuasive you are”

I know it’s the hand work of that big head Dean! I will so crush him when I see him!

I guess I can try my killer move on them. I brought out my cutest puppy eyes and pout my lips, making sure they quiver a little.

“Please, let,,,,”

“Don’t try that move on us, we are immune to it” Scott said.

I groan, this is hopeless. I don’t have a choice, all I can do now is tell them the truth.

“Well, since you don’t want me to leave, I must tell you why I really wanna leave the mansion today”

“Why?” Travis asked.

“I wanna go to the hospital for some check ups”

Suddenly both of them flinch and later breath in relief.

“Are you guys ok?”

“Y-yes” they stutter out.

I frown and look at them strangely but nod.

“Right, please keep this from Dean” I wanna confirm before I inform him.

“M’lady, I think it’s too late to keep it from him” Scott told me.

“What is too late?”

“The General heard you talking and he’s already on his way here”

“Huh? How did he get to hear me talk?”

They point to their ears.


Oh no! I didn’t want him to know yet,,,, wait, he doesn’t know anything. I’ll just tell him I want to check if I have any hidden disease in me.

Then I heard heavy footsteps, rushing towards us, like someone is running in the stairs. I quickly rush back in the room and fall on our bed, I cover myself with the duvet and close my eyes as if I’m sleeping.

“Angel, I heard you wanted to go to the hospital,,, are you sick?” He felt my temperature. “Your temperature is normal, is it a stomachache? Or is it because you were vomiting?”

I slightly open my eyes and steal a peek at him. He look so worried, he frown as worry lines appears on his forehead.

“My Phoebe, open your eyes and tell me what’s wrong”

I sat up and take in his appearance. He’s sweating and he look kinda tired.

Was he working out or something?.

“Dean, why are you sweating so much?”

“I was in the dungeon”



“I have told, you can’t always get the truth out of people by using violence. Sometime, you sweet talk them to confess everything”

“Not in this case. I had Brandon sweet talk him but he wouldn’t say anything, so I had to torture him to confess”

“So, has he confess now?”

“No, this Eric is such a headache!”

I frown as the name rings in my ear.

“Eric?!” Don’t tell me it’s the same Eric that messed with my Brittany.

“What’s wrong? Do you know him?”

“The name does ring a bell but I’m not sure if they are the same person” I paused. “Can I come with you to interrogate him?”

“No! I don’t like it when you go to that filthy place”

“But you will be there with me”

“No, you are not going!”

“You are gonna be there, I,,,,”


I glared at him and decided not to argue more. I can sneak there later, if it’s the same Eric then I will get my revenge on him for messing with my Brittany.

“So, what is wrong? I heard you wanted to visit the hospital”

“Yeah, I’m fine. I just want to, you know,,,, do some random check up, to make sure I don’t have any hidden disease in my system”

“Random check up? Lee can do that, I will ask Brad to get him here”

“No, I wanna go to the hospital, you know, get some fresh air too”

He narrowed his eyes at me. I simply blinked innocently and pout my lips. His eyes settled on my lips, I know he’s tryna control himself so as to not kiss me.

He sighs.

“Fine. You can go to the hospital but on one condition”

“Which is?”

“I’m coming with you!”

I frown.

“How are you gonna come with me? With your mask on?”


“No! You can’t come with me like that to a hospital”


“Little kids are gonna be there, you’re gonna scare them and possibly cause them to have nightmares”


“Yeah oh”

We stay in a comfortable silence until he breaks it.

“I can go without it then”

“Huh?” I asked surprised.

“I can go without my mask”

“B-but I thought I don’t like it when people see your face”

“It doesn’t matter now”

“What do you mean?”

“I already have a woman in my life now, so it doesn’t matter if they see my face”

I frown. What is he talking about?

“How does having a woman in your life connect with you wearing mask?”

His ears and nose suddenly turn red and he scratches the back of his neck nervously. Oh my gosh! Don’t tell me my General is,,,, blushing!!!

“The reason I’m wearing mask is kinda silly”

“Tell me”

“Well, I don’t like it when women gawk at me, gush over me and because I’m so handsome women kept stalking me, I never get any peace. They were always asking for my number, or a night with me. It was getting out of hand so Brandon suggested I use masks that it’ll scare them away, so I did and it worked. Since then, I have always been using mask”

It’s a silly reason but I kinda understand him. I can’t stand two people gushing over me.

“But how come your mask didn’t scare me away?”

“Hmm, maybe that’s because we were meant to be together”


“Ok, when are we gonna go to the hospital?”

“Right now!”

He nods.


Brandon rushed in. Is he always on standby?

“Yes, General”

“Go get the car running”

“Yes, sir” he leaves immediately.

“Angel, I should take a quick shower”

I begin to sniff around and cough.

“So that smell was coming from you! Eww!”

He chuckled softly and walk towards the bathroom.


Oh my God!

How can someone be this handsome!

I swear he’s a Greek god!

Do you think he’s Hades!

I wanna marry him

I can tell he’s my soulmate

I roll my eyes and groan.

This is what I have been hearing as Dean and I walk through the hospital hallways. Wherever we past by, the people there will stop what they were doing and gush over Dean.

Even nurses paused and stared at Dean with dreamy eyes.

“Excuse me!” A girl of about 12years stopped us.

“Hello, how may we help you?” I asked her.

She giggled and faced Dean.

“You are so handsome!” She said.

I see Dean’s face turned red. I guess he’s embarrassed. Hmm, I will so enjoy this show.

“Uh,, thanks?”

“Are you married? Do you have a girlfriend?”

