DEMON’S FATE … (18+) … Part 1

Read Also The First Book Titled BANISHED ANGEL

This is a Book 2 Story

If you have not read the first book titled Banished Angel, I will advice you to do so because names and characters from book 1 ( Banished Angel) will be mentioned in book 2 (Demon’s fate) .

But Demon’s fate can also be read as a stand alone.

I hope you enjoy this book

Follow me through this exciting journey and I hope you will enjoy reading this book

Grey who is a demon grew up hating Angels who he believed killed his father for no reason, he was told how his father was toured and killed by Angel and his hatred for them grew widely until he met his soulmate who happens to be An Angel.
Both the Angel and the demon came together to find a way to break the bond they share because they knew an Angel and a demon can never be together.
“well so they thought”


Grey whistled as he stroll down the corridor of the demon’s zone,
so many people actually refer to him as a proud person, but he does not care about what people say, or think about him
As a demon, he was really attractive, some of the female demons actually throw them self at him,
that really makes the other demons so jealous of him,
but Grey does not care about the jealous demons or the female demons who throws them self at him,
he usually brushed them off as if they were nothing.
He continued his journey down the corridor, he could hear some Angels screams of being tortured,
he smiled at the sound the Angels were making.
“They deserve it” he said to himself
He stopped at the front of a very big hall, which demons usually gathered when an important message is been passed,
he rested his back on the wall and waited for the arrival of the demon leader.
The demon’s leader, Beelzebub was his uncle, he took over the leadership from Grey’s father after he was killed by Angels.
He did not really remembers his father that much because he was killed before he was born
He blames it on the Angels for not having the opportunity to meet his father
He sighed and shook his head, anytime he remembers his father was killed by Angels, it always made him angry.
His uncle told him, his father did nothing wrong for those Angels to kill him,
Any time his uncle narrated the way the Angels tortured and killed his father, simply because he was a demon,
makes him want to seek out every Angel and give them a very miserable death,
But right now he just felt like pushing something, because the voice of his uncle rang through his head
” Thoes Angels killed your father for no reason”
Before he lost his temper, he quickly shoved his hand in his pocket, to avoid him actually punching anything.
He scanned the hall for his mother, Anna, his mother was a very quiet person and she always avoids crowd,
so many demons has called him and his mother “different”
they always say that there was something about them,
he has tried asking his mother, but she insists that they were not different, so he drop the discission.
His mother does not kill Angels like he does, his mother told him that she was strip of her powers by his father,
She told him that she committed a crime, that’s why his father took her powers
Grey had ask her about the crime she committed but she always say its not important.
She was actually the most vulnerable in the demon’s zone without her powers,
So Grey always ensures that his mother was always okay,
even though no demon is stupid to mess with his mother, because nobody wants to face Grey’s wrath.
When Grey saw his mother, he waited until their eyes meet, he nod curtly at her, acknowledging her presence,
his mother smiled at him, but he did not return the smile, he just averted his eyes, now that he was sure where she was.
” smile is a foreign thing to him”,
he does not smile not even to his own mother.
His uncle stepped into the hall, making the noise in the hall stop instantly,
people actually fear his uncle, he was a very big man,
his size only intimidates people, not to talk about the way he looks at people,
the demon’s usually avoid his eyes whenever he speaks to them,
they actually fear for their lives, because one silly mistake the demons leader will not hesitate to kill that demon instantly.
Beelzebub scanned the room, looking at every demon before he spoke
As you all can see, we are making progress in capturing more Angels, Beelzebub spoke, his voice was loud and its radiates power.
The demons shiver at the sound of their master’s voice,
but Grey just stood where he was, he was not scared of his uncle,
yes he might look intimidating but he was not just scared of him, but he respects his uncle a lot.

His uncle, practically helped raised him, when his father died, and that only made him respect him.
The capture of moremore angels, was only possible with the help of Grey, Beelzebub said,
making some demon’s glance in Grey’s direction, while other demon’s chant his name in praise.
But Grey was not fazed, as demons continue to chant his name, his face still remain expressionless,
he shot a glance at his mother and saw her looking at him, his mother was not looking happy,
Anna don’t always support her son whenever he kills Angels,
she always don’t look happy but she does not say anything,
Grey don’t understands his mother sometimes, he had tried asking her about it, and as usual she always brushed off his questions.

