CITY MERMAID – Episode 61



🛥️⛲Sea Tales Presents⛲🛥️:

🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️

Composed By: 🎈Sam🎈
🐬 Episode_61🐬

A Jet could be seen landing on the roof of a building as the speed of the blade decreased.
The door pushed open and Cindy stepped out in a ball gown.
“Going to fight in gown, isn’t that crazy”. She asked walling down the stairs.
“You think I should have wore somethinh more spanish? “. Madison inquired as she got down as well in a sleeveless gown.

“You both really need to stop noise, am allergic”. Finn said as he got down as well in a black Jacket and leather pant.
“I think we should have thrown you out of the Jet earlier”. Cindy fired.
“We’re going to fight someone not fight ourselves, Okay, Finn be at your best behavior”. Lovely begged as he got down.
He was in a turtle neck shirt and a leather trouser.

“I’m trying brother but this thingy creatura is provoking ex Finn “. He replied.
“Did he just call me a creature in Italian, how stupid! “. She cursed.
“If you love the girl spill it and don’t play wood chase, you’ve had enough fight in the Jet”. Anita said as she cat walks out with each step of confidence.
She was in a ‘You Decide’ T Shirt and had that spec on that have her an amazing look.

“haha why would I love her?”. Finn asked.
“I should ask you because you disgust me”.
“Mmmm hmmm”.
“I hope you understand I saved your ass “.

“Because I talk some shit into your head”.
“Right from the moment I saw you,I knew you were a big bad headache “. He said.
” Just for the record Lovely, I’m going to kill him “. Cindy said and he shrugged.

Someone cleared her throat and they turned back to see Kapella stepping down the stairs.
She was in a skull printed blush shirt and black fedora hat on with glittering sun glasses.
Not neglecting tulle blush mini skirt and studded high-heel she walked with like a pro.

“Now thats just gorgeous”. Finn said.

“You’re permitted to kill him, Cindy”. Lovely said.
Kapella took off her glasses as moved to the edge of the roof and looked at the building below as other joined her.
“So this is Spain?”. Madison asked as she inhaled heavily.

“It’s Spain and Spain here we come Um who’s good at Spanish and Italian again?”. She asked and they stared blankly at her.

“Hish! We’ll use the old process”. She announced.


“You’re seriously going to Spain?”. Mrs. Arrowood asked as Kapella arranged some clothes into her bag.
“It’s Spagna, that one got some swag”. She suggested.
“Am definitely coming along”. She said and Kapella stopped arranging.
“No, you have to look over Steve, he’s going to school tomorrow and Bla Bla Bla Dad is too busy I watch over him so he doesn’t turn this house upside down”.

“I’m not the incredible hulk”. They heard a voice and turned to the door to see him.
“Hush!”. Kapella exhaled dropping the shirt she was holding.
“We know you have wishes to be alone one day so you turn the house around”. Kapella said.

“Are you really leaving?”. He asked with a sad look.
“Yes”. She replied.

“Mom don’t let her, did we do something bad or did your real mom want you to?”. Steve asked and their eyes popped.
“How did you….”. Kapella snared wondering how he knew Anita was her real mother.
“No no no don’t give me that stares K, I can’t spill such sensitive info to Steve”. Mrs. Elijah said and and he rose his shoulder.

“Am a Werewolf and a Big Bad Vampire, A Hybrid”. He sang loudly.
“He’s been eavesdropping the entire time”. Kapella snabeed.
“You little”. Mrs. Elijah said rubbing his head.
“I guys I just have to charm you into forgetting”. She said wanting to move at them.

“I heard the part were your rich boy… boy….”. He stammered staring at Mrs. Elijah’s face.
“Boyfriend talked about honey in war, resist your charm”. He said.
“How long have you been eavesdropping?”. Kapella asked.
He shrugged and she shook her head.

“You should understand that no one should hear this from you okay, your friends your classmates and Bla Bla, okay?”. She said.
“Pinky swear”. He said stretching his finger.
“Hish”. Mrs. Elijah said slapping down the finger.

“You must understand you don’t know eveyone around you, so spilling such might be quite dangerous”.
“I won’t tell anyone”.
“Good boy then”.

“Are you still leaving?”. He asked.
“Yes i have to”. She replied.
“Why? Please stay”.
“Listen she isn’t actually going away Steve, she’ll be back, just need to put some things right in Spain”.

