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COMMUNITY SL-UT…..(18+)…..Part 40


He tried, in all fairness my uncle tried to
deny but it
was a feeble kind of denial as the truth was
all over his face for all to see. After a while,
slumped on the nearest chair and buried
his face in
his hands with an air of dejection as my
aunt ranted
and raved, shouting and crying at the same
time. My uncle kept glaring at me
surreptitiously from under
his lashes. I guess he was admonishing me
for telling
on him. After a while my aunt’s ravings
subsided and she
became rational, even calculating as she
looked first
at my uncle and then at me. I became
scared again
as I began to take her calculated look for
one of
someone planning a murder. Maybe she
will kill me
and hide my body so that the world will not
know that her husband and son
impregnated me. ‘’Now Patrick, before we
get down to the nitty
gritty, I want a few truths laid bare. One
did you or
did you not have intercourse with my
neice? My aunt
sounded like a judge preparing to pass
judgement. I
trembled where I stood, completely afraid at
her next course of action would be and for
my life. ‘’Yes I did’’ my uncle finally
answered after a
very long pause where I had thought he
simply ignore her question ‘’But it was the
darling. Angelica seduced me, several times
would go about Unclad whenever it was
just the two
of us at home, sometimes she would tie
only a wrapper…..’’ ‘’Oh spare me the
details you old lecherous fool!
You couldn’t resist the temptation,

Second question, did you and James both
intercourse with her together? She
demanded again. This my uncle just kept
quiet, looking at the imaginary
insect on the floor I guess. My aunt needed
no verbal
confirmation as his look of consternation
and quilt
were all the evidence she needed of his
complicity, it
was boldly written on his face for all to see
that he
had done this and more. I had gasped
when my uncle told those lies against me
causing my aunt to turn her
icy stare on me and causing me to clamp
my mouth
shut. I remembered the first time my uncle
had come
to FK me in the middle of the night in my
room bedroom, how he had made an habit
of it and
how he had caught me and James
Bleeping and to my surprise but elation had
gladly joined in the action. I
remembered the numerous times he had
snuck back
home from work to F
K me and the
several videos
of us on Laide’s phone. To cut a long story
short, a few days after nemesis
caught up with me, my aunt took me to
their private
hospital and the pregnancy was terminated.
I was
already four months gone I didn’t feel
while the procedure was going on as I was
anesthetized but afterwards, the pain hit
me like a machine gun in my underbelly
and I was redundant
and almost senseless for the next four to
five days.
But this later subsided to mere throbs and
within two
weeks there was no sign that I had ever
pregnant, even the milk in my B—m had
dried off.
For weeks I went without Bleeping as my
aunt monitored me, staying at home with
me all through.
It felt like I was bereaved, not having a
Joystick was
a terrible handicap but my aunt made one
About three weeks after the abortion, my
aunt had to
return to the office and she handed me
over to Laide
and Bukunmi, thinking they would take
absolute care of me and prevent my
philandering. If only she knew.


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12 thoughts on “COMMUNITY SL-UT…..(18+)…..Part 40”

  1. After de long read i can only pray god keeps me to raise my children because if angelica’s parents were alive it should not have gotten to that level as for de tinage girl she doesn’t need a man of god to deliver her but she needs god himself well i pray she get her deliverance

  2. some people are just wicked….her aunt is the cause of everything …if she was to be her daugther will she have maltreated or not giving her listening ears?….let God help us to train our children in His fear and also others as well

  3. I pray god change angelica becus her aunt iz d main cause if she had monitor teach her sex education she wnt av go astray.

  4. Over-secretion of female sex hormones! But her Aunt worsened everything, now the idiot(aunt) was crying like a puppy starved of milk after discovering the devil in her husband…mtsheew!

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