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👩‍❤️‍👩 Crazy Twins 👅
(They’re are crazy queens,,,, until he arrived….

💌High School Love Triangle 💌

By; Olùdirañ Oluwatosin.

**Copy and die,, it’s my sweat.. not yours!!**

💟 Prologue 💟
They are the eyes of The Silver’s Family.

Sydney and Sylvia.
Pretty and cute.

Sydney has this enchanting eyes and an attractive shape…. Her skin is very white and clean..

She has red lips.

Sylvia has a hazel eyes and long hair.. she’s also pretty and nice.

Their love for each other is unbreakable.
They attends Golden High.. the most richest school owned by the president.

Thus,This school has been known to be an influential and a famous school in Seoul..

However, Rich brats and beasts are the only students that’s been enrolled in this particular school.

Back to the twins.
They’re 18 years.. they’re are funny and extremely crazy…

Fight, brawls, craziness… That’s the only thing they have to make your day.

They’re Crazy and Chaotic until this particular Boy arrived.

Olliver Meyer.
He’s handsome and cute..
Cold and icy..

Rude and quite grumpy.. hottie.

And also brainy and brilliant… Intelligence is not left out.

Surprisingly,, all this things about him captured the Sylvia’s heart.

She fell in love with him.
In class, she only looks at him.

However, Cold and rude Olly fell in love secretly with Sydney,, he fell in love with her crazy side and everything.

Confusingly,, he was stucked in between the twins when Sydney also fell hard for him…

Confusing Love Triangle ♦️

Are you ready??

Is he going to date Sydney since he loves her too??

Or date Sylvia who he sees himself in her eyes??

Grab your popcorn 😁

HSD 🌈🙏🌈
May God answered all our Unsaid questions??

Love from me ♥️


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