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CRAZY COUPLES … (18+) … Part 53




She’s crazy…now I know!

Zac and I went into the dancing and jumping crowd looking for Stella.

Fridays are the most busiest days at the club.

We kept looking for her soon we hearr a scream.
That’s Stella’s voice.

We looked up to see her standing on the counter.

She was dancing and jumping and Zac laughed.

“Let’s go get her” He said but I stopped him.

“No…let her disgrace herself. She deserves it. This is our own payback, okay?” I retorted and he shook his head.

“Think about Jeremy. He’ll be mad if he learns we took his wife out and she messed up and she hurt herself” He said and I sighed.

“Fine” I muttered and we forced our way to where she was and pulled her down.
Zac carried her and we left the noisy place.

We got into our car and Stella was already asleep.

Zac started the car and we drove out.


I didn’t want to touch her or help her. But then…

She haven’t really hurt me in anyway so I offered to change her clothes.

We laid on her bed in a fresh new dress which was comfortable for sleeping before leaving the room.

i returned to our bedroom and Zac was making a call.

“Hey…” I said sitting on the bed.

“Hi.. Something happened, the hall Glory booked for her birthday party is bursted and now she needs a venue for her party this night” he said and I flinched.

“Really? I forgot about the party…how much is she offering for a place?” I asked and GE smiled.

“3000 dollars”.


“Call her back and tell her we have a place to host the party for her…we’re doing it here. But it’s only for 3 hours party – that’s till 1 in the morning, huh?” I said with a grin.

“You want to use your cousins house to party without his permission?” He asked holding me up by my waist.

“That’s how we’ll make some extra cash and besides, Stella’s drunk and asleep. We can totally pull this off” I said convincingly and he smirked.

“Fine, lets do it” he said and I nodded.

my eyes opened slowly as I heard loud music fill my eyes again.
it’s still night…midnight.

I got off the bed and went downstairs.

I got the greatest shock I haven’t gotten in months!

a party.
at the house!

there were lots of ladies dancing and twerking with some boys behind them.
did I miss something?

who’s throwing a party???

I finally saw the two devils,
Sasha and Zac dancing.

“What the fu-k is going on here?!” I yelled and they turned to me stunned.

“I thought you were drunk…” Zac muttered.

“End this party right now before I loose my patience!” I rasped and went back upstairs.

Those two never siezes to amaze me.

After some minutes, the song died down completely and there weren’t much noise.

I heard cars driving out from the compound and that made me relieved.

Jeremy should see how he’s house is in the space of two days.

I was starting to get sleepy again so I closed my eyes and slept off.

⏰ morning ⏰

I turned and kicked the duvet endlessly as I struggled to open my eyes.
I was so weak and tired.

I exhaled sharply as I turned on the bed again facing my left side.

What on earth!

Jeremy was on the bed next to me…sleeping. His eyes were closed and I stared at him in dismay.

Oh geez!

He’s back.

He’s really back.



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