“She’ll be back?”. He asked with popped eyes.
“Yeah I’ll be, as soon as we are done, okay”. She said.
He ran forward and hugged her leg tightly as tears formed in his little blue eyes.

“I’ll miss you”. He whispered.
“Me too, I’ll miss you but I’ll get you bowls of ice cream on my way home”.
“Hmm you’re joking right? Pinky swear”. He said stretching his little finger again.
His eyes met with that of his Mother and quickly dropped the finger.

“Stay safe, okay?”. He said and she nodded.


Lovely could be seen walking down the hallway with a bag behind him when Ashley approached him.
“You’re leaving as well, what’s happening?”. She inquired holding his hand.
“It’s just business, Ashley, I’ll be back”. He said.

“Mom, Dahlia, Diaz, Finn who then returned, now you, what have I done to deserve this?”. She cried.
“You need to stop been a baby Ashley”.
“A baby, everyone is abandoning me, leaving me with nothing”.
“It’s just for a while, everyone will be back, Dahlia is at Brokyln for a conference, Mom is at Spain, Diaz I can’t say yet and I am off to Barcelona but will be back”.

“Barcelona? You mean Spain”. She asked.
“And it involves mother?”.
“Listen Ashley, Roxy is around, making its just time you stop pushing people away and make new friends else at the end you’ll realize there’s no one to hold on to in crises”.

“You mean, crises like your Mermaid girlfriend”. She asked and he was shocked as he paused.
“Kapella Elijah, she once tried to charm me,so bad i realized lately, with mysteriously disappearance of the laptop I used in watching the footage, to the disk, I found particles of it in the WC, isn’t that strange, to you saving a Mermaid, helping her escape a long way, you may hate hunting but in your entire life there’s just one person, you can do crazy things for and then all the appearance of the Arctic in which I was present, she had shinning bright tail and now I realized, the shinning thing in the pool I saw, Diaz tranquilizer pin not walking on her “. Ashley said and scoffed.

” And then I realized what is Kapella Elijah, she’s not just a pretty high school girl we all decide to pick on, there’s more it”. She said. “Or maybe I was around earlier to witness the fight between the Mermaids and those people I don’t know and you came in with Kapella and….”. She was saying as tears formed in her eyes.

“I don’t even understand a bit of anything going on, Just stay safe brother and protect her from mom, at least you have the courage to go against her for love”. She said and burst into tears wanting to walk away but he pulled her back and hugged her tightly.
“I’m sorry she ruined our lives, make us go against ourselves for years but maybe it’s not completely ruined, maybe it’s just us to make the call and stand as one, a family instead of all the fighting fighting”. He explained.

“I can’t, I can’t be good Lovely, I am a hate machine”.
“No, that’s what she turned you into but you can be a love machine, it’s your choice not her and you can’t let her still that choice away from you “. He said.

” Wow! Have the family bonding thing begin, what did I miss? “. They heard a voice and turned to see Finn.
” Brother “. Lovely said as he disengaged from Ashley.
” Are you set cos C just called screaming out her lungs that I should pick her up”.

“When did you two becomes friends?”. He asked.
“It’s complicated”. He replied.
“Then best of luck, Go before she goes or crazy, you can take one of my best cars”. He said.
“Is that your way of saying you’ll catch up with me?”. Finn asked.

“Don’t keep the lady waiting Finn”.
“Um when did you two?”. She said pointing to the both of them.
“That’s how looks when we ain’t fighting Ash, it’s the best feeling”.
“I got a girl to pick up sister so later”. He said.
“Am coming with you to Spain”. Ashley said to Lovely.

Finn paused and turned back.
“Seriously? You both are going to Spain?”. She asked.
“We’ll be back, take care of home”. Lovely said wanting to walk away but she held him back.
“No, I’m coming with you both”.
“Ashley we won’t be long”.

“You want me to be in this new family thing then let me come”. She said.
Lovely stared at Finn and he nodded.
“Just a moment with Finn please”. He said.
“You both wanna run”.

“No we ain’t”.

“I’ll block the entrance then”. She said walking away.

“We can’t let her come, Lovely”.
“I’m trying to but this might also be a a one time opportunity to pull Ashley from mother’s grip, there’s a good in her”.
“No Lovely, we all know Ashley is mischievous just like eveyone of us “. He said.
” The last time mother used her, she still helped to realize she was tricking me, we all can testify she’s been broken and lonely lately, she’s vulnerable to Mother’s attack right now but thing is she can also be vulnerable to me convincing her to be good, just like the better man you’ve become brother “. Lovely said.

