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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)

DOCTOR CUTIE – Episode 39



[ Love cures All]

Episode 39.

By: Racheal Dennis||

|| Aurora/Phoebe ||

“Come on, Britt, stop staring at me as if I caught some disease”

Since I told Brittany about my vomiting all night, she’s been looking at me as if something is wrong with me. She seems shocked.

“Tell me what’s wrong with me. Have I contract an incurable disease?”

“Wait,,,, hold up! So, you are saying you have been vomiting all night?”

“Yes. Could it be something I ate that upset my stomach?”

She frowns and shake her head.

“It can’t be” she narrows her eyes at me. “Have you done it with the General?”

“Done what?”

“The deed”

“What deed?”

She gasp and stare at me, shaking her head unbelievably.

“Don’t tell me you don’t know what I mean?”

“I don’t!”

“Have you and the General have sex?”


“So you are no longer a virgin?!”

I blush but quickly covers it up when I remembered why I came to her in the first place.

“How does I am Dean having sex relate to what I just told you?”

“Silly!” She pushes my head. “How many times have you guys done it since the first time? and when did you do it?”

I pulled a long face.

“If you don’t know what is wrong with me then let me know and stop asking me irrelevant questions!”

She sighs.

“You are pregnant!!”

I tensed instantly.

“I’m what?!” I asked alarmed.

“You are pregnant, Rora”

Pregnant? How can I get pregnant when I have so much yet to accomplish?

“No, no, I can’t be pregnant” I murmured.

“But from my analysis you are. When was the last time you had your period?”

“My period? It’s still way ahead of me”


I’m not pregnant, I can’t get pregnant from having sex just twice, right.

“But these are obvious signs that you are carrying a baby”

“No, they are not sign. Maybe I ate something”

“I’m sure of what I’m saying”

“Britt, sorry but I’m not gonna take your word seriously, I’m gonna pretend I didn’t hear that. I have to go back, something very important needs my attention now”

“Rora,,,,, ”

“Lalalalala, I’m not hearing you” I got up and pick up my purse.

“Rora, I’m telling you the truth”

“We’ll see later, gotta go!” I rushed out before she could say another word.

Dan was discharged last night, I should use this opportunity to see him and talk about how he’ll hand me over and wouldn’t make it look suspicious.

Now that I don’t know if I’m really pregnant, now is the time I can find the murderer.


|| Ian/Dean ||

“What are you doing here, uncle?” I asked my so called uncle.

“Why else if not to check on my favorite nephew!”

I hate this man naturally, he always act suspiciously.

Javier strides in and claps his hands when he sees uncle Jeremy, his eyes held excitement. He has always love uncle Jeremy so dearly, but uncle Jeremy never pays attention to him.

He always push Javier away and oddly like coming closer to me.

“Uncle! You are here!”

Javier quickly pull uncle in for a hug but uncle pushes him away roughly.

“Did I step on your leg?” Javier asked oblivious of the fact that uncle actually doesn’t want to hug him.

“No, it’s just,,,,,” uncle trails off, chuckling evilly.

“Uncle, how come you haven’t visit for such a long time?” Javier asked.

“Well, it wasn’t the right time to visit then”

I almost roll my eyes, so now is the right time. Wait,,,what does he mean by “right time?”

“Oh, I really missed you” Javier whined.

Uncle simply grunt in reply. Just then Brandon taps my shoulder, I turn to him.

“General, Dan wants to see you” he whispers in my ear.


“He said he has something important to report”

I nod and glare at my uncle, he’s looking at me with some much admiration while Javier is trying effortlessly to get his attention.

“Uncle, stop looking at Ian and look at me for once, I’m your nephew too!”

“Right” uncle said absentmindedly.

I gritt my teeth and turn away from him.

“Brad, let’s go”

“Yes, sir”

Brandon and I leaves immediately.



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