COMMUNITY SL-UT…..(18+)…..Part 33


I’m sure that man wants to F**K you,
Laide said, staring at me ‘’I’m sure he’s
stroking his Joystick and his head must be
riot with thoughts of him inside you or
Bleeping you
the way I just finger F***ed you’’. I moaned
out loud as her words only served to make
me hornier. I just sat there panting. ‘’Wait
here and compose yourself while I go and
get what we need’’ Laide commanded. Like
dumb submissive I am, I just sat there as
Laide got
out of the car and to my surprised walked
to the man
in the car beside us. She bent and was
speaking to
him. As much as I strained my ears to hear
their conversation, I couldn’t hear a thing.
Soon I gave up
and after about five minutes, Laide stood
back up,
looked at me and smiled and then went
inside the
shop. Nothing untoward happened
thereafter so I
relaxed, leaned back and dozed off. I must
have dosed a while cause the next thing I
knew was a hand shaking me awake. I
opened my
eyes and saw Laide standing by my side of
the car as
she opened the back door to put the
groceries in. I
made to get out the car to assist her but
she told me
not to worry. Then she just stood there
looking first at me, then at the surrounding
which was practically
devoid of other shoppers. In fact we were
parked in
a secluded part of the shopping complex. It
take very close scrutiny to know what was
going on
where we were. Then Laide turned back
beckoned on someone to come over and
that was when I noticed that the man
parked beside us was
still there and was the one Laide was
beckoning on.
He came over, and got into the driver’s seat
of our
car. I looked inquiringly at Laide but she
just smiled. ‘’Open your thighs wider’’ Laide
still standing by my side of the car. It would
look all
innocent to any passer-by and would not
arouse any
suspicion. Like a zombie, I found myself
complying as
I opened my thighs wider, making my dress
further up and revealing my dripping
Kittycat. ‘’Good girl’’ she said ‘pull your
dress to your
waist’’. Again I did and the man just sat
staring in mesmerised wonder. ‘’She’s all
sir’’ this from Laide to the man who it
was only waiting for Laide to give the
signal as he
quickly pushed first one finger into my
Kittycat, pumping it up and down and then
increasing it to two
and then three as he finger F***ed me in a
rapid fire
way causing me to moan and involuntarily
push my
legs as wider apart as the car space and
gear box
would allow me. I was dripping all over the
car seat. I
looked at Laide but she just stood there in
a blocking stance gloating at my obvious
discomfort and
pleasure which I could not hide.The
stranger did not stop but was now using
other hand to fondle my B—m and pinch
my Tips too
causing me to increase the decibel of my
moans. ‘’ohhhhhh, ahhhhhhh’’ I moaned

pushing further onto his fingers. ‘’shut up
Sl*t! Laide commanded ‘’don’t
create a scene. Sir, let her suck your
Joystick to keep
her quiet’’ I thought she was joking as I felt
there was no way
the man could comply with that request but
to my
surprise, the man had unbuckled his belt
and had his
Joystick out and was pushing my face
down to it in a
jiffy! It was as if that was what he had been
for all along!. It was a comfortable position
but I quickly adjusted myself to it as I s—-d
his about
average Joystick. It was short and thick,
nothing too
spectacular so I had no problem taking it in
mouth. I wanted to go about it slowly but I
guess his
fingering my wet Kittycat must have deeply
him as he was forcefully Bleeping my face
and I slobbered all over him, licking and
sucking on the
precum from his Joystick. Soon he was
jerking and
moaning and pushing my face further and
unto his Joystick until in less than three
minutes he
shot load after load of thick warm Pour
down my
throat. His Joystick was pushed too far
down my throat for me to get up and so
ended up swallowing
the Pour of an unknown man in a
parking lot far from home. I gulped and
gulped the
load and finally he was done and his
deflated Joystick
fell off my mouth and I licked it clean. I
stood back up and looked dazed at Laide
rubbed my head in the symbol of ‘’good
puppy’’ and smiled at me. The man after
properly got out of Laide’s car and made to
walk to
his when Laide dropped another bombshell.


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