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Written by Authoress Ti Fe 💞📚


Landon couldn’t concentrate anymore, he wanted to get home and find out what was going on so badly. He needed to know why Kim was on drugs.

The door of his office opened and Sara walked in smiling widely.

“Hey.” She said happily and immediately she saw his countenance her mood changed instantly and she became so worried.

“Hi, Mom.” He said with his head still bowed.

“What’s wrong? You don’t look happy.” She said sitting in front of him.

“I just heard disturbing news, and I can’t get my mind off it.” He muttered and Sara creased her brows.

“Disturbing news? About who? What?” She further inquires.

“Kimberly Mother, it’s Kim.” He said raising his head to look at her and she could see the sadness on his face. It was so evident that he wasn’t himself.

“What did you hear son?” Sara asked fearfully. She wondered what he heard and who he heard it from. She was 100% sure Kimberly wouldn’t have told him anything.

“Peter, Kim’s father just left this place and he made it known to me that Kimberly is on drugs some medications he doesn’t know about.” He said and Sara became confused.

“Medications? Are you sure?” She asked.

“no I am not, but I have to find out.” He said and Sara knew she couldn’t do anything about it anymore. If she tries to stop him, he would get to know that she knows something about it. And she even thinks it’s a good idea for him to know now. At least it’s been more than a month already.

“Yes, it’s good you find out and if there is anything, please let me know.” She said and Landon nodded standing up.

“Where are you going?” She asked as he stood up.

“I am going home, I can’t take it anymore. I need to be with her throughout today.” He said and started packing his stuff.

“Can I go with you?” Sara asked and Landon shook his head.

“No, you can’t go with me. I would tell you anything that happens.” He said and Sara nodded standing up.

They both walked to the door and walked out of the office.

“Ruby, I am going out, please keep everything in order.” He said and Ruby nodded.

“When will you be back sir?” she asked and Landon shook his head.

“Till tomorrow. I can’t come back today, so wrap everything up.” He said and walked out of the company with his mom.

“Mom I am sorry we won’t be able to talk for so long. I am so worried about Kim.” He said and Sara nodded.

“I understand, I would drop by another time. And please don’t forget to send my greetings to Kimberly.” She started walking to her car.

“I will.” He replied walking to his car as well. He sat and ignited the engine, he drove out of the company’s compound and hit the road to his mansion.

Kimberly walked to the done after hearing the good bell ring. She just finished using another drug. She opened the door and was surprised to see Landon at the door.

“Baby.” She called hugging him.

“Hey.” He replied trying to smile and they both walked into the living room.

“You are back early, done with work so soon?” She asked and he nodded.

“Yes. I was feeling tired so I decided to come home to rest.” He said and she looked so worried.

“Are you okay? Do I have to call the doctor to come to check you up?” she asked placing her palm on his forehead and all Landon did was stare into her eyes.

“Babe, are you okay?” She asked looking into his eyes and he nodded looking away.

“I need to sleep. I am feeling dizzy.” He said and Kim nodded.

“Come to your room.” She said holding his hand and holding him till they got to his room. She opened the door and they both walked in.

He laid on the bed and Kim covered his body using his Duvet.

“If you need anything, just call me. I would answer you immediately.” She said turning to leave, but then Landon pulled her to himself making her fall on him.

“Stay with me.” He said holding her tightly to himself and she smiled.

“Fine, but your grip is too tight, I won’t be running away.” She said smiling and he released his grip a little.

She pulled the duvet over herself too and turned to face him, staring at his face.

“I would love to watch you sleep.” She muttered planting a kiss on his lips. He smiled and shut his eyes pretending to fall asleep.

He kept his hand on her wrist making sure she wouldn’t leave him till he was awake.

After three hours, Kimberly fell asleep deeply and Landon opened his eyes. He felt her body was hot against his skin.

He looked at her and saw how sweaty she was.

“Kim! Kim!” he called tapping her and then she opened her eyes slowly.

She felt the pain from inside her grow as she became conscious. She said no words, but instead got out of bed immediately and ran to the door.

“Kimberly what is going on?” he asked following her. She got to her room and locked the door behind her.

She ran to where she placed her drugs and then poured the pills on her hand and used it with the water that was In her bottle.

“Kimberly! Open the door.” Landon said fearfully but Kim was too weak to say a word. She fell to the ground breathing hard as she let the drugs work.


Kimberly 🥺🥺🥺🥺


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