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?‍❤️‍? Crazy Twins ?
(They were crazy queens until he arrived…..

? High School Love Triangle ?
By; Olùdirañ Oluwatosin Felicia.

**Copy and die…So easy**
Chapter 6?
“Come to mine then”
Olly said nonchalantly.

“Am not a pervert”
He rolled his eyes.

“I didn’t call you a per—

” But that’s what you’re thinking”
He scoffed and removed his head phone.

“How will I even get the address”
She asked.

“It’s annoying to have your digits on my phone but I don’t have a choice”
He said rudely and threw his phone to her…

She caught it on her laps and input her Digits.

“Send me the address”
She said,, ready to stand up..

“Hey wait,, you saved it with–

” Sydney”
She said…

“Sydney indeed”
He scoffed and slip the phone into his pocket.

“I’ll send it through WeChat.. Bye”
He said and left Class.

?These people are up to something
?Am I the only one that notice their closeness
? Gosh,,, So hottttttttt

Sydney went to Sylvia’s seat..
She tapped her.
“It’s time to go home”
She said.

“Can you please leave me alone… Am not ready”
She hissed and left the class ….

” Sylvia.. she ran after her and held her hand with Care.

“If I have done something wrong,, you should be able to tell me.. we are sisters for sake, And if you even want anything from me.. I’ll gladly give it to you”
She said, tearing up already.

” Are you sure of all you just said”
Sylvia asked with a smirk.. thou she’s backing Sydney.


“What I want is simple and I Know you can do it unless you’re willing not to do it”
Sylvia said.

” Spill it already”
Sydney said and left her hand…

Sylvia faced her.
She sighed.

“I want—–
“I want you to introduce me to Olly.. and Even make him fall in love with me”
She dropped the bomb.

Sydney shrank, obviously thinking it’s wrong..

“But if you can’t do it,, it’s fine…
Sylvia turned to leave..

“Do you think he loves you?”
Sydney asked

“You are the one to do that”
She scoffed silently…

Sydney’s head was blank at that moment..

“I can’t say no..I already promised her”
She thought regretting telling her to ask for anything…

“I’ll do it”
She said..

“Oh my!!thanks baby”
She hugged her but to Sydney,,the hug is just a black mail.

” What?, won’t you hug me back?”
Sylvia feigned a frown.

She hugged her back… almost in tears..

” Why am I even sad..Not like I love him or something”
She said to herself.

Silver’s Mansion**
Sydney wore a blue high waist Jean trouser and a white croptop… Ready to leave for Olly’s house- Meyer’s Mansion.

“Mum bye”

“Study well”
Mrs Silver said and kissed her cheeks..

“I hope you guys get together… Xavier is such a beast”
Luciana thought.

“hey wait—-
Sylvia ran to her … happily

“Don’t forget to do what I asked for”
She whispered into her ears.

Sydney gave a fake smile..

She left

Meyer’s Mansion^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^
Sydney knocked on the gate.. But seems the gate shocks somehow..

She was amazed.

A guard opened the gate.

” Am here for Olly please”
She said…

“Who are you to him?”
The guard asked.. Coldly as ever.

” Class mate, tell him Sydney”
She said…

“Let her in”
She heard Olly’s voice.

“okay sir”
The guard bowed and crave a space for her to enter.

Sydney was awed by the beauty of the house..
The chandelier and the colorful beaming lights..

The exterior building is so beautiful..
“Only God knows how the interior building would be??… Beautiful and amazing”
She thought..

” Are you gonna keep looking everywhere and let’s go to the point”
He scoffed and began walking in

She followed quietly.

They entered..
Sydney said..

“My room or living room”
He asked

Living room”
She said fastly..

Olly smiled..
” So. Which topic are we doing first”
He asked…

But Sydney doesn’t seem like a living soul to him.. she’s long drown in thoughts..

“Should I tell him now??
Sydney thought..



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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.