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CURSED (Last Demon) … (18+) … Part 1

☔☔☔CURSED ☔☔☔


GENRE; Demonology, Sci-fi, Paranormal (Supernatural)………


Everywhere so silent, every path darkened, Anonymous aura littered all around as I jerked off from the place I laid, I wailed loudly as I felt nauseous all around while my eyes look sour, Everything in my path darkened and blurry!

“What the!!!” I yelled, my eyes almost budging out of their sockets as I stared at the impossible while screeching of strange ominous sounds sounded few feets away from me, I pucked at the sight of what stood in sight of me , my gaze awe while my lips moved a bit! Never in my entire life have I ever seen this!!

“What the!!!, What happened to me? Where the hell am I?”

Have you ever wondered to be a legend in another World? Nay, That’s so crazy!

Meet the cast….

Teen Bully Rio Smith always thought he’s an orphan of rogue parents but Everything changes the moment It Happened, The moment he took it off, He’s found…..

Deep secrets unlocked, A disarrayed boy hunted for reasons unknown to him. Distinct creatures after him, A boy hiding in the shadows of the unknown. A dramatic turn of Events that storm-lash his life Forever as he becomes drawn into the World of Extreme Darkness and Emptiness where Everything is at a tip of Extinction….




Thunder rumbling, the sky darkened, Silent loomed, Ominous sound veered through the night, Shadows could be seen moving round the paths which was only seen through the illumination of an hollow light, bits and bits the sounds came nearer and nearer untill it got to a vase Placement where an old house laid.

A slight sound could be heard as the two figures gently opened the knot of a door and bolted in, taking slow steps forward untill they arrived at an area.


A male voice yelled but got no response, the figure who had yelled darted his eyes through the surroundings, scanning every inch of the house but still got none.

“Don’t move or I blow out your brains!”

A deep grutttaral voice spoke behind the figure who quickly took his hands up above his head and slowly turned to face the direction of the voice, finally, he broke a sweat and smiled as his face collided on a second figure.

“Williams!” The figured yelled

“Billy!!” Williams yelled and hugged Billy as he retreated his guns.


Williams muttered as he broke up from the hug and stared at a young woman whose arms held a little child who was sound asleep

“No way, don’t know tell it is what it is, don’t tell me….. ”

“Yes Williams, there’s no time, we need you to keep the boy safe for us, you need to raise him while we are gone, the whole world Is doom if they find him!”

Billy explained and almost all of a sudden, a slight tear escaped from his eyes and streamed down his face.

“But….. But why???” Williams asked In a sad manner

“Because he possess something extraordinary, he’s special, he’s the key!”

Mara elucidated just before Billy could answer while she plunged towards them still with the little boy

“But, what could he possibly know? I thought it was all over?” Williams asked again

“We don’t know that okay, only Rio knows that and he’s too young to understand, tell him everything when the time comes okay, keep everything a secret from him!” Mara battered as she slowly handed over the boy into the hands of Williams

“I will look after him as mine, is he one of them………, the gifted?” Williams asked

“Yeah and he’s so much more” Billy answered

“He’s a special one, he must learn to control his emotions, he must never be allowed to stay in the dark for too long and he must stay away from fire!” Mara said while Williams only nodded as he welcome the boy into his arms

“Where will you both go to?” Williams asked while Mara and Billy smiled as they both made to speak

“The Ending!”

“We will…… ”

Mara and Billy couldn’t finish their ways when all of a sudden, the little light gained from the moon suddenly went dark as every path became darkened. Ferocious wind blew everywhere while several dark auras could be sighted from far away

“They…. Are… Here!” Billy veered

“Take Rio and go but remember, he must be safe!” Billy added and hunged a necklace round Billy’s neck while he pecked him on his cheeks

“Feed him with the molecular Grimm solution and Never allow him to take that off, now go!!” Mara said while Williams nodded and pressed a gadget that hunged round his waist, a bright light shown brightly, creating a portal in form of a blazing fire, Williams turned and took one last glance at Mara and Billy before bolting into the portal which closed up.

