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FINAL: DEMON’S FATE … (18+) … Part 30



Grey was running very fast trying to get to Ariel but she seem really far to reach,
Ariel! he screamed putting more effort in running
Somebody grab Ariel making Grey froze in his step when he saw his uncle with a knife pointed at Ariel’s throat

You think this will end well, his uncle shouted
Please don’t kill her, take me instead, Grey said
Sorry, Nephew but she has to die
Wake up Grey! Ariel shouted shaking Grey hard
Grey jumped from the bed and look around and saw he was in his room, his eye’s quickly connected with Ariel, he rushed to her
It’s was a dream, so happy are here, Grey said holding her tightly
I was not able to reach you on time, Grey whispered
Shh, it’s okay, I’m here, its all a dream
Grey nodded his head against her,
Let’s go back to sleep, Ariel said
Its was still early in the morning, she added,
Grey lay back holding Ariel tightly before he was able to drift off to sleep.
Grey slept for hours before he woke up, he opened his eye’s and glance at Ariel who was still sleeping
The war that is taking place today is putting him on the edge,
they have been training for weeks for this day and he was really feeling scared, the dream last night did not help
He sigh softly as he kissed Ariel before he stood up from the bed and left the room and head for his mother’s room
Come in son, Anna said when she heard the knock on her door
Hey son, Anna said with a smile
Good morning mom, Grey said
Good morning, Anna responded
Mom I have a resquest to make, Grey said softly
Go ahead, Anna said
I don’t want you to go with us to the war, Grey said
Why, I can defend myself against the demons, Anna said
She has being training alot in the past weeks and she really got a great stamina in fighting and she was really determine to go the war
Mom, please don’t go, Grey said
Grey shook his head at her, I will not be able to concentrate very well when I’m fighting knowing you might be in danger when fighting
I really want to help Grey, Anna said
Help by staying at home for me, I don’t want anything to happen to you
Please mom, he added
Okay son, I won’t go
Thanks mom, Grey said as he kissed her check before he left her room
On his way going back to his room he saw Raguel,
Good morning, Grey said
Good morning, Raguel replied
Wait! Grey said stopping Raguel before he left
Raguel turned and look at him
Is everything alright? He asked
Will it be okay with you if my mom does not go for the war today? Grey asked
I really don’t want anything to happen to her, he added when Raguel did not say anything
It’s fine Grey, we will have enough help from the Angel’s heaven will send to help us, so your mother can stay back, Raguel said with a smile
Thanks, Grey said
It’s nothing, Raguel said as he squeeze his shoulder before he left
Grey entered into his bedroom and found Ariel standing by the window he moved closer and wrap his hand around her
Good morning he whispered in her ears

Good morning, Ariel replied as she turned to face him
She leaned down and kiss him
How was your night? She asked
Not good, Grey said
I can tell, Ariel said
You dreamt about your uncle right? Ariel asked
I can hear you thinking about him, she added
Yes, the dream was about him
Tell me about it, Ariel said
Grey narrated everything to Ariel with Ariel holding onto his hand
It’s looked real, Grey he said quietely
Ariel nodded her head and kiss him
They both took their bath, when they came out from the bathroom they both sense other people’s presence in the room
“Angel’s” They both said in unison
Grey took a deep breathe and Ariel turned to look at him
She held his hand, I want you to trust me out there, Ariel said
Trust in my strength Grey, I know the dream you had is making you scared about letting me leave this place, but just trust me everything will be fine and nothing will happen to me, Ariel said
Okay, Grey said as he leaned down and kiss,
I trust you, he said
let’s go downstairs he added holding her hands as they both left the room
When they got downstairs the living room was filled with Angels who look ready for war
Come here Grey, Raguel said
Grey left Ariel side and went to stand near Raguel
Everyone this is Grey, Ariel’s soulmate, Raguel said
The Angels in the room nodded their head in acknowledgement
We will be leaving in a hour time, do you have anything to say, Raguel asked
Grey looked at Ariel who gave him a little nod, he took a deep breathe before he spoke
We are all here to fight for what matter to us, some of us have lost friends, soulmates to these demon,
they have taken things from us and we are all standing here to say “No” to their treatment towards us,
we cannot continue to leave in fear, we need to restore our freedom and we need to fight to get back our freedom, Grey said looking at everybody in the room
I have been called “different” all my life, he said and for the first time today I’m really glad that I am different from the demons,
Ariel was looking very proud of her soulmate as she watched him speak
It’s not about fighting to wipe out the demons race,
but it’s about fighting for what is right, the demons cannot continue killing Angel’s and we have to put it to an end to it
“We are fighting for what is right” Grey said sternly
Everybody in the room nodded their in agreement
“For what is right” Everybody said in unison
Grey looked at Ariel who was smiling at him and Grey walked up to her,
I’m proud of you, Ariel said as she kissed him
Anna immediately came to stand by her son’s sides and pulled him into a hug
Take care of yourself Grey and be careful she said
I will mom, Grey said as he kissed her check
We should leave now, Raguel announced
Grey turned to look at Ariel
Be careful he said as he sealed their lips,
I will, Ariel said
Everyone flashed their wings and they all vanished heading for the demon’s zone
When they arrive at the demon zone, Grey quickly step in front leaving Ariel behind, he knows the demons zone very well so he took the lead but never knew they were in for a surprise from the Demon’s
Immediately they step inside, some demon’s started shooting arrows
Take cover! Grey shouted
Down! He shouted
Grey turned when he heard Ariel screamed in pains, she was hit by an arrow, Grey was about rushing to her but Ariel quickly shook her head
It’s just a flesh wound, I will be fine, she said using their mind link