Beelzebub motioned for Grey, to come up to the stage,
Grey removed his back from wall and straighten himself .
Grey walked graciously to the stage, while walking his eyes meet with his brother, well half brother josh .
Josh look at Grey angrily, the chant of Grey’s name made him more angry,
he practically pushed a demon down who was chanting Grey’s name at his side.
Grey’ s mother was not the soulmate of his father, but josh mother was, but josh mother was dead now.
Both Grey and Josh never seem to agree, they are always fighting,
josh always gets jealous whenever Grey get attention from their uncle, he always try to prove himself.
Grey averted his eyes from his brother and continue walking up to the stage, when he got there, Beelzebub places his hand on his shoulder,
Grey took that moment to give josh a smug look, making josh even more jealous,
josh eyes flashes red, he was clearly angry and he punched a demon at his side,
Grey did not even looked fazed by what josh did,
Josh clenched his fist, he was looking at Grey changelling,
Not today, Grey mouthed at josh
He averted his eyes and listen to what his uncle was saying,
You have really make all of us proud, Beelzebub said, especially me, he added with a proud smile, at Grey.
Grey nodded his head acknowledging his uncles words, he do enjoy the praises he got from his uncle,
but he just think there is no reason for them to praise, in his opinion the Angels deserve what they are getting.
He might have not have know his father, but his uncle said he avoided trouble,
and the Angels were the one to invade them, and killed so many demons including his father.
You all should try and emulate him, Beelzebub said, making the demons nod their head,
Before I continue where is Belphegor he said his eyes were already flashing red, clearly he was angry,
Whoever is Belphegor is surely dead, Grey whisper to himself.
Belphegor walked through the crowd of demon shaking profusely,
the demons actually clear the pathway for him to walk through freely
Belphegor kept his eyes down as he walked closer to the stage,
You stupid demon, Beelzebub growled at the demon, making him shiver in fear,
Am- s-o sor-ry Ma-st-er, Belphegor whispered in fear as he stutter it wa-s a m-is-take he said .
“SHUT UP” Beelzebub growled as he stood up, Belphegor’s legs almost lost its balance as his master stood up.
You are not suppose to make mistake, he said as he moved closer to the demon,
I can’t forgive you for this, he said
Please master, I will rectify my mistake the demon said with tears running down his cheek
There will be no need for that, for I don’t give a second chance Beelzebub said
Please master……..

The words was cut off from the demons mouth, as his neck was snapped, and his lifeless body fell to the ground
The demons in the room were silent, nobody moved an inch, they could see their master was very angry, they are trying to be careful.
Grey does not usually support his uncle in killing demon’s but he does not voice his opinion out
He thinks the demon’s should try and avoid getting into their master’s bad book because they all know he does not give second chances
Somebody clean up this mess, Beelzebub barked making two demons moved forward in haste and quickly got rid of the body.
Beelzebub sat down, as his eyes return back to normal,
Grey shot a glance at his mother he could tell from where he was standing that she was feeling very uncomfortable,
he wanted nothing more than to pull his mother out of the hall.
He was getting impatient already, he might not show affection openly towards his mother but he do loves her, even though he does not say it
He looked at his uncle who seem to be relax after his outbrust.
As I was saying before, Beelzebub said as he glanced back at Grey,
we are going to celebrate your achievement he said to Grey as he patted his shoulder .
We will have a party tonight to celebrate it , Beelzebub announced making the demons clap and cheer happily,
Am proud of you dear Nephew, Beelzebub said,
Grey nods his head as he climbed down from the stage, he had his eyes on his mother, as he was walking to meet her,
Josh used that moment to pushed Grey hard making him stumble,
Grey glared at josh
What do you want? Grey asked
You love all the attention don’t you? Josh asked
So, how does that concern you, Grey said as he crossed his hand and continue to glare at his brother,
he was really getting angry with his brother, but he was trying to contain his anger because he really wanted his mother out of the hall.
You are not even worthy of all this attention, josh said, you are so stupid Grey to think that you can out run me
Grey laughed,
AM not trying to out run you, I already did,
go pick up demon of your size to vent your stupid anger on, because I don’t have your time,
Grey said as he wanted to push pass josh, but josh held his hand and stopped him from moving,
Grey eyes flashes red,
“Let go” he said through gritted teeth
“No” josh said as he held him tightly
Grey wasted no time as he shoved his brother hard to the ground, the sound made demons to turn their head,
Josh glance around to see everybody looking at him,
What are you looking at, josh barked making the demons looked a way quickly
This is no over Grey, he said
“Whatever,” Grey mumbled as he walked up to his mother and pull her out of the hall.


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