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CURSED (Last Demon) … (18+) … Part 2




Vibrations quaked the entire horizons while rumbling of lightening filled the sky, everywhere so strange as burning lava erupted from the ground due to the modifications of the earth Rocks.

Burning ashes floated on the air while dead skulls of different species littered all around the ground, blood forming and merging with other’s blood as it formed a big ocean of blood.

As dark as it could seem, a little boy could be seen holding a sharp spike while blood dripped from his mouths and nostrils, his eyes clouded with hatred and vengeance.

Suddenly, the whole horizons began burning as green smokes Rose from the ground, the little boy stood firmly as he watched what transpired before him. A thud could be heard as the spike that the little boy held slowly dropped to the ground and broke Into two, the fierce wind blew feriously while something which seemed to be in a smoke form charged towards the little boy whose eyes got wider while his lips moved a bit.


The quiet room was illuminated with a tiny candle which had almost burned from it’s source, the door suddenly bashed open as an elderly figure barged through the door and rushed towards a little kid whose face was filled with sweats, he looked terrified as he squizzed tight to his bedsheets and held them In a rough manner.

Stuffing wails of the little boy filled the room as he clutch tight to the elderly who embraced him into a hug.

“It’s okay Son, it’s all a dream! It’s all a dream!!” The man muttered

“It’s scary Dad, it’s so scary!!” The little boy retorted and cried silently.

“Nothing happened okay? It’s just a dream, now go to sleep!” The man added while the boy nodded his head negatively.

“Don’t go Dad, stay with me, it’s dark and scary!” The little boy added while the man slowly pated him on the back as he positioned himself into a sleeping stance.

“It’s okay son, am her with you, now sleep!”…..

It was a sunny afternoon, the sky was gloomy, the sun etched into a burning lava as it’s rays of lights reflected on the Earth core, bringing extreme heat to Nature.

Out in the field of an unknown Location, a little boy could be seen playing all around the field as he pedaled round the entire horizons. Sweats trickling down his face as he continually played with an object.

The grass swerve it presence with the wind as the little child continued playing all around, a mower beside him while he watched an old man who cut down woods, it was apparently his dad, the looks on the boy’s face vividly showed that he was probably between the age of 11 and 12 years old.

“Rio……. Careful alright?” The man said while little Rio slowly nodded his head.

The wind blew eerily as little Rio charged towards the mower (a lever used to cut down grasses) that laid few feet away from him, his gaze fixed on the mower as he continually charged towards it, a slight sound could be heard as Rio gently placed his hands on the gelt of the mower.

His breathing merged with the wind while a sound veered through the surroundings as Rio ignited the mower and started pushing it around, the grasses around the field all rose up in slow motions as the mower continually brought every grasses to it’s knees as it came in contact with it.


Rio yelled, screaming out his lungs while the sudden outburst of his pain screams notify the old man who quickly spranged on his feet, abandoning what he was doing as he began running towards the Wailing Rio.

“Rio, What the heck happened to you?” The old man known as Williams asked while Rio slowly cleaned the tears that streamed down his face as he made to speak

“Am sorry Dad, I wasn’t as careful as you told me and I accidentally mowed my leg!”

Rio replied and truth be told, a huge mass of blood that came out from his leg had splashed on the grasses and strained it. Williams blinked as he stealthily brought Rio’s leg in view while he constantly took a peek over them. Rio who couldn’t stand the severe pain that cursed through his veins yelled more louder as Williams hands send a spark through his body as his hand came in contact with Rio’s skin but suprisenly, the little opening which Rio claimed to have been on his leg had mysteriously disappeared, leaving no traces as Williams constantly checked them.

Upon seeing it, Williams smiled faintly as Rio retreated his legs while Williams made to speak, his lips etched while he had a sighing face.

“It’s nothing Rio, you just imagined it okay? Nothing happened see?”

Williams veered while Rio slowly nodded his head, the necklace hunged round his neck flowed freely as Rio nodded his head sideways.

“Now go in okay, Dad need to do something!”

Williams elucidated while Rio smiled broadly as he ran straight into the little cottage that stood in sight of them, Williams smiled faintly minutes after Rio had gone inside, his face staring straight into the sun as it covered his face.

“Rio, Your parents would be proud!”…….

Minutes later, the hot sun had come down as it heavy heat gained from the sun all died down, Rio could be seen sitting on a little counch, his gaze fixed on the little window while he stared at the view gained from it.

Williams also, could be seen from the other end of the house, his eyes bored to his feet while he look pale, Rio took a peek outside and smile as if thinking of something, the smile got wider while he stealthily stirred on his feet and mounted towards Williams direction.

