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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)

DOCTOR CUTIE – Episode 41



[Love cures All]

Episode 41.

By: Racheal Dennis||

|| Aurora/Phoebe ||

Brandon open the door to Dean’s study and gestures for me to enter, I frown and stare at him.

“Aren’t you gonna come in?”

“No, ma’am”

He pushes me in gently and shut the door. My breath quickens and I feel my fingers start to shake.

Why do I have a feeling that I’m walking into an angry lion’s den right now?.

“Brandon, I told you I don’t want to be disturbed! What are you doing back in?” Dean asked in a tired tone.

I walk in fully and raised my head. Dean held a book in front of him, he seems like he’s reading it but he’s actually holding it upside down.

That means his mind isn’t on the book.

“D-dean,,,?” I stuttered his name.

He quickly raised his head when he hears my voice. He almost smile but quickly pulled a long face. His eyebrows knit together and his jaw clenched.

He’s angry.. and I guess I’m the cause of his anger. But why is he angry?

“You are back!” He said.

“Yes, Brandon said you wanna see me”

He sighs.

“Let me ask you this. Are you trying to kill me?”

“What?!” I asked with a frown. What does he mean by that.

“Do you want me to die of heart attack?”

“What do you mean?”

He didn’t answer my question, rather he asked me a question.

“Why don’t you think about me? Why don’t you trust me? Why do you like putting yourself in harm’s way? Why?!”

Ok, I honestly don’t know what he is talking about.

“Do you even love me? Or this,,” he points between us. “Is just my willful thinking?”

“Dean,, why are you asking me this?”

“Answer me Phoebe!! Do. You. Love. Me?!” He growled and bang his hand on his desk.

I flinch back a little.

“Y-yes, I love you,,,,,”

“I doubt that! I don’t believe you! If you love me you wouldn’t take decisions on your own! If you love me you’ll respect my orders! If you really love me you’d care about my opinion and wouldn’t dare ask that servant boy to hand you over!!”

Servant boy? Does that means he knows about my plans with Daniel? How is that possible?

“I know that expression, you are probably wondering how I knew about it. Which simply means you didn’t want me to find out!”

“It’s not what you think,,,, ”

“It’s not what I think? Then what is it? Do you think if that servant boy hand you over everything will be solved? Huh? You need to know your enemy before going on the battlefield…. You need to understand your enemy before you can bring him down. You doing things on your own and taking reckless decisions isn’t gonna help matters! How long do you think I can put with this before I lose it?!”

“Well, I didn’t have no choice, you don’t wanna help me so I have to help myself!”

“When did I say I’m not gonna help? You are my beloved woman,, my future wife and the mother of my future kids; of course I must help you”

“But right now you aren’t helping, you are just feeling unconcerned what do you expect me to do?!”

“Phoebe, this is no child’s play! You better quite being childish now before something bad happens to you!”

I scoff unbelievably, he calls me childish. Like I said, I’ve become really emotional recently.

I don’t know if it’s because of him yelling at me or calling me childish, but I feel my eyes itching and soon tears start running down.

“Stop blaming me, I know my ideas are not so great but they are all I’ve got, ok! For 10 years, 10 long years I have been on my own, alone,,, I have no one to help me, I always do things by myself for the past 10 years so I got used to it! I’m already used to getting things done by myself!” I defended myself.

He got off his chair and walk towards me, he move closer to me but I take a step back to create space between us.

“Phoebe, then you didn’t have no one. But now you have me, why don’t you put the heavy load on my shoulder, I’m ready, very ready to carry it for you”

My emotions have gotten all over the place, I’m a crying mess right now.

“Look how stressed out I am already, putting yourself in danger is just adding more stress. Why don’t you help me by staying out of trouble?”

Hmm, I think he is right. Maybe I have been a little childish recently and my plan isn’t perfect,,, after hearing Dean’s words, I think there are a lot of flaws in my plan.

