COMMUNITY SL-UT…..(18+)…..Part 9


Uncle Emeka continued telling me sorry
and rubbing my c–t but staying still inside
me, not moving in or
out. After a few minutes, the pain subsided
and I felt
tingling spreading from my c–t which he
was rubbing
to the inside of my Kittycat. I felt him look
at me and I screamed from the pain. It felt
like a hot iron
was embedded in me. He reached forward
covered my mouth with his palm, using the
hand to fondle and pinch my Tips. We
stayed in that
position for minutes as tears streamed
down my
eyes from the pain in my Kittycat. But as
usual, the pain finally stopped and I felt
only the fullness in my
depth. I looked down to our co joined body
and saw
that his Joystick was buried in my Kittycat
to the
balls! Then he started pushing back and
forth slightly.
Thrusting in and out little by little, I still felt
a slight
pain but this time the pain was interspersed
with pleasure. Soon Uncle Emeka was
pulling his Joystick
out of my Kittycat until only the tip was in
me and
then slamming back inside me to the balls.
spread through my body.I was moaning
groaning as pleasure, profound pleasure
from the
massiveness of the Joystick engulfed me.
His thrusts increased in speed and in
hardness as he drilled me
like an oil rig. My legs wrapped around his
waist in a
vice grip and my arms were tightly
wrapped round
his back. it felt like he was carrying me off
the bed as
he wrapped his arms round my back and
into me like a possessed man. My toes
curled as I was hit by the mightiest o—-m I
had ever had. I
screamed and made choking sounds as the
was too much for me to comprehend. My
muscles clamped down on his Joystick as I
came and
this must have spurred him on also as with
a guttural
shout I felt his body tense and his Joystick
expand and was making those jerking
motions James
Joystick used to make whenever he was
but I did not feel any warm sticky liquid in
me that
used to accompany James jerking. After
minutes, uncle Emeka collapsed on me and
rolled off me and that was when I saw that
his Pour was inside the rubber that he had
rolled on it earlier.
Then I understood the work of the rubber.
I reached down between my legs to touch
Kittycat and my whole hand just slide
inside. Uncle Emeka’s giant Joystick had
spread my
Kittycat very wide. I felt a smarting pain on
the tip of
it and then realised that I had a slight tear.
He saw
me flinch from the pain and then got up,
got an ointment and rubbed it on my fast
closing Kittycat. He
then held me close as we both slept off. I
around 7.10pm and quickly got up telling
Emeka that I had to make dinner as my
family would
soon be back home.

it became a regular occurrence between us
as he
would come home from work earlier than
usual just
to F**K me. He made me promise never to
anyone to F**K me without a condom
when i asked why, he said so that i would
not get
pregnant or be infected by sexually
transmitted diseases. i knew what that was
as a health worker
had come to my school and given a talk on
transmitted infections and even showed us
of people and private parts infected. i
understood his
fears and promised not to allow anyone
F**K me
without a condom henceforth. He started
buying me female things. He bought me
my first bra which was
a purple lacy affair that only just managed
to support
my massive B—m. I felt uncomfortable
initially and
asked why I had to wear it. He explained
that it was
for support as my B—m had matured early
and that
my aunt should have bought me one long
ago. He told me that my B—m would
become saggy all too soon
if I didn’t wear them. I didn’t want them to
saggy as I had realised the power it had
over men, so
I endured wearing a bra until I got very
used to it but
I had to make sure my aunt didn’t see
Anyways, she was too indifferent to me to
notice, until it was far too late. He bought
me several s*xy** bras and pants and
would ask me to model them for him and
then F***ed
me afterwards. Of course he also wanted to
buy me
cloths but I definitely could not take them
as I
wouldn’t be able to wear them at home and
I had
nowhere I was going. In his own way, I
guess uncle Emeka fell in love with me as
he would make love to
me slowly and tenderly and he even said it
unconsciously on one occasion. For me
however, I
didn’t know what love signified, I was only
in it for
the pleasure he was giving me and he sure
gave me
pleasure and showed me much more than
James could show me. That was how I
became uncle
Emeka’s fucktoy.


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