Almost immediately, the whole building was razed with deadly auras as dark vicious Creatures with dark white glowing eyes in the form of green smokes could be seen as they evolved round the entire building and lurked round both figures.

“We will give you one last chance, Where is the boy?”

One of the deadly figures asked while a smile creeped towards Billy’s and Mara’s lips, both staring at each others as they bored their eyes to the ground, an infiltrating heat stormed through the building as both figures slowly raised their heads ups, the ground quaking while a huge mass of a weird vibration waved through the ground.

Billy’s eyes took a green shade while a structural bone-like material erupted from his back and hands, fire burning round his head while his Thoraic region(Neck) turned black, his muscles enlarged as he pose for battle.

Mara’s eyes glowed red as her hands emitted flames while she took a smoke form as both figures turned to face the deadly figures

“Very well then, Come get him!!!”……..


It was still night, night crickets were already sounding all around, the stars were out and they beautifully decorated the night sky.

Out in the middle of no way, a bright flaming light shown brightly, Creating a Flame portal as Williams emerged from it with little Rio held firmly on his arms, the building were Mara and Billy stood could still be sighted not too far from where they stood, it was evident that the portal transferred them just within a mile radius.

Suddenly, Williams came to a halt as he slowly tilted his head and gasped as loud wails pierced through his ears, it seemed to be coming from the building, a slight tear escaped his eyes and streamed done his face as he watched grimly.

“What the! No! No!! No!!! Not now!!!”

Williams yelled as fiery smoke figures barge through the building’s window and headed towards their direction, it was evident that they had found them, Williams heaved heavily as he pressed the electromagnetic gadget that hunged round his waist but opon his fears, nothing worked.

“You gotta be kidding me, I hope this better works!!”

Williams muttered and held the necklace that hunged round little Rio and in a flash, connected it to the gadget round his waist, a quick flow of electrical energy passed through him while he smiled as he tightened his grip round Rio’s and bolted into a Sprint

Williams ran with every strength and Will that was left in him while letting the fear that he felt, divulge through his veins, strange screechings of the unknown fiery figures still sounded all around, Not too far from where they were.

Rustling of leaves could be heard as Williams seemed to have entered the woods which was filled with bunch of tress and ominous sounds and it happened to fall under their advantage as the fiery figures found it hard to continue their flow of gravity on the air

Suddenly, the ground quaked, leaves flying upwards under the influence of gravity, dust rising in slow motions as they defiled the law of gravity while huge thuds reverberated the ground, revealing figures in human forms as their eyes glowed reddish


Williams yelled with a glimpse of fear as he watched the pairs of red glowing eyes that evolved behind him, they seemed to be hundreds of them, nature hummed to the deadly sight of humanity as the wild chased still went on.

“Holly cow!!”

Williams yelled as a huge mass of fire which came out of nowhere landed in front of him, creating a slight blast that shook the entire woods but luckily for him, it had no impact on him. Williams heaved while he swiftly tilted his head backwards, breathing heavily as the deadly figures still breathe fire from their mouths.

“Give us the boy!!!”

Said the demonic voices that echoed round the woods as they vomited fire, their black like body glowing in flames while they continued the wild chased, Williams who looked frightened didn’t budge or stop as he just continued running but……

Williams yelled as a range of fire appeared from nowhere and landed just a step behind him, causing an explosion that shook the ground as it caused a projectile force that pushed him upwards and landed with a grave thud.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, No! No!! We have to…… ”

Williams couldn’t finish his words as he felt a huge pain cursing through his veins while he held firmly to Rio who was still sound asleep, the ground quaked while an eternal heat stormed round the woods and modified the ground, leaves rustling as dark demonic figures with red glowing eyes emerged from the woods.

Williams squinted his eyes somehow strange as he held firm to Rio while he crawled backwards in fright, there was no way to go to, no way to run to, he was at a dead end as he laid at the far end of a huge mountain while the demonic figures smirked evilly as they approached him.