And besides, if what Britt told me is true then my baby is gonna get hurt in the process,,,ugrh! I didn’t give this a second thought. So many things could go wrong.

I guess I will just sit back and let Dean handle everything, after all, I have been trying to investigate this for long now but still haven’t got any lead. Maybe Dean will do a good job.

“Please, just let me do this alone. If you try to get involved a lot of things will go wrong”

I step forward and wrap my arms around his waist, I rest my head on his chest and son softly.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have being so impulsive. I just thought he didn’t wanna help me”

He wrap his arms around me and pats my back.

“Of course I wanna help, in fact, I’m helping. I just want you to promise you won’t involve yourself in this anymore”

“I promise, I won’t”

I feel him take a deep breath and sigh loudly, he kisses the top of my head.

“Good! But don’t blame me for not taking your word for it”

“What do you mean?”

“Brandon?!” He called and Brandon quickly rushed in.


“Are they ready?”

“Yes, sir”

“Bring them in”

“Yes, General”

Brandon head towards the door, he opens it and two hulking looking men comes in.

I raise my head and frown, giving Dean a confused look.

“General, this is Travis and Scott!” Brandon said.

Dean shakes his head with no expectation.

“What are they here for, Dean?” I asked.

“They are here to guard you” he replies.


“They are your personal guards! They will be with you all the time that I’m not with you, that way I can still keep my eyes on you”

“Why do I need them?”

“I just told you, they’ll be my eyes watching over you when I’m not available!”

“But I just promise to be good!”

He laughs dryly.

“I know but I can’t be too sure,,,, right, you are grounded too”

“What?!” He took my credit card now he’s grounding me?

Isn’t he tryna get me killed?.

“You can only move around in the mansion for now until I’m convinced you won’t do anything stupid”

“But I just promised you”

“Well, you can’t blame me for being cautious”

Without no credit card and no going out, I’ll surely die of suffocation!

“Wait,,, Dean, can I visit Brittany even though I’m grounded? I can visit her, right?”..


“But,,,,,, ”

“Shhh” he hushed me and turn to Brandon. “You guys can wait outside, I have something to discuss with my woman”

“Yes, General”

“Wait,,,, ” he points at the two guards. “I just said my wife is grounded, she mustn’t leave this mansion. She can be persuasive, don’t listen to her or I will have your heads!!”

“Understood, sir!” They answered. He waved them off.

When they’re gone, I huffed and move away from him.

“I don’t need those babysitters, you are treating me like a child that needed looking after”

He smirked.

“Well, that because you acted like a child. Anyways, I wanna inform you that my uncle is around”

“Hmm, I saw him a while ago”

“Stay away from him, he is bad news”

“How do you know he is bad news? Has he done anything to harm you?”

“He can’t do anything to harm me, but I trust my guts. Make sure to stay away from him and don’t cause trouble for me”

Well, he doesn’t have to tell me twice, his uncle creeps me out. Just then my stomach growls and I realized I haven’t eaten breakfast yet.

“Dean, I’m hungry, can I go get something from the kitchen to eat?”

“Yes, but come back right after getting your food, you’ll eat here”

“Ok!” I step out of his study.

Now that I’m grounded, I should do something meaningful like going to the hospital to confirm if what Britt told me is true.


|| Ian/Dean ||

I sigh in relief as My Phoebe walk out of my study, finally I was able to keep in check.

I’m such an obedient son, how did I end up with a stubborn partner? Anyways, she is mine and I love her just the way she is.


Brandon? When did he came back?

“General, word from him, he wants to see you now”

I know who is talking about immediately, I nod and head out.


|| Javier ||

Ok, I can’t take this anymore. I don’t know if this is a new way of punishing me, but since I got here Britt has been smiling non-stop and it’s really creeping me out.

“Will you please tell me why you have been smiling creepily?”

She looks at me and her smile turns into a big grin.