Okay, Grey replied
Stop shooting! Came a voice Grey recognized
Grey stood up with the other Angels at his back
You should have know me by now Grey, I’m not stupid you can never take me unaware, I’m not stupid like your father, he added
I don’t have a father Grey spat
I guess this is the one you left the demon zone for, Beelzebub said pointing at Ariel
Grey tensed up a little bit at the mention of Ariel’s name
“Nothing is going to happen to me” Ariel said encouragingly using their mind link and she was glad when Grey’s body loosen up
I should have killed you when I had the chance Grey, Beelzebub said, but it’s not too late I will do it now
ATTACK! Beelzebub shouted
The entire demon zone turned into a fighting zone
Go get him, Ariel said to Grey
Grey lunged forward towards Beelzebub
But Beelzebub was not an ordinary demon, he is very strong,
he blocked the punch Grey threw at him, and punched him hard
“You foolish boy” Beelzebub roared
I trained you, he shouted as he punched Grey again and again
Grey was able to threw a punch at him which made him stumble back a little
Beelzebub eye’s flashed red, as he attacked Grey throwing him against the wall, Grey screamed in pain
Ariel was fighting really hard against the demon, her eye’s turned to her soulmate when she heard him screamed
she closed her eye’s a little because she felt his pain and in the midst of her distraction a demon attack her without her knowledge, holding her on throat
Ariel struggle for breath and she knows she has to get the demon’s hand off her throat because she could tell Grey was also finding it difficult to breathe
But before she could remove the demon’s hand her father came for her rescue and pushed the demon aside,
She quickly looked at Grey who was been beating by his uncle badly
You can do it, Grey, stand up and fight this man, Ariel said
Grey was able to get himself after Ariel was released from the demon’s grip
Immediately he heard Ariel’s word he got all the strength he needed, he stood up and threw a punch at his uncle,
he did not stop at one, he continue hitting him until he fell to the ground and Grey was on top of him within seconds
Grey punched his face and was about to punch him again when his uncle spoke
Please spare my life, I’m still your uncle, Beelzebub said beegging for his life
Grey looked at him with fury but he was not his uncle who killed without thinking
He stood up and was about going to meet Ariel when she shouted
Turn back! She screamed
Grey was not fast enough immediately he turned back he was stabbed on the stomach by his uncle
Ariel screamed as she rushed to his sides, she wasted no time in punching Beelzebub who fell to the ground because he was already weak she picked up a knife she saw on her floor and stabbed him to death,
when she was satisfied thst he was dead she rushed to Grey’s sides
Grey keep your eye’s open, Ariel shouted
Raphael immediately rushed to the scene
He did what he had to do to stop the bleeding
We need to leave now, they are no supply for his injuries, Raphael said
Raphael flashed his wings and carry Grey out of the demon zone with the other Angel’s flowing him

When they arrived home they quickly lay him down as Raphael rushed to get supply
Anna rushed to Grey immediately
Oh my God!
She was in shocked at the state of her son
Can’t you just heal him? Ariel said to Raphael with tears in her eye’s
His injuries are too deep, I will have to treat him
Tears fell from her eye’s as she watched her Grandfather tend to his wound
Please you have to pull through, Ariel whispered
It’s been three days after the war, and Grey has not showed any sign of waking up,
Ariel refused to leave his sides, she has being crying hard everyday,
nobody was able to console her, she just need her soulmate to get up
Grey was feeling pain all over his body he tried to think why he was in so much pain but the pain in was in could not allow him to think
Grey slowly opened his eyes to find Ariel sitting next to him
Ariel, Grey whispered
Ariel immediately woke up when she heard his voice
Thank God you are awake, Ariel said with tears in her eyes
How long was I out? Grey asked
Three days, Ariel said
Three days, Grey repeated in surprise
I’m so glad you are awake now,
There was a knock on the door and Anna entered into the room
Grey! She rushed to his sides as she kissed his check
I’m so happy, she said in tears
Grey gave her a weak smile,
I Wii go tell the others that he is awake now, Anna said wiping the tears from her eyes
I’m sorry I got you worried, Grey said
Ariel shook her head, I’m just glad you are alright
She got up and kiss him softly
“MINE” She whispered as the parted their lips
“YOURS ALWAYS” Grey said with a smile



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