Oga: Snakie, you can ask your lawyer to add
me to the witness list and i will be readily
available to corroborate his confessions
Me: Thanks so much Sir, I have forgiven you
Emma because i believe God use this to also
teach me a lesson which have learnt a lot
from…Thank you very much for your time sir.
I was told my trial has been fixed, my lawyer
brought up various evidences couple with
Emma’s confession, after going forth and back
with the court proceedings, i was finally
discharged and acquitted of murder case.
Emma was sentenced to life imprisonment for
murder and rape.
Mouth was not enough to say how thankful i
was to God even though i already lost my job,
my properties too have gone because my
house rent expired while i was in the prison,
my parent told me they only picked the
necessary things from the house.

I started staying with my parent in other to
build my career all over again, i visited Biola’s
parent for the last time to apologize to them
for their lost and all the troubles i caused
them. They already accepted fate and also
prayed for me, i never believed that Biola’s
dad will even pray for me but he did.
I was having a father and son discussion with
my dad this particular evening when he
started admonishing me about what my
behaviour had caused me in life..
Dad: You see my son, Life is always a lesson
and am sure you have learnt your lesson in a
hard way, who could have thought that in the
last two years, you have gotten married
compulsorily twice with two ladies.
Just because of 5 minutes enjoyment, you
ruined all what you have built over the years,
your career gone to the drain, people might
see you outside and refer to you as an ex
convict even though you were not convicted.

I believe till the day you live on this earth,
your children and grand children will hear this
experience from you and i hope people will be
able to learn from your misadventure. Do you
know that in the right sense, you are the one
that killed Biola
Me: How Sir?
Dad: If you didn’t meet Mary, how will Biola
go and rent a house where he met
fact your action was the reason for all this
and i believe you have learnt your lessons….
Me: I have learnt my lessons sir and i pray
never to make the same mistake again Sir.
Thank You very much Sir.


The purpose of this story is to learn one or
two things from it and cast away our mind
from the sex scene or the sexcapades of the
character involved.

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10 thoughts on “COMPULSORY MARRIAGE…(18+)…Part 59

  1. what a lesson indeed for those that can’t control their libido. the name should hav been 5 minutes enjoyment instead of compulsory marriage, nevertheless it a lifetime lesson. i just hope that we all readers learnt from his experience instead of ours. keep it up writer!

  2. So touching, can’t even hold myself, pls both men and women we need to learn from ds

  3. wow such an emotional story I just feel for bisola she wouldn’t have died it is one great story have read so far

  4. wow,so challenging and I thank the writer for this if only the youths will take time to read this, its will be of great impact. keep it up

  5. i don’t really taught the tale can give much lession to this range because when i started i thinked it all about sex which make me lose interest until i continued later find out danger in 5minute sex enjoyment had damage all work for in the past 4years. it’s really good writeup indeed

  6. This story a heart touching though i dont really support sex before marriage but nonetheless, i must confess, i have learnt numerous lessons from this story, this applies to both single and married men, they should learn to be in control of their body and emotions, it may not be easy but i believe that with God, all things are possible. This is such a tragic story with lessons, i pray to God to help our men to survive and overcome the kind of challenges they pass through. I give a 100% to this author, you tried a lot.

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