“I’m so happy!”

“Yeah, I can see that but why are you happy?”

“I’m gonna be a aunt soon!” She giggles.

I frown as I don’t get what she meant.

“What do you mean? Is your sister giving birth? Wait,,, you have a sister? How come I didn’t know of her?”

She pushed my head.

“Silly, I’m talking about Rora”


“Yes! She is pregnant but she doesn’t even know it!”

I paused and clean my ears, maybe I didn’t heard her correctly.

“You said what?”

“I said Rora is pregnant!”

I break into a smile and soon I’m grinning widely.

“Really?!” She nods. “When did you found out about it?”

“This morning when she came over”

“F**k! I can’t believe I’m gonna be an uncle so soon, this is great” I didn’t know Ian and Aurora has knocked it off. “I don’t think Ian knows about it yet” I muttered.

Brittany rolls her eyes and shake her head.

“Rora, herself doesn’t know, how can the General know?”

“Then I will be sure to tell him the good news! He’ll be so happy”


I will soon have a little niece or nephew running about in the mansion, calling me uncle.

That would be wonderful, but wait, if I have a child of my own it’ll be super great.

“Baby, wait, even Rora is pregnant and ready to give Ian a child. Why can’t we be like them? Having our own kid will be so much fun! We can teach him how to sit, crawl, walk and speak,,,, how about we make one now?’



“Because your girlfriend is a doctor who is just about to begin her career,,, she needs all the focus she can get”

“But you can give birth to the baby and continue with your career, I will be the one to take care of him”

She scoff.

“Do you think it’s that easy to take care of a baby?”

“Hmm-mmm? What could be so hard?”

“If I wanna have a baby, I’ll be sure to be there for him, I’ll make sure I give him all the love and care a mother should give her son. But now is not the time, I don’t want to be a mother who’d neglect her child because of her busy schedule”

I really want a child of my own but since isn’t ready, I’m not gonna force her. I will wait until she is ready.

I feel a sting on my cheek and notice it’s Brittany pulling on it.

“How dare you come very late?! You said you’d be the first person I see this morning but I ended up seeing Rora first, not that I’m complaining!”

“It hurts”

“Yeah, exactly what I want!”

“I’m so sorry, baby, my uncle came and I was too excited that I lost track of time”

“So, I’m insignificant”

“No, no, no, you are not! I’m sorry please forgive me”

She lets go of my cheek.

“I’m not gonna let you off easily”


“You must earn my forgiveness this time”

“How? I will do anything”

She smirks slyly and I fear for my life.

“Make me breakfast, if I’m impressed I’ll forgive you”


She nods. That is way too simple.

“Baby, just tell me you are hungry”

“Are you making it or not?”.

“I will make it right now,,,, in fact, I should be in the kitchen now!” With that I hurried off to the kitchen.


|| Ian/Dean ||

“Dad, you wanna see me?” I asked my dad as I enter the secret room.

“Yes, I wanted to know when I can get out of this room”

“Oh, you will leave soon when everything is settled but for now please bear with me. This is the only place where I can guarantee your safety, I don’t wanna lose you, dad”

He stays silent but nods slowly. He looked at me, his eyes shone with pride, like he is proud of something or someone.

“Are you married?” He asked out of the blue.


He smiles.

“Hurry and get yourself a wife, you are a very kind young man, your heart is so pure and I trust you will treat your woman with care. So don’t waste anytime, get yourself a wife soon, you both already have my blessings”

“I’m not married but I have someone in my mind already and we will get married when every storm is out of the way”

“Good! Make sure she is a good woman and she is gonna stay faithful to you, study her well so that you won’t question the paternity of your kids”

“Dad, don’t worry, My Phoebe is a good girl. Though she is a little stubborn but she knows when she is wrong and when to be serious”

“Phoebe?” He frown as if he’s trying to remember something.

