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? Çrazy Twins ?
(They were crazy queens until he arrived…

?High School Love Triangle ?
By; Olùdirañ Oluwatosin Felicia.

‼️Do Not Copy‼️
Chapter 12?


Sylvia gasped as she watch her sister wince in pain..

She shouted and Rushed to her…

“Help,, guards….
She shouted.

**Ray’s Health Center Hospital**
“outta the way!
“leave the way..
“Get out..

? Isn’t that The Silver’s Twins.
?What’s wrong with Sydney..

Sydney was rushed into emergency room..

“Look at what your jealousy fucking caused”
Evelyn yelled at her face..

” Don’t blame me”
Sylvia scoffed in tears.

“Then who should I blame,, Sydney??
That girl f**king loves you but you never appreciates.. how stupid”
Evelyn hissed.

Sylvia had called Evelyn earlier..
“Nothing must happen to her or else…

“stop shouting at me!!

“huh,,i just know the kind of person you are,, totally heartless”
She reduced her yell…

“what you guys are doing right now is not the right thing,, just pray for her safety”
A nurse said and walked past them.

“am sorry”
Sylvia muttered in tears.
” I should have let go of every damn thing!!”
She said in tears..

” Your tears is not needed,, Stop those crocodile tears”
Evelyn scoffed.

Meyer’s Mansion★★★
” Olly”
Rosiela rushed in..

“guess what”
She shouted…

“Reece is back”
He scoffed..

“Capital NO!!,, Sydney was pushed off the stairs by her sister”
She dropped the bombshell.

His eyes widened in horror..
“Am f**king afraid,,I heard it was brutal”
She said…

Olly rushed upstairs and rushed back with his phone and car key..

“You Know the hospital’s location,, right??”
He asked in hurry.

” Sure”

**Ray’s Health center Hospital ?..
“Where’s she”
Olly asked Evelyn as he rushed in with Rosie…

Rosie glared at Sylvia hatefully.
“Wish she never exists”
She muttered with pure hatred.

” Emergency ward,,the doctor said she’s likely to have a partial amnesia,,, am scared”
Evelyn said almost in tears..

Olly roughed his hair worriedly..
” Why do I even care”
He asked himself inwardly.

“She’s my Friend,, right?”
He thought again..

“where’s her sister? ”
He asked coldly.

“There were go again,, he’s back with his cold face”
Rosiela bit her lips.

“Evelyn pointed at Sylvia who looked away,, she has been drooling since he entered.

“I f**king hate lousy people,,,how can you do that huh?”
He said calmly but burning in serious anger..

He felt a sharp pain in his heart.

“Am sorry”
She muttered with her head down…

“Just pray she survives it or else I’ll f**kin kill you”
He seethed.

Sylvia bursted into tears.

The doctor came out of the emergency room,,
“Doctor, how’s she”
Rosiela and Sylvia asked at the same time…

They glared at each other.

“She’s fine,,the wound has been taken care of, all she needs now is rest”
The doctor said..

” What about the partial amnesia??”
Evelyn asked fearfully.

“Nothing like that”
“Be rest assured”
The doctor added and walked away..

Olly sighed deeply in relief.

“Thank your stars”.
Rosiela eyed her.

In the ward**
Sydney winced as she opened her eyes…

She felt a sharp strong pain on her forehead,, she groaned.

Then it occurred to her she’s in the hospital.

Olly Walked to her..
Rosiela entered with Evelyn.

Sylvia stood at the door with look of guilt..

“How are you”
Rosie asked

“Am fine”
She managed to speak up.

She can’t really believe Sylvia is trying to murder her..

That’s a attempt murder case if it’s to be treated by the cops.

“Am sorry”
Sylvia suddenly said..

“Not needed”
She rolled her eyes.

“I was scared”
Olly stroked her hair..

“Oh,, so the almighty Olly is scared”
She smirked playfully..

“You’re a brat”
He poked her nose.

“Can you guys just stop!!”
Rosiela rolled her eyes..



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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.