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Çrazy Twins ?
(They were crazy queens until he arrived…

… By Authoress Bright.

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Wembley London.

“They’re safe”
Sandra said and Ciara sighed heavily,, deeply rather.

“Am still scared”
She winced hurtfully.

“You don’t have to be,, at least they’ll be captured,, that’s what am sure of”
Sandra cooled

“Sandra,, you won’t understand the pain of loosing your children.. I was helpless when everything happened 17 years ago”
She cried.

Sandra placed her hand on her shoulders.

“I know the feeling,, it’s really bad..
But can you just stop your tears,, look at you..

You’re now getting thin,, you won’t eat not drink..

Stop this,, your daughters are safe anyway”
She said trying to make her feel better.

“Am sure they’re gonna deny me of being their mum..

Am such a wicked mother”
She lamented.

? Breaking NEWS…
The serial killer bad murderer who has series of gang members has being arrested.

The man killed the popular known billionaire’.. DD know as Derick and his friend.

He killed Luciana,, a woman who was reported to have been murdered coldly in a lonely street.

Many gold cars damaged at the fight scene with the cops..

28 injuries, 20 Casualties..

This must not continue in our country..
He must be dealt with.
Thanks for watching ??

“Now,, see that.. he’s been arrested”
Sandra beamed.

Ciara’s Lips curved out a smile.
“Finally,, the devil has been captured”

She heard Anna’s voice.

She hastily wipe her tears well and faced her with a warm smile.

“My dear,, how was..

“you’re not my mom?? ”
Anna asked getting hurt.

“My dear…
Sandra tried to talk but she kept quiet.

Ciara didn’t say anything.
“No wonder..!!
No wonder you have to cry all night..
No wonder you do snap at me sometimes.
.. thinking about them right??

I know it,, I heard every damn..!! Thing..

You f**king adopted me,,”
She broke down in tears.


“Am not your daughter”
She cut Ciara off.

Ciara stood up and moved closer to her..

“do you think I’ll leave you or throw you out??”
She smiled and held her hands.

Anna scoffed.

“You should know you’re also my daughter,,

Everything that happened is not their fault neither yours..

The culprit has been captured,, You’re forever my daughter,don’t feel bad honey”
She pulled her into a hug.

“Am so lucky to have you”
Anna sniffed trying to stop her tears.

“I love you”

“I love you more best Mom”

Seoul, Korea.
The President’s Mansion**

Sylvia, Sydney, Olly, Rosie, and Evelyn all sat in the living room…

Gisting and talking about random things.

“Guys,, let’s watch a movie”
Evelyn suggested.

“Let’s watch Barbie…

“That’s childish”
Olly rolled his eyes.. at Rosiela.

“Office Romance,,, please”
Sylvia pouted.

“That’s erotica”
Evelyn said…

They all diverted their eyes to Rosiela..

She scoffed..
“What now??”
Sh blinked.

“It’s obvious she’s too small to watch that”
Sydney Chuckled…

“what of Betrothed To The Trillionaire”
Olly suggested..

“It’s just an upcoming drama.. let’s watch the trailer”
Sylvia beamed.

“I can’t wait”
Rosie danced dramatically.

“Little witch”
Olly scoffed referring to Rosiela.

“am not a witch”
She snapped.

“you two likes fighting,, Olly is just being the lame ass here”
Sydney said and left her seat immediately to avoid been caught by him…

“I won’t run after you,,”
He rolled his eyes..

“Aren’t you guys weird,, you don’t care about your birth mom”
Evelyn said.

” Why should we, she left us for seventeen years and now she wanna claim rights of been our mom”
Sylvia scoffed.

“I just need to rest my head,, nothing more”
Sydney pouted..

Just then,, the doorbell rang.
“I think someone is there”
Rosie said.

“Don’t worry”
She told the guard, who wanted to go for the door.

She opened the door and behold it was;;


“Oh my Goodness”
She jumped on him and hugged me tight..

“Easy,, am choking”
Reece laughed….

Rosie came down,,
“I missed you”
She pouted..

“I miss you too little girl”
He poked he cheeks…

“am not a little girl”
She frowned.

“no matter how old you are now baby,, you’re still my little girl”
He winked…

“where’s Ollie”
He asked.

“he’s in the living room”
Rosie replied as they both left for the living room.

” See who’s here”
Olly beamed Happily as they engulfed each other in a friendship handshake and hug.

“I miss you man”
Reece giggled.

“I think I Miss you more”
Olly said…

“Those girls…
He whispered and winked at him…

“Don’t move closer to the girl with black hair…
Go for brown and pink”
Olly whispered back.

“jealous huh?? ”
He scoffed..

“hi girls”
He waved at them..

They waved back..

“So,, Reece.. meet my brother’s girlfriend,, Sydney”
Rosiela pointed out…

I f**king love Rosie…

She dey ginger me?…


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.