“Yes, dad”

“That name sounds awfully familiar”

“You know her, she’s Mr joseph’s daughter, the gardener. Do you remember her?”

His eyes harden when he heard Joseph’s name. He didn’t reply, he simply stays silent for a few minutes.

“No, I don’t remember her. But if she is a good girl then be with her, don’t let her go. Good women who are faithful to their partners are hard to come by”

Wait, why is he talking about women who stay faithful to their husbands? Did mom cheat on him before?

His words and tone are so sorrowful, it’s almost like he’s talking from experience.

Or could it be he is trying to drop some hints? But who could Mom have an affair with if it really did happened?

“Son, you have my blessings”

I nod. “Thanks, dad”

“So tell me, how is everything going in the mansion?”

“Just great,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ”

We continue talking for a long time, I told him how things are going with the company and how I’m holding up, trying to carry everyone along in the family.

I told him things that would make him laugh and things that can help trigger his memory. Until Brandon comes in and interrupted.

“General, there’s a woman in the living room demanding to see you”

“A woman? Demanding to see me?”

“Yes, sir. The guards tried getting her to leave but she wouldn’t, she said she won’t leave until you see her”

Who is that woman? And why does she wants to see me?

Brandon listens on his bluetooth headphone and look at me wide eyes.

“General, you better go take a look, I was just informed that she’s getting out of hand”

“Those guards can’t even hold a woman down” I got up. “Dad, I will come see you later”

“Alright, son”

I nod and leave the room.

“General Ian!” I hear a voice called excitedly.

I almost lost my balance as I feel arms tightly wrapped around my waist, my body pressed against a femine body.

“Hey, what are you doing?!” I tried to push her away but she wouldn’t bulge.

I frown. How can a woman’s grip be this strong?

“General, it has been such a long time! How come you stopped visiting me? I really enjoyed the times we spent together!”

Visiting her? Times we spent together? I don’t know this woman!

“Don’t say nonsense! Who are you? I have never seen you before!”

She giggled.

“It’s been a long time, I knew you’d forget me. But don’t worry I’ll make you remember bit by bit”

“What nonsense are you saying?! Let go of me!!” I said through gritt teeth and push her away forcefully..

“Why are you pushing me so hard? Do you know I was pregnant with our baby?”

I heard the sound of glass breaking and turn to the direction. It’s my Phoebe, she has tears brimming in her eyes and she is trying to hold them back.

“My Phoebe, I,,,,” she doesn’t let me speak.

She runs upstairs towards our room without sparing me a another glance. I guess she heard this woman talking about her pregnancy.

I turn to her and caught her neck in a very tight hold.

“Who the f**k are you?! Why did you come to my mansion to make unnecessary claims?!” I growled in her face.

She begin to choke and struggles to set herself free but my grip is like that of a tiger’s on his prey.

“That’s enough, ian!” Uncle said from behind me. “I called her here”

I turned to him with a harsh glare and lets go of the woman, she falls with a loud thud but I don’t care.

“You called here to lie against me? You are here only for 3hours and you are already causing troubles?!”

“I’m not causing troubles for you, I’m only showing concern”

“Really?! Is this called showing concern?!”

“You see, your dad is no more, so naturally it’s right for me to take his place and take care of you”

He sound happy saying this.

“And who told you, you have the right to take my dad’s place and act like my dad?!”..

“Calm down, son,,,, ”

“I’m not your son!”

Hurt flashed through his eyes but he continues.

“I’m doing this for your best interest. Look at you, you are 26 already and you’re at the right age of marriage. You aren’t making arrangements to get married, so I took the initiative to get you a potential bride”

“And what makes you think you can interfer in my affairs? I don’t need any bride from you! I’m going up to my room, by the time I come back down, I want this woman out!”

I glared at him and his so called potential bride before I rush up to explain things to Phoebe.

T. B. C

Mr Morgan now it’s confirmed, you didn’t lost your memory.

Potential bride indeed..😄


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