“No!” I quickly answer before Dean could speak. I wanna see what she is up to.

“Really? You don’t have a girlfriend?”

“I ha,,,,,,”

“No, he doesn’t have a girlfriend. He is so single!” Dean frowned at me.

“That’s nice. I want to marry you, will you be my husband?”

Uh-oh,,, I didn’t see that coming. The Dean I know is so gonna break this poor girl’s heart.

“Marry me. I’m pretty too and I am your perfect match”

“Little girl, aren’t you too young to talk about marriage?”

“Nope! I know what I want when I see it and I want him. I want him to marry me”

“Well, I’m sorry little one” Dean said in a surprisingly calm voice, where did he get this voice from?.

He pulled me to his side and wrap his arm tightly around my waist.

“I already have a wife, this is my wife. Isn’t she pretty too? So she is my perfect match!”

The little girl’s eyes turn red as they brim with tears. I tried to move away from Dean but he wouldn’t let me, he leans down and pecks my lips.

“Don’t kiss her!” The little girl cries. “I want you to marry me! I want to be your wife too!”

An elderly woman rushed towards us and holds her.

“Amelia, that’s enough. Come on let’s go home”

“Grandma, I love him”

“Don’t worry there are far more handsome men than him” her grandmother assured her.

“That’s not true. I only want him, he’s so handsome” she cries.

Her grandmother faces us with a polite smile.

“I’m sorry about my granddaughter, she usually doesn’t behaves like this. I’m so sorry”..

“That’s not a problem, ma’am. In fact I admire her boldness” Dean said.

“We’ll leave you be now” she drags Amelia away.

When they are out of hearing, I burst into laughter.

“Angel, stop laughing”

“No, it’s so funny. A 12years old, proposing marriage to the big bad General”

“Well, I asked you to marry me last night and you refused. See what just happened? Other people are willing to marry me”

“They should marry you then, you shouldn’t have reject this sweet little angel just now”

“Hmm, I’ll reject everyone because I have my eyes only on you, you are the only one I see”

“Awwwn! That’s so sweet!” I tiptoe and kisses his cheek. “But you could have rejected that girl in a more calmer way”

“I was polite enough. Also it’s your fault too”.


“You told her I don’t have a girlfriend”

“Yeah, cause I wanted to see what she wanna do”

He rolled his eyes. Just then Brittany came out and stops dead on her tracks. She points her hand and opens her mouth to speak but nothing came out.

Dean and I exchange looks.

“Britt, are you ok?”

“W-who,, w-who is he?” She asked.

“Him? He’s Dean!”

“Dean?! Like,,, he’s the General?!”


“Oh my goodness!! He’s so handsome,,,, I,, I can’t,, handsome is not the word. He is so beautiful, no, he’s gorgeous!!”

“Britt, you have a boyfriend. I don’t think your boyfriend will appreciate you gushing over his elder brother”

She rolled her eyes.

“I have a boyfriend doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate God’s creation”

“So I should tell him about this?”

“Don’t even think of it! Anyways, doc Mike is ready for you”

I grab Dean’s hand and pull him along with me.

“Let’s go before Britt faints over you”


“Congratulations, miss Cox”

Dean look at me with a confused expression but I know what doc Mike is talking about.

“Why are you congratulating her?” Dean asked.

“General, she is 14days pregnant”


That word ring through my ear. So it’s true, Britt is right. I’m pregnant,,,, there’s a small human growing in me right now!

“S-she,, y-you,, s-she,,,,,” Dean’s short of words. He keeps looking at my stomach with surprise.

Uh-oh! I hope it’s not what I’m afraid of. He’s not gonna say we should abort it, right?

Before I knew it, he’s swoops me off the chair and twirls me around in his arms. He stops and crashed his lips on mine, he pours all his emotions on the kiss.

I can feel his love and promise in the kiss. He breaks the kiss and look into my eyes.

I swear this was not the reaction I was expecting but I love this reaction best.

“My Phoebe, did you hear that? We are having a baby! We are gonna be parents!”

“Wait, why did you just concluded that the baby is yours?”

He scoff.

“Oh please, I deflowered you, remember”

“Oh” I blush.

“I’m gonna be a dad! I’m gonna be a father! I’ll have someone calling me, dad, dad, dad! When he’s hungry he’ll be like, dad I’m hungry. When he wants a toy gun he’ll be like, dad I want that toy gun. I will teach him so many things and how to lead an army! I will,,,,,, ”

“Dean” I cut him off. “Can we talk about all this when we get back to the mansion? And I’m not gonna let you teach my child how to lead any army!”

“But he’s a General’s son,,,,, ”

“What if it’s a girl?”

“We have women in the army”

“Dean,,,, ”

“I can train her and she’ll even be stronger than men”

“Shut up, Dean!” He nods and shuts up immediately.

I turned to doc Mike, he’s being watching us in amusement.

“Sorry, about that doctor. Is there anything else we should know about?”

“No, nothing else. Just don’t forget to come for follow up check up every month”

“Ok, thanks doctor”

“You’re welcome”

I turn back to Dean.

“Let’s go!” He nods, he suddenly carried me bridal style and I frown. “What are you doing?”

“Carrying you back to the car!”

“But I can walk”

“You are pregnant, you shouldn’t stress yourself”

“I’m pregnant not crippled”

“Shh, just enjoy it”

“You are impossible!”

“I know. When we get home, I’ll talk to my baby, I will let him know I’m his dad”

I sigh in relief. From Dean’s tone, he’s so happy and excited to be a father. I just hope nothing bad happens later.

T. B. C


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