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CRUSH TO CRASH … (18+) … Part 60


Instantly, I saw my body slowly moving to the ground.
I woke up later to see myself in the hospital.
Nurse please who brought me here? I asked.
You were brought here by a good Samaritan. He’s gone home, he will be back again in the evening to see you.
You need to thank him a lot when he comes, because it isn’t easy to attend to a total stranger in the hospital for two good weeks. She responded.
What did you say? Two weeks? Have I been here for two weeks? I surprisingly asked.
Yes dear, you’ve been here for the past two weeks.
Thank God you are finally awake, your condition was very critical. She responded.
God, I don’t have enough time to waste.
I haven’t seen Esi yet, I must go back to search for her. I thought.
Nurse please, I have to go home this minute. There is something more important I must attend to. I pleaded.
Something important than your health? She asked.
Yes please. I must get going now. I responded.
Well, you will have to wait for the doctor to come and officially discharge you.
There are as well some bills you need to settle. She responded and walked away.
I can’t wait any longer. I must do something now. I thought.
When the place was busy and everyone was moving to and fro, I sneaked out of the facility.
Shantel has sold the house and is gone with the money, there is no other hope than to go to my course mate for assistance. I thought quickly and headed to his office.
Meshac, I’m glad to see you. Have you found her? He asked.
No bro, I have run out of money and I came to beg you to help me. I responded almost in tears.
He quickly gave me 300cedis and I took to my heels to join the next available van to Asemmra.
Meshac, what kept you so long? Have you seen her or what? Mensa asked immediately I got into his house.
Mensa, I am going through a lot of stress right now, and I even lack the strength to explain issues to you.
Please, let’s go and search for her, I have money on me now. I pleaded sadly.
Meshac, it is late. Please let’s make it tomorrow. He responded.
I couldn’t sleep that night.
I have few weeks to live if I don’t find Esi.
The next morning, we began our journey again.
We traveled helter skelter for a whole month and some days, but there was still no sign of Esi.
I had just three days to live.
Esi, wherever you are, please help me find you.
I have offended you, and I need forgiveness. Don’t watch me die, please don’t. I thought in tears and misery.
We woke up as usual in the morning one day, and continued our journey from where we stopped.

When we got to a chop bar, Mensa suggested we go in there to eat and continue the journey.
Mensa, I don’t have appetite now, please, let’s go. I responded.
Meshac, you’ve really emaciated due to stress. Please eat something. He insisted.
We walked to the bar and bought the food.
I couldn’t concentrate on anything than Esi. I ate the food in tears.
We finished and stood up to leave.
Immediately we stepped out of the bar, I saw Esi heavily drank.
She was approaching the bar whiles talking to herself and walking in an unbalanced posture.
Mensa, look! Look at Esi! I screamed in excitement.
Esi quickly turned to look at us.
Immediately she saw us, she took to her heels. She run so fast across the street in her drunken state.
We both gave her a hot chase while calling her name.
Esi please stop! I need to talk to you! I pleaded.
She still run faster across the road.
Suddenly, I saw a big truck speeding faster towards her direction.
We stopped and began to scream.
In seconds, Esi was knocked down by the truck but the driver refused to stop.
I run to her and held her bleeding body in my arms.
Esi please talk to me! This is Meshac, please open your eyes and talk to me. I pleaded.
She struggled her eyes halfway opened and stared into my dying face.
Meshac, if I die, my blood will be on your head. She struggled her last words out and gave up the ghost.
No Esi, please don’t do this to me. I have suffered enough, please don’t watch me die.
Esi please wake up and forgive me. I pleaded whiles shaking her vigorously to wake up.
Mensa, please talk to Esi to wake up. Tell her I am sorry for the pain I caused her. Please plead on my behalf. I lamented in uncontrollable tears.
Mensa held me onto my feet, whiles the bystanders carried Esi’s dead body into a taxi to the mortuary.
Somebody help meeeeeeeeee! Somebody help meeeeeeeeee! Esi I am sorry! Please have mercy on me! Please have mercy! I wailed.
Mensa, tomorrow marks the three months the pastor gave me, and I know my death is just around the corner.
I want to go back to the city to talk to the pastor, maybe he can help me. I stated in tears.
Meshac, I know a fetish priest who can help, please let’s travel there quickly.
Out of frustration, I followed Mensa there.

We narrated our mission to the fetish priest on arrival and he promised to help me.
He kept me in his secret room and began his incantations till the next day.
Mensa narrating
Early the following morning, Meshac requested my presence in the secret room and I honoured it.
Mensa, you’ve been a friend and an enemy combined.
With your advice, I became greedy. With your advice, I resorted to womanizing. With your advice, I am in a shrine instead of the house of God.
Mensa, In case I die, write my story and tell it to the world.
Let the world know that, there is no friend like God. Let them know that, if there is a problem, God is the only answer and not man.
Tell the word what the wages of sins are. Tell the young men to live a righteous life.
Teach them the essence of perseverance.
I should have waited on the Lord, but I didn’t. I thought life without God was normal. Please let the world know that, whatever we do, we will one day account for.
Tell my fellow men, not to CRASH on everything in skirt. Some CRUSHES ARE INDEED TO CRASH. To crash your ambitions, your happiness, your health, and your entire life as a whole. For it is written in Proverbs 31:3 that “Man, do not give all your strength to women” He advised.
Minutes later, my friend Meshac, gave up the ghost.
I single handedly buried him. His last words kept echoing in my mind and that is what has changed my life today.


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