CONTRACT MARRIAGE … (18+) … Part 1



The Kang’s family and the Min ho family were known for their money all over korea
But as the saying goes the rich want to get richer
The family decided that their two children go on a contract marriage for 3years to make them get more money and expand their business
Minjee and Tan were the ones to get married unknown to the family that they both hate each other passionately
Well despite the fact that they hate each other they have to get married and live together for 3 good years
Can this two survive being together when they both hate each other
Well read in the story how their whole drama unfold
What caused their hate ?
will they fall inlove?
Find out in the story

Minjee pov
“What no way” i yelled at my umma angrily
“You expect me to get married that annoying kim tan”i yelled again
“calm down min ,its just a contract for only three year after that your free to be with who ever you want”my umma said
“No way umma ,never”i replied and stormed out of the house
tsh tsh how can i marry that annoying ,rude human ,,just for a contract ,,arrrh i hate him so much
my phone ringing brought me out of my thoughts
“Hello appa” i said
“My princess what is it am hearing” my appa asked
“Appa i cant marry him ,his so rude,annoying,u
gly ,i cant stand him” i replied
“Please my princess do it for your old man”he said softly
“Fine appa only three years and thats all”i replied
“Thank you princess and that reminds me we will be having dinner with your soon to be inlaws please be there and dress nice”he said and ended the call immediately
Kim Tan pov
” i hate her appa,,she so bossy,over pampered ,she rude and she even ugly there is no way am going into any marriage with her “i fired angrily
“Its just a contract marriage and after that you can leave,,i didnt ask you to fall inlove with her or anything”my appa said
“I cant stand her”i replied
“Well i dont care you are going to marry her and thats final ,,get prepared we are having dinner at her place behave nice”my appa yelled and went out

“calm down bro its not the end of the world “my best friend yoon said laughing
“Oh stop it ,you know how much i dont like her”i replied
“C’mon but shes damn sexy if you ask me “yoon replied and i starred at him angrily
“chill bro”he replied laughing
Minjee pov
I dressed in the most casual outfit ever with little make up
the maid came and inform me that the minho family are here
I cant believe am actually doing this
I finally walked downstairs and greeted the family faking a smile before Tan walked in like a proud peakcock
we all sat down and began eating the whole family began talking about business while tan and i remained silent
“So min your mum and i can arrange your wedding dress if thats okay by you”tan’s mom said and i nodded
Soon the whole family kept leaving the table one after the other remaining me and tan
” So your the one am to marry”tan said in a mockery tone and i ignored
“Oh my soon to be wife is dump” he added
“There is a always a saying that silence is the best answer given to a fool”i replied and left the dining
Jeez his reaction was priceless,next time he would learn to talk nicely


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