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CRAZY TWINS – Episode 1


👩‍❤️‍👩 Crazy Twins 👅
(They were crazy queens… Until He Arrived…

💟High School Love Triangle 💟
By; olùdirañ Oluwatosin Felicia

**Copy and die,, it’s my sweat.. not yours!!**

Chapter 1
Monday morning 🏡🏡
The Silver’s Mansion**

Sylvia hummed a song as she descended from the stairs with her pink school bag..

She loves pink color.
She even dyed her hair pink.

“Hey Mom”
She went to the dinning and kisses Mrs Silver’s cheeks.

“How are you baby?”
She asked in a sweet smile.

“Fine Mom,, yo!! Sweet Dad”
She also went to Mr Silver’s side and kissed his right cheek.

“Hmm.. he cleared his throat.
” And I thought you forgot me already since you only saw your mom sitting”
He said and patted her hair.

“my pink Queen”
He added.. and she laughed.

” Dad!! When did you give me that nick name,, Pink Queen? ”
She widened her eyes.

” He gave you because you love Pink”
Mrs Silver said with her mouth Full

” Uhhmmm, where’s Sydney? ”
Mr Silver asked looking at the stairs.

“She’s coming already”
She said when she saw her struggling to pack her hair… coming through the spiral staircase.

” Hey darling”
Mrs Silver said..

“Mom with sauce,, how was your night?”
She asked.

” So Dad with what?? ”
Mr Silver frowned.

“hmmm,,, Dad with—Pepper! ”
She said at once and they laughed..

” Can you be serious,, even if it’s ONCE!!”
Sylvia giggled.

“See you”
She rolled eyes at her.

“Sit down and eat,,,, I made rice pudding and beef stew”
Mrs Silver said trying to take a spoon…

” No, no, no, no, no,, we planned to eat at the cafeteria today”
Sylvia said and Sydney nodded positively.

“Okay!! Eat safely… Love you”
Mrs Silver said…

“Love you Too Mummy”
They chorused and Left.

“We are taking the white Porsche”
Sydney told the driver and he nodded.

The school was quite rowdy today.. Students are trooping in in cars and expensive bikes.

Skirts shaking… Asses bouncing..
Indeed, it’s a corrupted school.

“Bye JJ”
Sydney waved at the driver and he waved back.

“First class,,, History class.. and it’s compulsory”
Evelyn, a Friend to Sylvia said and ran past them.

“What!! I can’t believe this,, how on Earth are we having History as first subject on Monday”
Sylvia groaned.

” And it’s even compulsory,, That stupid man is going to cut off Mark’s this time around”
Sydney almost cried..

They left for class.

Mr Han, a Chinese man stood in front of the class..

He’s the history teacher.

“Let’s see how I teach this man a great lesson”
Sylvia smirked and Sydney scofflaw.

They’re sitting beside each other.

“So,, who can list the names of four iron mens of Pakistan”
He asked looking around.

Nobody talked.
Sylvia raised her hand.

“Oh,, seems you’re doing better this days.. okay, let’s hear from you”
He said

” You!! Your pot belly like that of a pig, your big eyes and your flat nose”
She bowed and sat down.

The whole class bursted into laughter..

Sydney threw a banana peel,,, the innocent man slumped and fell down..
.and now it occurred that Mr Han has been using wig to cover his bald hair,,his head was shining like a newly bought mirror

At that moment,, the principal passed by and stopped..

He bursted into laughter.. the whole turned into a laughing class..

Tears filled his eyes arousing another round of Laughter.




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