(They are Egocentric 🥴)

Written by: Authoress Ti Fe 💞📚


The nurse came in to check up on Kimberly, she has been awake doing nothing. She just stared at the ceiling of the hospital. She kept thinking about things, in fact, everything in her life.

“Hi, Miss.” The nurse said jolting Kim out of her thoughts. She turned her head to look at the nurse and she accompanied her look with a smile.

“Hi, ma’am.” She responded and the nurse gave her a comforting smile.

“I am here to make sure you are okay, how are you feeling?” she asked running a quick check on Kim.

“I feel normal. Please how is Landon? Is he okay now?” She asked and the nurse smiled.

“He is in the operating room Kim, you don’t have to worry.” She said and Kim smiled widely.

“Thank you so much.” She said and the nurse looked at her. She knew she wasn’t in place to ask or discuss personal things with a patient, but she was forced to ask Kim.

“Do you love him that much?” She asked all of a sudden and Kim turned her head to look at her again.

“Pardon?” Kim uttered.

“Do you love him that much that you could sacrifice your other kidney even when your other one isn’t that strong,” she said and Kim sighed.

“I never knew I could do something this crazy for someone my entire life. We kept fighting and insulting each other, we always pretend not to have that soft spot for each other. But the day I saw him lay lifeless on his bed, Lt was like a part of me was lifeless.”

“I don’t know but if that is what love is, then I am in love. I can’t deny it any longer. My stupid self gave him his allergies and didn’t even say sorry. The Doctor said his case worsened because of the allergies, which means I was the cause.”

“I couldn’t take it. I could imagine someone dying because of my own stupid mistakes. And I couldn’t imagine my only friend leaving me behind. This world has been so harsh, but trust me, he has been the best.” Kim talked and tears filled the nurse’s eyes already.

“You said you both acted like you hated each other. How come you saw him as a friend?” the nurse further asked.

“A friend is someone you can talk to, someone that would help you in time of need. Someone that will always be there, Landon is everything. Though he never made it seem I was his friend and he cared. He gave me allthatt I needed even though he does it in a way to frustrate me. He never let me walk alone to a place that could be dangerous.”

“He even got me clothes, though made it seem I bought it with my salary. He did everything for me without hesitation. But he did all frustrating me too.” Kim said laughing and the nurse smiled widely.

“The frustration is part of the reason why you are his friend. If you don’t like a person, it is hard to get frustrated by him or her because you ignore them most of the time.” The nurse explained and Kim nodded.

“Of course. Even though he was so annoying, I still never stopped going to him.” Kim added and the nurse chuckled.

“You loved the frustration.” The nurse uttered and Kim smiled.
“I did. And I don’t want to lose that frustration now.” She said and the nurse cleaned her watery eyes.

“Wow. I can’t believe I am crying.” She said chuckling.

“Why? Is my story that pathetic?” Kim asked looking at her and she shook her head.

“No, no. It isn’t about you, It is about me. I wish I had a partner that loves me the way you love Landon. I covet that”

“but it seems I can’t have that someone.” She said and Kim creased her brows.

“Don’t say that. There is nothing impossible because I almost felt tired of the world as a whole. No friends, my mother wanted to force i and another guy to work, but you know what I don’t do? I didn’t give up. That is how I met Landon, while I was still striving to make my parents proud.” She said and the nurse smiled.

“I wish I find that person soon. I am at the edge of giving up, to be honest.” She said going through her jotter and Kim nodded.

“You will meet the person, everyone has his or her partner. You don’t have to worry, you would meet with your better half one day.” She said and she smiled and bobbed.

“Let’s talk health now, I can’t be caught talking personal stuff with a patient.” She said and Kim smiled.

“I get it,” Kim responded.

“So here we have your daily medications. You have the total of twelve drugs you need to take every day.” She said and Kim’s eyes widened.
“Twelve drugs?? OMG.” She stated in amusement.

“It isn’t that scary, you don’t have to worry.” She said and Kim sighed.

“I said that because they would be so expensive and I don’t have money,” Kim said and the nurse smiled.

“You are not the one getting It. Ma’am Sara is the one getting it for you, you don’t have to worry. You should have gone to the pharmacist for the prescription but instead, I told you and made you understand.” She said and Kim nodded.

“Yes thank you,” Kim responded.

“The drugs are not here with me because you would need them after you have been discharged. I would bring them to you and explain how each of them is used. And please note, the drugs and prescriptions could change so please keep visiting the hospital for regular checkups.” She said and Kim nodded smiling.

“Doesn’t seem so hard.” She said and the nurse grinned.

“I would leave you to rest now.” She said keeping her jotter in her side pocket.

“one more thing please, can you tell me when my father is awake?” She asked and she nodded.

“Of course. You should rest now.” She said and Kim nodded. She walked to the door and almost stepped out when Kim remembered she was yet to know her name.

“What is your name?” She asked and the nurse looked back.

“Diana. Nurse Diana.” She responded and Kim smiled.

“It was nice talking to you Diana,” Kim said and Diana chuckled.

“Me too.” She replied finally stepping out and shutting the door.

Rachael walked into the hospital heading straight to one of the nurses.

“Please is this where Landon Hernandez was admitted?” She asked the nurse behind the desk.

“Yes, Ma’am. Who are you?” They asked.

“I am Kimberly Johnson’s mother. Can I please see my Daughter?” She asked and the nurses checked the record in front of them.

“She was admitted into O.R 5. You walked down the hallway, the first turning by the left.” They described and she nodded smiling.

“Oh okay. But please what is my daughter doing in the O.R?” She asked and the nurses exchanged looks.

“She didn’t tell you?” They asked and she narrowed her gaze.
“Tell me what?” She asked anxiously.

“She is Landon Hernandez’s kidney donor. “They said and her eyes widened accompanied by her mouth falling open.

“She sold the kidney to him?” She asked.

“According to what I heard. She gave him for free.” The nurse whispered.

“What? Is she crazy! They sell kidney’s not dashed them out! They pay good money for it!” Rachael yelled in frustration.


Can you imagine 😠😠😰😰

This woman knows only money!! 🥵😠😠😠😠


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