” I know Ashley have been at her best behavior for a while now but we can’t trust her”.
“I know Finn but we still need to try”.
“Try, we can try by not letting her come along to Spain there are other ways to try “.
“I understand that but she’s quite persistent, am just scared what if she truely sorry right now and I am not seeing it “.

“I have a confession brother”. Finn said and he turned.
“You can’t trust anyone In the family brother, not even me, because right now I’ve informed mother of your coming”.

⛩️⛩️⛩️🏙️Flashback 🏙️⛩️⛩️⛩️

“They know were you are, they are coming for you”. Finn said to the phone.
“What do you mean by that?”.
“Lovely thinks you’re in Madagascar and they’ll be headed there soon”.
“Madagascar, what the hell?”.
“You always go to Madagascar with Dad so he was able to track Dad’s phone and traced it to that place”.

“Are you sure about this?”.

“They’re really desperate to find you and they’re also wondering if were Danny was taken to”.
“Hmm keep me updated, are you going with them?”.
“Yes, what’s the hope that at the end of this, you won’t kill me off, what’s the hope that I’ll see my parents at the end of this “.

” I keep to my word Finn, your parent will be spared if you do all I say “.
” I have to go now “. He said and disconnect the call.


Lovely paved around and punched the wall angrily.
” You’re working for Mother? “.
” I was but I realized what you always meant by family are those who are willing to protect and die for you, I can’t work for Mother and at the end, she kills me off or I gain nothing, for the whole time I’ve known her she’s evil but you all care for me now, it’s better than holding on to something you see than having a faith on a probability that mother is either saying the truth or… “. He said and burst into tears and Lovely hugged him tightly.

” I got you bro, I got you, we’re going to find my mother and unravel this mysteries, if she truely have your parent we’ll make sure to find out but all this is going to Spain to get her “.
” Yeah, She’s not at Barcelona”. Finn said.
“Um the tracker tells me so”.

“Danny is at a different place from her, I traced her call to Madrid, I can show you”.
“Mother isn’t stupid to stay in one location for long, I’ve been taking note of her mode of operation for long now and also you telling her that we’re coming will make her more prepared even though she doesn’t know we’ll be at Spain”..

“Don’t get me wrong Finn, you did the right thing and that makes mother to believe you’re on her side but for this to work we have to tell Kapella so we can figure a plan out”.
“Lovely we can’t, Cindy will be mad to discover I didn’t actually save her “.
” We don’t have to tell them that yet, all we need to telling them Mother’s current location okay and once we’re done with solving all this her crises we’ll find a way to tell me “.

” I don’t actually know what to say if I actually realized you were the best brother one could ever had I would have side with you, a long time ago “.

🏙️🏙️🏙️Fast Forward🏙️🏙️🏙️


” The plan is simple and clear one team goes for Danny and the other team goes for Mrs. Arrowood “. Kapella said as they all entered into a mini van.
Lovely was the driver and she sat beside him.
“Two Arctics in two team”. Lovely said.

“That’s right”. Kapella supported.


Lady Benita could be seen standing on top of a building with a woman.
“it will be difficult getting in”. She said looking down on a cottage far away which was surrounded by heavily armed men and armored vehicles moving around.
“We have two Artics”. The other lady said.

“They have weapons”. Lady Benita said and her phone buzzed.
“Hey it might be a little bit problem getting in, the place is surrounded and they’re heavily armed”.


Kapella disconnected the call and exhaled.
“And now what should be done, She’ll escape before get in, we have to find another way to get in without engaging the guards”.
“There is we’ll use water teleportation”. Kapella said.

“The teleportation depends on volume of the entering and appearing medium and the distance between the two point “. Anita said.

” And when did physics become involve in Mermaids activities? “.Cindy asked.
” Everything is science. If the volume of the medium you’re appearing from is small then the distance must be proportional, small distance for the teleportation to occur”. Anita said.

“That means we have to get close to the building?”. Madison said.
“Depends, if you’re appearing from water in a cup, small volume, you have to get close but if there’s a pool in the building…..”.
“We can teleport from a far distance”.

“Exactly, we just have to get close and try to connect and see what medium is available”.
“Like Wi-Fi?”. Finn asked.
“Just keep quiet”. Cindy snapped.
“We have to start moving how are we going with Danny”. Kapella asked.