“Don’t…. Don’t come any closer!” Williams yelled

“We will take him and, you shall perished!” The figures retorted in a demonic voice which seemed to boom round the woods

Still with the little strength that was left in him and the Will that divulge in him, Williams groan as he managed to stirr on his feet, dragging his bleeding leg with him as he stood his ground, his hands still wrapped nicely on Rio’s while he took a quick peek at the mountain below him

“Why….. Why… Why do you want him? What has he done? He’s just a kid!” Williams yelled while the demonic figures began transforming into smoke forms as they howered above Williams

“Cause He’s the Key!!!!”

The demonic voice muttered as they floated on the air and in a flash, dashed towards Williams and little Rio.

Just as fate could have it, the wind blew eerily as several smoke forms gained widths towards the frightened Williams, Suddenly, the necklace that hunged round Rio’s neck glowed brightly m, the light Rays that shown from it, reflected on Rio’s face, an eternal aura radiated round the woods as Rio’s eyes glowed Reddish brown, lightening flashing in the sky while time stopped and moved in a slow motion, Williams eyes widened in anticipation, his gaze awe as Rio’s little hands send a spark round his body as his hands collided on him.

Everywhere became extremely hot after Rio’s impact as Williams eyes glowed yellowish (he’s not a Supernatural), the demonic smokes that rushed towards the two figures halted as they watched the unbelievable


Williams yelled as a bright light in the form of fire, burned round his lower back, twisting of bones and bone breakings filled the air as Williams bony shapes took a new form and In a flash, A huge pair of White glowing wings erupted behind Williams shoulder as he slowly levitated, his hands still wrapped round little Rio but by this time around, Rio’s eyes had took their normal shape.

The demonic smokes blinked in fear as they approached the floating Williams, Williams who had little knowledge of what has taken over him gulped while his huge wings flapped amidst itself, creating a slice of Random wind that blew the figures away as they crashed deep Into the depths of the forest.

All of a sudden, Williams eyes took its normal shade while the white huge wings slowly disappeared, Williams gasped as he suddenly descended down the huge mountain, his hands still wrapped round the little kid and just as they continued in their range of gravity, The gadget around Williams waist glowed, Creating a slight spark of an electric pulse as a flaming Portal appeared while Williams and Rio got unknowingly sucked into it……..


Anonymous sounds still sounding all around, night crickets still sprouting all around, waves motions all moving around, Each path etched with extreme void, bumblings of water echoed all around, the quaking sounds of the ground continually sounded as Williams could be seen dragging his wounded leg all around the ground while little Rio still laid on his back, sound asleep.

It was still night, no sound could be heard except the rumblings of thunder up above the sky, the portal had transported them to an unknown location with little but adamant surroundings.

The screechings of the demonic voices was no way to be seen, Williams who struggled with each steps he took smiled as he came to a destination, his harsh demeanor slowly slipping away while a rush of emotion rushed through his veins making him shiver with extreme peace and excitement

“Look Rio, we made it, your parents would be so proud of you!”

Williams veered as he cuddled the sleeping Rio in his arms, the innocent kid still ignorant of what had taken place some moments ago or what his destiny had implaced for him.

Silent roamed as Williams kept moving forward and finally, he came to an halt as a building came in view, his lips etched into a sly smile as he manovoured his way towards the house.

On getting there, Williams smiled as he brought out a little piece of an Electro physically device which had a blueish colour that glowed brightly, Williams smiled once again as he raised the device up and tapped it gently before smashing it on the ground where it scattered into tiny pieces.

The scattered pieces glowed blueish, creating a spark of kinetic energy that spread round the entire horizon. Williams heaved in satisfaction as he stood at the varanda of the huge building while his lips moved a bit.

“Finally, we sheltered here and not in the ruins of ‘HUSKIBAL’…… You’re are save from the Huskibals, From Croxx and it’s Doom!!!”



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