COMMUNITY SL-UT…..(18+)…..Part 5


We raided the store and got something to
eat. I
can’t truly remember what it was we had.
Thereafter, he pulled me to the couch and
said he
wanted me to watch a film with him first
before we
would do anything else, that it would teach
me things
I needed to know so that I could really
enjoy myself. I was very excited for at least
two reasons. The first
one being that my watching tv without my
aunt or
her husband sending me on one errand or
the other
until I missed almost everything that was
shown was
a first time for me. My aunt was so against
me that I
was not allowed to touch any gadgets at
home and because I always lived in a world
of fantasy where I
would imagine that I was surrounded by
my real
parents in my tiny store of a bedroom
made me an
obedient child. I never did anything that
would overly
annoy her since she had promised on a
number of
occasions that she would maim me for any
act of disobedience and had made good
her threat twice by
once breaking my wrist and another time
my face with a blade razor. I learnt
obedience in a
hard but effective way. I was excited
secondly because I was eager to know
everything about what was happening to
my body.
This was an avenue to know all I didn’t
know and
had been desperate to know. It was like he
read my mind and had seen all the
questions and
longings buried in there. I sat demurely on
the couch as he inserted a film into the dvd
player and came
and sat back on the couch with one hand
flung on the
back of the couch to rest on my shoulder
and the
other just restng on my B—m. I sighed in
contentment, relaxing unto his neck as the
started playing. The screen faded to black
and suddenly some
raunchy, heavy music. The movie wasted
no time
getting to the action. The opening scene
showed a
beautiful woman Oyinbo woman, dressed
only in
very s*xy** lacy bra and panties that made
me sigh
with longing, washing plates at a kitchen
sink. Her buttocks and b—–s were very
obvious as she
worked. After the camera finished
examining the
woman’s every feature which was all
delectable, it
moved away to reveal a bare chested man
a pair of dirty torn jeans and work boots.
He was
admiring the woman, who didn’t seem to
notice him at first. When she did it what
was with obviously
feigned surprise. “Are you the plumber?”
the supposedly startled
woman asked. “You were supposed to get
here at
five!” “I wanted to do my plumbing early,”
the man said
in response. Then, unbelievably, he crossed
over the
short distance to the woman and grabbed
her. The
music started again as he reached out for
her and
pulled her to him. She didn’t resist at all: in
fact, she
seemed to want him to do it. Was he really
supposed to be a stranger? After putting
his mouth to hers very
long and deeply as if he was chewing her
lips, she
dropped to her knees in front of him and
unzipped his
jeans. A massively large and impossibly
hard Joystick
popped out of it. I gasped at the sight of it.
It was the
second hard Joystick I’d ever seen outside
of my cousin James’ and it was much
bigger and fatter.
James had by now increased his pressure
on my
B—m and was squeezing and pinching the
sending warm feelings through my body
increasing the wetness of my Kittycat. I
with rapt attention as if my life depended
on it. the Joystick seemed so massive,
inviting! “I love your Joystick,” the woman
said to the man
as she gripped it in her hand and roughly
pulled on it
much better than I had with James’ “Suck
it, B***h,” he replied. I gasped again in
genuine shock. Not only at his
words (why would he call her a B***h?) but
at her
actions. She was taking his thing into her
mouth! I’d
never heard of a blow-job before. With my
large eyes
glued to the action onscreen I reached for
Joystick to feel it hard once more and
throbbing. I held it exactly the way the
woman on the screen did,
then continued watching. What I saw after
that was
the most electrifying, intense, disgusting,
wonderful thing I’d ever seen before. The
lowered her head onto the man’s Joystick
and then
swallowed it as if it was a lollipop! Deep
throating it until she gagged, for nearly five
whole minutes. Her
head was moving up and down in the same
her hand had initially done, slobbering all
over it and
then using her other hand to grab his balls
and suck.
Sometimes she would remove her mouth
from the
Joystick and then take both balls instead,
sucking on them deeply. I couldn’t resist as
I also knelt
between James’ legs and tentatively licked
head with my tongue while watching
expression. I could see that he loved it as
he groaned
and pushed forward. So I decided to imitate
woman on the screen by doing everything
she did. I couldn’t deep throat him however
as each time I
tried to take him further than the back of
my throat, I
would feel my gag reflex kick in. therefore I
made do
with just taking as much as I conveniently
could and
hope that I would be able to go further
someday. Of
course I loved the taste of the Pour that
was releasing little by little into my mouth
and the general
taste of Joystick that tasted just so
different from my
Kittycat. I was still watching the tv raptly as
I alternated
between watching James face and what I
later learnt
was X-trated. Then the man in the film
pulled the
roughly to her feet and made her lean
against the
kitchen counter and spread her legs. Then
massive Joystick was shown trying to enter
her Kittycat as he leaned behind her,
probing at her
Kittycat from behind as she grunted for
him to F**K
her and, before too long, he did. I watched
in awe as
the swollen purple head of his Joystick
popped into
her glistening slit. I’d never imagined
anything like
it! so this was another thing James
Joystick could do? It wasn’t what I’d hoped
for at all. No. It was
much more than I could have hoped for.
The Joystick
slid slowly into the woman, who moaned
loudly in
response and the hairs on the back of my
neck stood
on end. As the man pounded the grunting
from behind I found myself sliding my
finger into my own Kittycat. I had
unconsciously let James’
Joystick pop out of my mouth as I sat back
on my
heels watching what was happening to the
on the film and shoving my own fingers
deeply inside
me, moaning all the while.