“Dad!!” Rio muttered as he approached Williams who sigh as he slowly raised his head up.

“Hey Rio, need any help with something?” Williams asked

“Errrrrrrr Dad, I… I… I…. ”

“Remember what I told you Rio, don’t be scare and just say it already!” William replied.

“Dad! I wanna go play with the little kids outside!” Rio muttered sadly, his gaze fixed on his fingers while Williams sigh as he placed his arms on Rio’s shoulder before finally speaking.

“Am sorry Rio, but you have to stay away from the humans, Stay away from them okay?” Williams retorted and smile while Rio tried smiling, one could know that he was faking it as he struggled with the tears that boiled up in his eyes.

“Okay Dad!” Rio faltered and excused himself, a grouting sound filled the cottage as Rio halted and slowly turned to face Williams.

“Anything wrong?” Williams asked

“Yes Dad, why can’t I Join the little kids?” Rio asked with a masked expression while Williams stealthily prepared an answer. His face awe while he flicked his fingers.

“Because…… It’s for your own good Rio, always remember that!”…….


Everywhere darkened, the sounds of fierce winds sound echoed all around the Woods, it was night and the only source of illumination was gained from the bright Moon that shown right above the night sky!

The sounds of leaves twitching could be heard all over the silent Woods, bumbling of water sound sounded as a slight thud reverberated the ground, causing water to splash all the horizons

Out in the hollow Darkness that covered the entire woods, Rio could be seen sneaking into the depths of the Woods still in the silent night, a little smile flashed across his lips as he kept moving forward untill he came to an halt.

The sky thundered while Rio flinched as he slowly raised his head up above the night Moon, Williams voice kept piercing through his ears as his thoughts became overwhelmed, Rio’s lips creeped into a smile as he thought over what had earlier ensured between Williams and the little kid.


“Because….. It’s for your own good Rio, always remember that!”

Williams had earlier stated while Rio slowly nodded his head as he made his way towards Williams direction, sitting on a couch beside him

The red candles that flickered round the little cottage brought a seering heat all around the room, Williams kept taking side glances at Rio, is face brightened while he continually took side glances from Rio.

“Something is still bothering you right? Spit it out!” Williams said, his voice carrying authority round the room while Rio gulp the lump that hunged round his throat.

“Dad, why do you prefer calling people as humans?” Rio asked

“Listen carefully Rio, we are special people, we are different from them, we possess something special that may endanger their life’s and that’s why you must never be involved with them….. “Williams explained and paused why he look straight into the eyes of 11 years old Rio.

“Do you understand Rio?” Williams asked while the little bit nodded his head gently.

The opened windows still brought some slight breeze that etched their skins, Rio smile and shrugged as he felt something on his neck, boring his eyes all the way to his neck until his eyes made contact with the sparkling chain that glowed with the sun.


“What’s it Rio?”

“Why….. Why do I always have to wear this and Never take it off?” Rio asked, his hands still wrapped round the necklace while Williams face turned dark, his smile vanished while he kept mute.

Several seconds passed and still, not a single word had come out Williams lips, his eyes were fixed on little Rio who was beginning to panic while he made to speak.

“Dad, why do I always have to wear this huh?” Little Rio asked again

Still breathing heavily, Williams who Haven’t moved a single bone since when Rio had asked a question heaved heavily, sweats trickling down his face why he made to speak.

“Listen carefully Rio cause I will only say this once, always remember this okay?” Williams battered while Rio nodded gently.

“We are really special Rio, you possess something so special and because of that, a lot of bad bad people are after you okay? The necklace (chain) is the only way of protecting you and that’s why, you must never ever take it off okay?”

Williams explained, he was careful not to mentioned anything about shadow fiery demons or demonic stuffs, little Rio smiled broadly as he held firm to the chain that hunged round his neck, his lips etched into a smile while he embraced the chain.

“What’s possession?…….. ”


Still deep into the Scary silent Woods, the wind blew feriously while the sky thundered, drops of rains had began falling already, trees swerving to the fierce wind of nature as everywhere became gloomy.

Little Rio smiled faintly as he stared at the chain around his neck, curiosity getting the best of him as he still thought of Williams strange Words, they all seemed like a mystery to him, an adventure he had to venture on himself.

“What could it possibly possess?”

Rio mumbled amidst himself, his gaze firmly fixed on the chain, his hands wrapped tightly and firmly on the chain, the winds blowing wildly while Rio smiled and in motion, pulled it off……



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