Mr Pedro: You are a bad girl. I can hear Mr Pedro saying that to me in my ear, in that deep husky voice.
My name is Jessica Onah. I have always had a thing for older men, it started when I was 24yrs and I moved in with my boyfriend Jeffrey. Jeff was my first lover, he was gentle and caring, and I thought we had a good sex-life, until I had sex with his dad Mr Pedro.
I know what you are all thinking, how could this happen, well let me tell you, and believe me, by the time I have finished telling you all about it, your opinion of me might have changed.
Jeff: Hey Babe.. you are damn too sweet
Me: Awww.. that makes me feel horny again Sweetie. Stop it if you cannot handle the next one.
One fateful afternoon, Jeff and his Mom, Mrs Kate were outside for groceries at “The Game” in VI. I had just had a shower and was wearing a towel standing looking in the mirror applying after sun lotion when Mr Pedro came in. He saw me struggling to reach my shoulder and offered to help. I handed him the lotion and he started to rub it in.
Me: Mmmmmm…
Mr Pedro: Are you ok?
Me: Yeeaaahh.. your hands feel so good on me
His hands felt so good that I relaxed to his touch, then I was aware that he was standing directly behind me, his breathing was coarse, his hands traveled down over my shoulder, to wear my towel was tied, he undid the towel and it slipped to floor, he froze for a moment, probably to gauge my reaction, before his fingers traveled down and across to my breasts. My own breathing had increased by now, his lips licked the back of my neck and he skillfully caressed my breasts, bringing my nipples to hard aroused points.
Me: ooohhh yeeahhh.. I’m so turned on right now
I groaned as one hand trailed down my stomach, down to my pubic hair. He held it there for a moment, just stroking me gently. Then he parted my lips and lets one of it fingers explore my wetness before sinking it into my cookie. All this time I was aware that he was also aroused as I could feel him when he pressed against me. He whispered something, against my neck as his thumb moved over my clit, I did not hear what it was as my whole world shattered around me as I came. Mr Pedro carried on caressing me until I had stopped shaking.
That was when it hit me,
Me: ‘Fuck’ I had just let my boyfriends Dad finger me. I was just about to say something when he turned me to face him and he softly kissed me, telling me something.
Mr Pedro: That’s alright. You don’t have to feel ashamed
Me: Ok

Then he took my right hand and pulling down his shorts he placed it over his very hard hot cock. He kept his hand over mine showing me what he liked, his movements got faster, he told me that he wanted to be inside my cookie and play with me for hours, but it was not the right time, then he came with a groan over our hands. We stood for a few moments getting back our composure, before he went and got a tissue to clean us up. When he came back I had put my towel around me once again.
Me: Mr Pedro, this should not have happened between us
Mr Pedro: It’s alright Sweetheart. You will continue to enjoy it more better than the way Jeff handles you.
I told him that it should not have happened and I blamed the sun, he just smiled, and walked into his bedroom. A little time later Jeff came back as did his mum. When his dad reappeared he acted as if nothing had happened.
Mr Pedro: Hey! You guys back? Did you get my drinks at the mall?
Jeff: Yes Dad! We got your favourite. Mom almost forgot, but I got your back
Mr Pedro: That’s my boy. Don’t mind your mom. They both laughed
I knew that I could not avoid his dad forever, taking that I was living in his house, but I thought if I put some space he would get the message and not pursue me any more, the only problem was, I could not stop thinking about him and the way he made me cum with just one finger and his thumb…damn him I wanted more, and he knew it.
Few days later, I had been really horny and no matter what poor Jeff did, nothing seemed to work. In fact I had just gone mad at Jeff, who whilst making love with me, had come before me, leaving me so frustrated and pent up. I yelled at him about being an ‘inconsiderate pig’, before I stomped into the bathroom for a shower.

Me: You are so self-centred
Jeff: What? How did you mean?
Me: You left me frustrated and pent up. How could you cum before me? This is really unfair I must say
I heard a tap at the door and thinking it was Jeff, I opened it. It was Mr Pedro, he put a finger to my lips and pushed back into the bathroom and locked the door.
I was shocked and asked what the heck he was playing at, did he want to get us into trouble. He shook his head and told me in a whisper that what I needed was someone with experience to show and teach me the delights of my body and of good sex. He pulled me closer, and kissed me, slowly exploring my mouth with his tongue.
My fingers were trembling but I managed to unzip him, to pull his pants to his ankles, to take his hard cock out of his boxers. Oh god it’s perfect, long and thick and so hard. I love how it feels in my hand, so hard and swollen… I kissed it slowly, indulging in the smoothness of his head, the taste of his precum as it leaked onto my lips. I looked up at him hungrily and start to wet his cock with my mouth, licking the shaft, admiring how it shines, kissing it almost lovingly, worshipfully, desperately. I want to be good for him… a good little girl…
I wrapped my lips around the tip of his cock, slowly sliding my mouth over him inch by inch. I wanted it to feel like he’s prying my mouth open with his JT, like he’s fucking a tight virgin pussy. He groans as my lips glide over more and more of his length. I angle my mouth so I can keep going, so I can take him deep into my throat, and when I do, I held his cock there, all the way inside me, my throat fluttering around the tip. I looked up at him for approval and he smiles, his eyes full of lust and his hands on the back of my head, pulling me deeper so my nose presses against his abdomen. My eyes well up and I start to gag… but it felt so good. Can he feel how hot this makes me? I want to take more… I want him to stuff that cock in me, to rape my little mouth… He brought me up and started kissing me again.
Then the kiss deepened and became one of desperation, his hands moved down my body, parting my legs, where once again he quickly brought me to completion.
Mr Pedro: ‘Don’t go to work tomorrow,’ he told me, as he kissed me again, ‘I want to play with you and then I want to show you what it’s like to have a ‘real man’ make love to you.’
Me: ‘But what about…’
Mr Pedro: Kate is out with a friend all day, and Jeff will be busy at work too, we will have the place to ourselves…you know you want to….you know how you want me to bang you!’
I blushed at his words; he was right. I nodded my reply, a moment later he was gone.
The next morning when I came down for breakfast, I did my best to look unwell, it worked almost too well, as Jeff’s mom, Mrs Kate offered to cancel her day out to stay and look after me. Mr Pedro was naughty when he told her not to worry that I would be fine; I just probably needed to spend the day in bed. I almost laughed, and had to pretend to choke on my tea.

Question: Will they succeed with their plans?


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