One Sunday afternoon, on my way back from church, some streets away from my street , with my bible clutched tight to my chest, walking home very fast as a result of the intensity of the sun which was very high coupled with the odd scenario where a lady was reported raped, I heard a masculine voice from behind calling my name Juliet, Juliet, which I decided not to answer.
In no time, I tried to increase my pace despite the fact that I didn’t take a glance at the one calling me. I worked pretty fast as fast as my legs could carry me. But yet, the voice kept calling my name continuously while running after me.
“But why? Why are you running when you have not bother to take a look at the one calling your name? Why are you so scared when you have Jesus as your saviour? My inner mind challenged me with that questions I stopped and and looked back, I was astonished to behold the fair handsome guy with sweat formed on his forehead pounding heavily before me.
I couldn’t just believe my eyes. It was Gbenga, my childhood friend whom I not seen for the past four years.
“Oh my God! So, you are the one?” I asked in an excited tone.
“Yea, it’s me. But why were you trying to run away even when you haven’t known who was calling you? He asked searching my eyes in apparent confusion.
“I’m very sorry for that. It was due to the case that was reported last week and I can’t afford to be a victim.
“I thought as much. Though, prevention is better than cure, but you should have taken your time to know who was calling you first before picking the race. I understand you anyway.” He stylishly protested.
“Hmmmmm! You are right. I have noted it. Thanks for that. But what did you understand?” I asked just to get convinced with his words.
He looked at me passionately and smiled as if what I asked him was so special.
“Those that are not as charming as you are getting raped… It will be very wired of you if you didn’t. You need it dear. Your beauty is unquantifiable. You were specially created by God. Everything about you is just perfect…”
He kept on using these flattering words while I kept on blushing before I later stopped him.
“Shhhhhhhhh! Hunhun! Gbenga, stop it joor” I quickly used my left hand to draw him very close to me while my the second finger of my right hand was used to cross his lips. You shouldn’t utter anything again ooo unless I ask” His face was full of smile and nodded in affirmation.

“Now, tell me, where have you been?
“I’m very sorry for not informing you that I was leaving for abuja the month after the conclusion of our waec exams. I never thought of travelling, until that very day I left. It was just an impromptu, and on getting there, I lost my cell phone together with my contacts. Even before I travelled, when I couldn’t locate you, I collected your number from Tolu but the number was always switched off.”
“Oh no” I said, feeling sorry for him.
“That is it ooo. How are you doing here in Ilorin?” He asked.
“I am doing fine as you can see.” I replied with smile all over my face.
“What about Tolu and Victor, do you still hear from them?” He asked.
“Yes, I do. Victor is now in Obafemi Awolowo University studying Law while Tolu is here in Ilorin doing petty jobs.”
“Hmmm, that’s lovely. What about you?” He asked.
“I’m hoping for admission this year by God’s grace. And you?”
“Same with me too. It is well with us dear.”
“Ameen ooooooooo” I replied happily elongating ‘o’.
“I can’t express how happy I’m for having you back.” He said joyfully while I replied “hmmmm, really?”
He looked at me and winked. I was carried away with his sweat words and I nearly lost direction to my destination.

He followed me and we kept on chatting until I finally reached my destination and we exchanged our mobile phone numbers before we departed.
Gbenga and I never stopped chatting on phone ever since that time we met. We became more closer and I started developing feelings for him.
The feelings kept on increasing in my heart geometrically.
Gbenga is a type of guy every lady would like going out with. His handsomeness coupled with good personalities couldn’t be underestimated.
I could remember how closed we were during our Secondary School days. How caring and loving he was. The memory was still fresh. While lying in bed thinking about our old days in school with Gbenga, the sound of my phone jerked me back to reality, and I quickly picked the phone to see that the caller was Gbenga.
Without hesitation, I picked it up…
“Hello, whatsup?” he greeted
“I’m cool” I replied and he heaved.
We didn’t discussed anything special. He asked about my well-being and asked about my family while I reciprocated it. We caught fun over fun and laughed together before he ended the call.
After the call, my heart received a warm feeling of his love. I couldn’t just believe it. I couldn’t just trust myself any longer. My face was full of smile, then I rest my head on my pillow thinking on how it happened.


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