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COLD … (18+) … Part 4



Two police families wiped out in one night, all corrupt police officers in St Mathews slept with both eyes open, in fact, none of them slept at all. Investigations commenced on the break of dawn, there were no witnesses and no one was willing to talk, half the population had an idea of the man responsible but no one was bold enough to come out, Joseph was on a rampage and only death could stop him.
“So what next? ” Lugo asked Joseph as they sat in hidden corner at the Orient night club, from where they had an Arial view of the whole place..
” We can’t go after Heckelman now, if he connects Mike and Payne to himself, which he must have done by now, he will be very careful” Joseph said as he took a sip of his foaming beer.
” So when do we go, you know we have to be fast, before things go cold”
“Yea, we will get him where he least expects us to be”
“Do you have a plan?”
“Well, I have heard tales, his calendar places him at the town square by Thursday next week”
“For the visit of Tommels?”.
Joseph nodded. Stanley walked in and pulled a seat for himself. The waiter appea red with three more bottles.
“You want to hit town squares on a day like that? That’s Suicide”
Joseph nodded and sipped his drink.
“This is St Mathews, anything is possible”
“Whats the plan?”
“I will detail you later”
“Joe, that hit on those cops, it was you right?” Stanley asked as he opened his drink and Joseph nodded.
“You know they would come after you, right?”
He nodded again.
“You just have to be careful, i know your parents are involved but you have to thread with caution, the police always manages to avenge their dead ones”
Joseph nodded.
“I’m just worried about the family is all, about Maria and Jaycee and August, i want them to be safe man”. Josephs’ eyes turned red at the mention of those names, he twitched his face and down his beer in a single gulp.
“This is none of your business, stay out of it”. He finally said and left with Lugo.

The time was 10:42 pm. Holding August by the hand, Jaycee moved swiftly Through alleyways and unfenced backyards until they got to a house with The number 13 boldly written on it.
“August, go to that window and knock” he whispered to his brother who walked to a window in the house, stretched his hand and knocked. The window snapped open and a fair beautiful girl poked her head out.
“Hey Jay” she called out.
“Hey Nancy, everything ok?”
“Yea, everyone is gone, jump in”
They both went in through the back door and locked it behind them. Nancy rushed at Jaycee and kiss ed him, he dropped August’s hand and held her tight by the butt. August squeezed his face and ran into the parlor.
“Where have you been, i have missed you?” Nancy muttered in between kisses
“I have been busy ”
” With your girls eh?”
“Stop, are you jealous?”
“No, I’m not” she said and rolled her eyes
“You are, i can see it”.
She laughed and he smiled.
“Yes, a little ”
” You shouldn’t be, you know you are queen of the pack”.
He grabbed her and lifted her off the ground. As they stumbled their way into her room.
The man in suit and black hat walked pass the front of the house.
Thursday came and everywhere was crowded, it was like an angel had come down from heaven to hell and everyone wanted to catch a glimpse of him.
At exactly 10 am, sir Jean Tommels convoy drove through the neighborhood surrounded by police escorts, he arrived at the town square amidst heavy security and walking side by side with him was Chief inspector Heckelman, a heavily set man with a white mustache.
Joseph and Lugo with his men had arrived 20 minutes earlier and had placed themselves in strategic positions. Joseph was disguised in a black face cap and black sunshade that made it hard for one to know it was him. He stood at a spot above the podium where the visitor was to address the people, from there he observed movements of people, an Ak 47 lying at his feet.
“So what was the plan again?” Lugo asked as he approached Joseph.
“Nothing much, from here, i am going to train my bullets into Heckelman’s leg, making sure i tear it off, then while everyone is running for his fuckin life, Ron and Brad will drag him out the back into the waiting car, with the pains in his leg, i dont think he will deny us any information”
“As simple as that?”
Joseph nodded.
“I hope it works”
“Me too or i am going to separate his legs from his body ”
” What the hell is Williams doing there ” Lugo asked as they spotted Williams take position behind Jean Tommels, clad in a black suit and dark sunshades.
” I don’t know, maybe he got himself a new Job” Joseph said with a thick accent of indifference in his voice.
“I hope he won’t interfere”
“I hope too”
Few minutes later, Jean climbed the podium and started his address. He was a good speaker, Joseph and Lugo didn’t think otherwise, he engaged everyone and enjoyed a high degree of attention from his audience. People clapped in between his speech. He had been speaking for about 10 minutes when Joseph pulled up his gun.
He tactically shifted back to get cover, pulling the gun to his eye level, he aimed at The chief’s Chest, bit his lips and reluctantly shifted his aim to his legs slowly. He cocked the gun and before he pulled the trigger, 3 simultaneous bangs rented the air and Jean Tommels fell. Pandemonium broke lose. In between the chaos, Joseph could make out his brother, Williams clutching a smoking . 45, he was saying something.
“You son of a bitchh, you are not welcomed here, our people,our families die here, you too, you come here, you die, this is our home, stay in your homes”. He shifted the gun to his left hand and pointed at the escaping crowd with his right finger as the spittle flew out of his mouth and the sweat soaked his body.
“Remember,this is for you, your children and your future generation, i did this for us, remember me and remember this, nobody will tell us how to run our homes”.
At that point, the police and security guards have regrouped and had surrounded him, with rage in his eyes, Joseph made out Chief Heckelman slowly coming to intercept Williams who stood facing the police. Aiming his gun at the Chief, tears streaming down his eyes at the prospect of losing another family, he grabbed the trigger and let out his fury through the gun, he riddled the chief with as many bullets as he could, by the time he stopped, the chief could not be recognized, head blasted open and brain dripping out, his body full of holes and spurting out blood, all this did not pacify Joseph when he saw his brother on the floor, dead.
“No, noo, noooooooo!!! ” he shouted as Lugo pulled him out of the hall.
The fuck did he do that for?” Joe shouted as they jumped out of the car right in front of their home.
“I don’t know, let’s go in first” lugo said leading him in by the hand.
Sitting in the parlor, Lugo poured a glass of vodka and handed it over to Joe who gulped it down in seconds and broke the glass on the wall. For minutes they sat there staring at empty space, Joseph’s eyes blazing like wild fire. They didn’t spend long before Stanley came in, holding a crying Maria. She left Him and ran to her brother, they hugged each other and Maria cried more, Joseph was tough, he was hurt alright but he couldn’t afford to break down, he needed to be strong for his family, for his cliques, they needed no weak leader.
“Where’s Jaycee, where’s August? ” Joseph asked looking around. Maria jumped up and went inside the house and reappeared with her phone, frantically dialing Jaycee’s cell.
Jaycee cell kept vibrating, he was in the bathroom taking his bath and Nancy was in the parlor with August, she was going through Jay’s phone.
“Hello” she said as she picked the call.
“Hello, Who is this? Is Jaycee there?” Maria asked anxiously.
“Yes, let me get him for you” nancy said and dropped the call.
“Jay, one of your girls need you on the phone ” she shouted. Jaycee came in already dressed. Nancy flipped the phone over to him.
” Fukk, that’s my sister” he said as he picked the phone. Before he could call her back, her call came back in.
“Hello sis”
“Jay where are you?”
“I’m with nancy, what’s up?”
“Come home immediately, get baby back here”
“Oh okay “.


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