Lovely opened the laptop and handed it over to her.
“He’s moving I think they’re transporting him somewhere else, I’ll handle that, just make sure you don’t let Mrs. Arrowood slip though your fingers”. Anita said pushing the door of the van open.
“Stay safe mother”. Kapella said as she gave her the laptop.

“I will, I’ll just contact some Mermaids to join, they should have arrived at the coasts of the Atlantis already”.
She turned and vanished into the crowd passing by.
“I guess we move”. Lovely said and his phone buzzed.

He took the call and exhaled.
“Just checking you, Doctor says he called you”. Dahlia’s voice came in.
“Yeah, how do feel, I’ll be at Brooklyn to check on you or are you returning soon? “. He asked.
” No or you mean to say you’re not at United States right now “. She said and he gasped.

” Um… I’ll be at Brooklyn to see you “.
” Brooklyn is in America and you’re currently in Spain, Madrid to be specific “.
” Wtf “. He whispered.
” What have you been doing lately? You should stop going against hunters like Wanderers, Lovely and I am trying to imagine what you’re cooking right now “.

” Um Dahlia “.
” Just don’t get into trouble again or you might not survive it this time”. She said and disconnect the call.
“What is she talking about?”.
“We have to move, Dahlia knows we’re here”. Lovely said starting the ignition of the vehicle.

He hit the accelerator driving off immediately.
“Who’s Dahlia?”. Kapella asked and his phone buzzed again.
He took it to see the message.
“You don’t have to be scared, I’m not Spain but don’t get into trouble, that’s only what I seek”.

“What the hell is she talking about?”. Lovely asked as he increased the speed of the vehicle.
“The only water I can feel is in the building is of low volume, more of a cup”. Kapella said as they came to halt far away.
“I have to go in, you’ll engage the men in outside”. She said.

“I’m coming with you”. Lovely said.
“It’s dangerous or maybe I should overfloat the place just before I go it, we’ll take out more men with that”.
“That’s right, go”. He said.
“Take”. Madison said giving her a cup of water.
She dipped her fingers into it and vanished.
“Can we go in with her?”. Lovely inquired.

“Yes we can”.


“And here is yours”. Mrs. Arrowood said giving a cup of coffee to the man chained to a chair.
“Are you actually making fun of me cos I’m pretty chained up”.
“That’s right”. She replied and poured it on his face.

“You’ll pay for your evil deeds, one day, just one day”. He groaned trying to hold the pain as it burnt his face.
“It’s been a very long time Danny, quit that hope already”.
“The bad news is your daughter might be joining the list of the Dark Wanderers cos I exposed her to them as well”.

“You bitch!”. He roared angrily and she chuckled.
“I wanted here but then I found a full baked cake, why would I then want a half baked cake like your daughter anymore when a pregnant Arctic have be rumored to be here”.
“You’ll regret this, Minerva, one day”. He roared.

“Stop the shit already Danny, you’re stuck here with me and no one is coming to save you, I repeat, no one”. She said and heard a loud rumble.
She moved to the window and was shocked to see a huge wave of water sweeping all the armed men and vehicles away.

“Finn! That idiot”. She cursed angrily seeing someone at the apex of the flood.
She quickly raced to her cabinet and put out a wave gun.
“As much as I want to keep you alive Danny, I can’t let anyone save you”. She said and grabbed the knife on the table.
“Am begging you Minerva don’t do this”.

“It’s been a long long ride after so long, I’ll be putting you out of your misery “.

” Please just let me see my daughter once then you can kill me “. He pleaded.
” You should be greatful I’m putting you out of your misery, good bye Danny “. She said and forced the knife into his chest.

He gasped loudly as she pulled it out and stabbed him again.
Kapella burst out from the cup of water on the table with Lovely and Madison causing it to scatter.
Mrs. Arrowood quickly turned as she fired the wave gun at her but Lovely covered her and it hit him away.

He crashed roughly to the ground and she dashed at Mrs. Arrowood who fired again but she flew over it and punched her face.
She crashed to the ground and Kapella land in front of her.
Kapella made to grab her up but she forced the knife into her hand and headbutt.

She cleared Kapella with her foot and tried stabbing the knife into her face but Kapella kicked her and she crashed into the table.
Kapella moved at her but she fired the wave gun causing her to hide swiftly.
Madison dived over the couch and flipped Mr. Arrowood over the other table.