It didn’t take much fingering to make me
feel that
flood of juice and explosion deep inside me
again, but
it wasn’t nearly enough to sate the new
desire burning inside me. I leaned back into
the couch
and spread my legs wider, James forgotten
as I slid
three fingers into my hole. The feeling of
them squeezing their way inside my tight
Kittycat was
making me cry with pleasure. Suddenly the
pulled his Joystick out of her and the
woman got back
on her knees in front of him. For a moment
I thought
she was going to suck on his thing again,
but instead
she just smiled and told him to Pour on
her face, to Pour now, that she wanted to
taste it. I knew what
“it” was as I had tasted it just some
moments ago.
The man’s Joystick spewed forth the gooey
substance all over the woman’s pretty face.
gasped again as I was once more
experiencing the
explosion from just remembering the taste
of ‘’it’’ on my tongue. The film ended with
woman smiling, her face glazed with the
goo. She also seemed to enjoy it. The tv
screen went blank as the film ended and I
calmed down from what had just gone
through me.
That was when James came back to my
and I looked up from where I sat on the
floor to see
him looking at me, still seated on the couch
and his
Joystick standing rock hard and pointing to
the ceiling. I smiled at him as I brought my
very wet
fingers up and still looking at him started
licking them
one after the other. He laughed and said; ‘’I
knew you were a diamond in the rough;
just need a good diamond worker to
smoothen your
rough edges and bring out the sparkle in
you. You are
a natural. Born to make a man happy’’. A
glow radiated from my body as he spoke
and I
beamed at him showing him that his
assessment of me was right. ‘’Do you want
to do what they just did? He asked ‘’Yes’’ I
eagerly replied ‘’Ok, but we have to go
slowly so as not to hurt
you. Come and lie on the couch’’ I quickly
got up from off the floor and lay on the
couch. He then told me to open my legs
very wide
and play with myself like I usually did in the
bathroom. I needed no more prompting as I
got into
position, spreading my legs wide by placing
one on
the back of the couch and the other on a
stool he had drawn close to the couch. My
Kittycat was displayed
to his sight and I saw his Joystick jerk up
and down
as he watched the lewd display of nudity. I
placed on
hand on one of my B—m and started
rubbing it the
way I usually did, then I started on the Tips
by pulling
on it and pinching it which made me gasp
as heat spread through me again. Then I
moved my other
hand downward until it was touching my
Kittycat and
I was rubbing it back and forth and also
rubbing on
the button called c–t which had by now
peeping out. My cousin groaned as he
stroking his Joystick, watching me play
with myself. I felt the muscles of my
Kittycat responding as the
stimulation continued. I added another
finger and
pumped it in and out. The constant
thrusting of my
fingers and the touch on my B—m was
driving me
closer and closer to that all familiar
explosion. I
wanted to do this for James, wanted him to
see me pleasure myself for him. The waves
of pleasure were
closer and closer together then all at once I
in ecstasy as it hit me, my back arched and
I was
enveloped in the warmth of the explosion.
My breath
was ragged and deep as I rode the crest of
moment. James took his stiff Joystick in
his hands and climbed
up on the couch and between my open
legs and
positioning his Joystick on my slit began to
forward ever so gently. I was impatient as I
to experience the feeling of having it
inside me. I knew from the length that it
would go further in than my fingers ever
could. I was still riding
the now fading ebbs of my explosion and
this made
my passageway very slippery and open, but
he just
kept pushing it in slowly. When I couldn’t
bear the
wait any longer, I arched up my buttocks to
meet his
downwards stroke and he was all the way
inside me. I shrieked at the fullness and
tightness I felt. The
warmth permeating my body was more
intense than
anything I had ever felt in my entire life.
The size of
him filled me and I gasped as the probing
found its way. It nudged against my inside
in little
jerks as it found purchase. My cousin
squeezed his eyes shut and a snarl left the
side of his clenched
teeth as my young, never taken a Joystick
muscles did what they way made for;
gripping him in
a vice that I could also feel. I felt those
constrict and relax as they gripped that
member tighter than a leech. A shout of
acceptance left my mouth as he began to
piston his Joystick in
and out of out of me. It felt like he was
something inside me as he pulled out and
shoved his Joystick back deep inside me


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