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(They were crazy queens… Until he Arrived.. ♦️

?High School Love Triangle ?
By; Olùdirañ Oluwatosin Felicia ?

Chapter 3?
“Kindly take a sit beside Sydney”
Mrs Anna repeated.

” Why didn’t i sit beside her at the first place”
Sylvia bit her fingers.

” Who’s Sydney”
He asked as thou angels speak.

“She’s so lucky”
“I wish am Sydney”
“That’s Sydney”
Some pointed to her.

“is she deaf?”.
Olly scoffed and proceed to sit beside her.

Sydney bowed to avoid any form of discomfort.

“So guys,, a competition is gonna take place in this class.. this English competition only needs two people, boys and girls.. you may be among the winner if you study well..bye for now”
She explained and later left.

? Good luck to the winners ?

?Don’t have time for shit ?

? Competition my foot!! ?

“Why are you guys disturbing the class, why can’t you just complain before she leaves class”
Evelyn shouted ..

” She’s too strict”
” She behaves bossy”
“Holy Cramp”
They murmured.

Sylvia eyes didn’t leave Olly…
She bit her lips….

“Hey Sylvia,, can you please accompany me to the principal’s office”
Evelyn approached her and said.

” Am not available”
She said without looking at her..

“Seriously,, you’re doing nothing”
Evelyn tried to persuade her..

“I said am not available”
She half-yelled..
Thank God the student’s noises covered her yells.

“Mood mode,, I’ll just ask Sydney to accompany me then”
She left her side.

” Whatever”
Sylvia hissed.

“Hey Sydney,, can you please accompany me to the principal’s office”
She said as she approached Sydney.

” Hmm,, of course.. lemme just pack my books”
She replied and arranged her books in her black backpack.

Olliver didn’t bother raising his head up, he continue pressing his phone,, of course.. who’s gonna chastise the president’s son for pressing phone..

Absolutely No One!!

“I actually went to Sylvia first”
Evelyn started a conversation.

“and she didn’t agree to follow??”
Sydney asked.

“Yeah,, she was like .
.. am not available”
Evelyn laughed..

” It’s not funny”
Sydney groaned…

“Huh!! What’s wrong with you both today”
Evelyn stopped and look into her eyes.

“Nothing,, am just.. Don’t worry”
She rounded up and continue walking..

Junior class**
Rosiela sat alone in class…
A girl tapped her..

She smiled at her..

Rosiela replied.

“Am Vivian”
Vivian introduced and stretched her palm for hand shake.

“wow!,, Am …..

” Rosiela”
Vivian completed.

” Do you Know me before?? ”
Rosiela asked, rather surprise.

“Who doesn’t know Rosiela Meyer,, The president’s daughter”
Vivian giggled and sat beside her.

“am honored”
Rosiela smiled.

“Awnn,,, so friends??”
Vivian asked nervously..

And then they stucked hands..

Silver’s Mansion**
Sylvia and Sydney alighted from the cat. And the driver proceeded to park in the garage.

Sylvia went in without waiting for Sydney..

She called but she ignored her calls.

“I don’t understand this shits you’re doing,, why the sudden treatment”
Sydney scoffed and went in.

*At the living room**
Sydney entered but only saw her mom…

She went ahead and kissed her cheeks.

“You’re welcome darling,, what’s wrong with Sylvia? ”
She asked worriedly..

” No idea,, she’s being doing this like some hours ago”
Sydney cooed..

“I’ll try to talk to her later”
Mrs Silver said and kissed her hair.

” Where’s dad”
Sydney looked around..

“He travelled… He went to five months convention”
She dropped the bomb and she widened her eyes..

“That’s away too long”
She groaned….

“I Know right,, but remember am here for you guys”
She said.

“yeah MUM”
She blew her kisses and went upstairs..

” She’s too adorable”
She smiled.

**His Excellency Meyer’s Mansion..

“Guess what!”
Rosiela jumped beside Olly on the couch..

She wore a red short and a blue Polo.

“can you please let me be”
Olly groaned.

“No! Has someone ever told you.. you look ugly with that cold face of yours? ”
Rosiela smacked him..

” Am knackered”
Olly smiled..

“Awwnn,, I wish that smile of yours never fade again”
Rosiela giggled

“and today in school,, I already has a new friend”

Olly smirked..

“her name is Vivian”
She beamed..

” I Never asked for her name”
Olly scoffed..

“Olly wise up and get a life”

” What!!

Love triangle ♦️


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