She made to move at her but she fired the wave gun again which she dodged swiftly.
Mrs. Arrowood quickly raced into a glass room and locked it with the key pad.
Kapella moved at the room with all fury as the water from outside came it.
She turned them into ice and hit it angrily but the ice scattered into pieces.

Lovely staggered to his feet as Kapella paused the glass angrily but her wrist broke.
She groaned and straighten it again.
“It isn’t just glass, it’s diamond, you can’t break through “. Lovely said staggering to his feet.

Mrs. Arrowood stood in the middle of the room where there was different weapons and stared dagger at them.
” Kapella we have a problem “. Madison said staring at dying Danny.
Kapella quickly rushed at the man and squat..

“Who’s he?”. She asked.
“I have no idea”. Lovely replied.
Kapella inhaled and started singing while Madison watched Mrs. Arrowood who was inserting the weapons in the room into her outfit.
Slowly the stab wound healed up and he gasped to life.

“Are you okay?”. She asked and he nodded.
“You’re a Mermaid”. He whispered.
“Who are you?”. Lovely asked.
“Please do you know Anita? I need to know she’s, please tell me she’s not dead”. He cried.
“Hey hey yo man, who the hell are you to know Anita?”. Lovely asked.

“Tell me my daughter is fine, please tell me the Dark Wanderers don’t have them”. He sobbed.
Kapella rose up slowly taking few steps back.
“What is he talking about?”. Kapella asked.
“Man who are you, spill it already”.

“I’m Danny… Danny Arrowood, that’s my name”. He said.
“No no no, not possible”. Lovely said taking few steps back.
“Lovely”. Kapella called out as her breath increased.
“Hey”. He said holding Kapella’s hand.
“You’re Lovely, Lovely Arrowood, her son”. Danny said.

Kapella stared at him with shaky tears in her eyes.
“Why do you have the eyes of Anita?”. He whispered.
“Or am just missing her, it’s been 20 years in her captivity because I saved Anita but she never got to know it was me she must be thinking of me as a bad person “. He sobbed.

” Father! “. Kapella burst into tears as she hugged him tightly.
” I don’t know what this woman is up to but we have to be careful “. Madison said as Mrs. Arrowood was still equipping the weapons into her body.
” You have her hair “. He whispered and shut his eyes.

“Daughter is this you”. He cried.
Kapella grabbed the chains angrily and broke off with her hand.
He tried to get up but couldn’t.
“I’ve been here for twenty years, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to use my legs again but I’m so happy to see you”. He sobbed.

Lovely phone buzzed and he stared at the message.
“I told you to stay out of trouble, do you really have plans to die?”. He read out.
“Who’s that?”. Kapella asked.

“Who else if not Dahlia?”. He replied.

🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸United States🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
🏰🏰🏰🏰Brooklyn City🏰🏰🏰🏰

Dahlia could be seen moving toward a swimming a swimming pool as she stripped naked revealing the burns in her skin.
She dived straight into the water and it splashed up.


“Who’s this Dahlia you’ve been mentioning?”. Madison asked.
“My elder sister, The first child of the Arrowood”. Lovely said.
“Your big sister”. Kapella asked and he nodded.
“Forgive me for my interrupted, who do you say is Dahlia again?”. Danny asked as Mrs. Arrowood was still busy with her equipping.

Slowly the naked body emerged from the water as she wriggle her hair.
The burn in her skin had totally cleared off now without no single scar.

🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸United States🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
🏰🏰🏰🏰Brooklyn City🏰🏰🏰🏰

“Dahlia is my sister, First child of the Arrowood, suppose to be the heir but the female factor thing, so I’m the heir”. He said and Danny shook his head.

“I don’t know which Dahlia you’re talking about but the Dahlia I know is……”.

🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸United States🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
🏰🏰🏰🏰Brooklyn City🏰🏰🏰🏰

The body slowly emerged from the water with her now long hairs covering her face.
But that was not the only thing new as her legs had now become tail.
Placing her hand on the concrete the tail turned back to legs and she emerged out slowly.


“Is your twin sister”. Danny completed.

“Guys she’s placing something on the wall?”. Madison said as Mrs. Arrowood glued a device to the glass and they turned back just the glass wall explodes into pieces.

🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸United States🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
🏰🏰🏰🏰Brooklyn City🏰🏰🏰🏰

And now her height had somewhat decreased a little.
She pushed the lengthy hairs on her face to the back revealing her young cute face.
That wasn’t Dahlia but a teen girl with blue eyes.
It was someone totally different..

Don’t scream o.
I have headache


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