COMMUNITY SL-UT…..(18+)…..Part 29


I felt an electric shock pass through me as
once again fastened her lips to my Kittycat
and I
involuntarily bit down on Laide’s Tip in my
causing her to scream. I initially thought I
had hurt
her but she was pressing that same boob
more firmly
in my mouth until it felt like I was going to
be smothered by it. I looked up and saw
her mouth was
hanging open and spit dripping out of it
and her eyes
had rolled up in her head showing only the
Something wet splashed on my stomach
and that
was when I realised that Bukunmi was
working on
both of us at the same time. She was
alternately sucking and fingering Laide and
my Kittycat as lying
on top of me had made Laide’s Kittycat
available to
Bukunmi’s mouth and fingers along with
mine. I
guess my biting down on Laide’s Tip must
coincided with Bukunmi doing something
to her
Kittycat. The whole room was filled with
what I had come to
know as Kittycat smell. Bukunmi got off me
and I
could really concentrate on Laide’s tongue
on my
Kittycat. it felt different as she seemed to
know what
to do to increase or decrease my pleasure.
She knew
how to flick her tongue on my c–t and how
to jab her tongue inside my Kittycat like a
Joystick. Soon I was
moaning as I had never experienced that
kind of
pleasure from a mouth before. It felt so
heavenly as
Bukunmi not only slurped and licked at my
but made sure to swallow every bit of juice
that was
being released more copiously than ever. I
lost sight of Laide as I was too far gone in
that hazy world,
totally lost and all I could think of was
tongue on my Kittycat and the havoc it was
on my system. I didn’t even know that I
was screaming until I felt
something hot, steamy and tangy sitting on
my face
and blocking my nostril. I couldn’t breathe
my nose and so had to open my mouth to
and d–n! The taste, that heavenly taste of
juice filled my mouth and took over my
senses. My first taste of Kittycat juice that
was not mine was
both heady and intoxicating! Laide had sat
on my face
and I was being treated to a feast of
Kittycat nectar
straight from the source. It tasted tangy
and sweet,
just like my Kittycat juice but slightly
different, like a
more mature juice, heady, strong and
intoxicating. Soon I was lapping away and
stifling my own moans
by running a stiff tongue deep inside her
Kittycat. I
nibbled the c–t and plunged my tongue
deep in the
gash that was staring me in the face, doing
what Bukunmi was doing to me. She would
a nibble on my c–t and a flicking inside the
velvety folds of my Kittycat. I did same to
Laide. Then She
shoved a finger in my sopping wet Kittycat
for good
measure and I tried to scream as an
intense o—-m
shook me from head to causing my tongue
to go wild,
dodging in and out of Laide’s c–t. Laide
making Laide to buck and jerk above me
squeezing her thighs almost closed and
almost choking and
drowning me at the same time as she
flooded my
Kittycat with the sweetest nectar. I just
managed to
hold on as she bucked and bucked and
then fell off
me to lie on the flow still spasming from
her heaving
Pour. I tried to breathe through the juice in
my mouth and the pleasure coursing
through my veins but it
was an herculean task as the pleasure was
describing, I fainted away. I woke up to
slurping sounds and on opening my
eyes saw aunty Bukunmi and Laide lying
on the floor
eating each other out. Laide’s head was
Bukunmi’s thighs and vice versa. That was
my first
sight of Bukunmi’s Kittycat and I just
opened my
mouth and drooled as I had my first sight
of a big flappy labia. It was huge and
beckoning to me but I
just slay there on the couch and watched
them do
their thing, too shy to join in on the action.

I had never
physically seen another Unclad woman
before and
the sight was intoxicating and reverting.
The sound
and smell of Kittycat pervaded the entire
room and was driving me crazy but I just
watched while
touching myself. Who would believe this
was my first
time of female-female s*x with my taken
into it with
so much gusto and lust?
I especially watched as Laide ate Bukunmi
out as I
was lusting after that fat labia myself.
Seeing it in
Laide’s mouth had me imagining it was my
lips on
there. Laide varied the movement of her
lips and
tongue, sometimes working Bukunmi’s
slowly, sometimes moving back and forth
from her c–t to the hole as if she was
fighting a war, the
movement of her mouth pushing Bukunmi
and causing her to release sharp gasps and
uncontrollably with her movements. Often
Laide would talk to Bukunmi’s Kittycat as
ate it, addressing it in the second person
just as if it
were a complete and separate entity from
the real being. Perhaps it was. “Oh! You are
Bleeping beautiful. Mmmmm. You taste so
good. Open more for me, baby. Oh, you’re
oozing so much I must have swallowed a
quart of your
sweet-tasting Pour already. Give me more
little c–t!” and swallowed Bukunmi’s
juices just as fast as she could lap them
up. Then she
dipped three fingers inside Bukunmi’s
while her lips were still tightly clasped on
her c–t and started finger Bleeping and
licking her vigorously.
Bukunmi screamed that she was cumming
but Laide
refused to stop eating until she went over
the edge
and spilled Kittycat juicy all over Laide’s
mouth who
gulped it down hungrily. She was so lost in
pleasure that she did not even remember to
continue sucking on Laide’s Kittycat who
didn’t seem to
mind. I had worked my hands into my
Kittycat as all this
was going on, imagining it was me eating
Kittycat. I closed my eyes, inhaling the
smell of
Kittycat pervading the air, making my
fingers work
harder inside my Kittycat. I used one hand
to squeeze
by B—m as a mini o—-m hit me and flowed
through me. The sound of s*x gradually
died off in the
room and we gradually slept off where we
exhausted but satisfied.


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