CITY MERMAID – Episode 46



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🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️

Composed By: 🎈Sam🎈
🐬 Episode_46🐬

“You look surprised, are you alright?”. Danny asked.
“Yeah, no, I’m fine, you’re Mr. Arrowood?”. Kapella asked to cover up the shock and he scoffed.
“You’re such a funny girl, Arrowood is a family name and I’m just a distant relative”.
“Oh I see”. Kapella said as her heart pound fast.

She could feel anger running down her spine as she could hear Mrs. Elijah’s voice in her head telling her what her real mother said about Danny.
“He was a Romantic Son of the Devil”. Kapella heard the voice and groaned closing her eyes.
“Are you alright?”. He asked wanting to touch her arm.

“I’m fine”. She said stopping him.
“Just a slight headache, I should go now”. She said wanting to open the door but it was locked.
“We haven’t finished our conversation”. He said.
“I have, I don’t feel comfortable with strangers”.

“Really? You fell in love with a kid in less than a month, does that satisfy that claim?”.
“Seriously can you let me go, Danny or whatever you call yourself”. She said and he chuckled.
“I can see why the Arrowood are much interested in you, the courage and stubborn acts, I’m growing fond of you”.

“I don’t need your compliment Mr. Danny, what else do you want cos I’m done here”.
“Don’t act like I’m asking you out, I’m just trying to advice you like a father would to a daughter”. He said and sweat formed the more on Kapella’s head as her heart beat faster.
“You’re not my father”. She stammered.

“Of course but I’ll advise like one, seems Elijah doesn’t know his daughter is mingling with some rich kid in town, he’s a man of principle and I’ll advise you like he would”. Kapella fumed in anger.
“You know nothing about my father”.
“You keep acting like we’ve met before, I definitely love that”.

“Open the fvcking door”.
“Stay away from Lovely Arrowood, Kapella Elijah, face your studies, a catfish can never be the suitor of a king whale, that should stink into your head cos I might not be gentle the next time, go!”.
She tried opening the door and it worked now.
She staggered out immediately and closed the door.

The vehicle drove off immediately and she leaned against the wall closing her eyes.
” Hey ma’am are you alright? “. She heard a voice.
” Get off! “. She roared angrily and the woman walked away staring at her.
“Calm Kapella, Breath!”. She repeated trying to calm herself.

She wanted to move when she felt something in her coat.
She dipped her hand in and brought out a key.
Her mind flashed black to Lovely touching her waist before the men grabbed him away.
He must have dropped it in.
” Crazy kid”. She said looking around.

“Over there”. She said as she locate the vehicle.
She got in and starting the ignition drove off speedily.
As she drove she couldn’t concentrate as she could hear different voices in her head.
From Mrs. Elijah telling her Mom’s story to the Mermaids all talking about Danny, the Bastard her mother married.
Kapella roared angrily as she hit the accelerator angrily causing the vehicle to shoot off like a bullet.

She arrived at Cindy’s place in no time and rushed into the building.
“Hey babe what….”. Cindy said standing up from the couch but Kapella didn’t let her finish as she hugged her in tears.
“I met my father, I met Danny”. She cried.
“What are you talking about?”. Cindy asked as they disengaged.

“I met my biological father and all felt was the fury to tear him apart”.

🏬🏬🏬Arrowood Mansion🏬🏬🏬

Mrs. Arrowood marched into the building as the men dragged Lovely behind.
“Get your filthy hands off him!”. He struggled with them but they were much stronger than him.
They let him go as they got to the living room and Mrs. Arrowood sat.

“Now we have a full house”. She said and he turned to see his siblings.
“Sit”. Dahlia said.
Lovely scoffed and smirked his lip.
“I was literally kidnapped for some shitty mee…..”.
Mrs. Arrowood slapped him across the face and he groaned.
“Sit!”. She roared.

He stared at her and sat gently on the couch.
“We have little time left because I spent more of it tracking your brother like he’s some kid”. Mrs. Arrowood said and inhaled.
“So the purpose of this meeting is to inform you that there’s an Arctic out there, a new Arctic”. Mrs. Arrowood said.

“I thought Anita is said to be the last Arctic”. Ashley said.
“So we thought but seems there’s another but not Anita”. Mrs. Arrowood said and raised a picture up.
“This is what Anita looks like but what Dahlia and I say isn’t this, it’s a masked girl “. She said and and Lovely stared at Anita’s picture with keen interest.
” Lovely! “. Mrs. Arrowood called out and he jerked from his thought.

” Are you with us? “. She asked and he nodded.
” You ain’t dumb “.
” Yes, I’m with you “.
” Good, as you all know, our ancestors have been on the search for Arctics, they’re the main priority, as you all know, we had one before”.
“Who married one of the Arrowoods, we know that already but are the Arrowood so blind to hook their son up with a Mermaid, I don’t still get the story”. Lovely said.

“This isn’t time for story”. Mrs. Arrowood said.
“We deserve to know what went between this Danny and Anita?”.
“You heard Mother, shut up! It isn’t time for story”. Dahlia said and eveyone turned to her as they were shocked.
Even Lovely was shocked as he gasped.

She was always by his side against their Mother.
“We’re having a plan for them but let’s push that to tomorrow after our dinner with the Fernando family”.
“Fernando family”. Diaz said and scoffed.
“The last time we met at Spain, you didn’t go well with the Fernando twin”.

“That was Ashley”. Finn said.
“Just keep shut! You’re the one who tried to woe them”.
“Enough”. Mrs. Arrowood said and there was silence.
“I don’t want to hear the blame game, this is a fresh start and if you do well, you’ll be rewarded by me, our deal with the Brook Family was ruined before of what Dahlia did to the Brook Brothers”. She said and all eyes turned to Dahlia who let out a creepy smile.

“We used her Dinning, our mistake but she will be at her best behavior this time, we’re using Candy’s hotel”.
“Gosh! Another venue please”. Finn said.
“I don’t need to tell you who’s Mr. Fernando, I don’t need to tell you what benefit we’ll derive if the family bonding thing works, you can imagine it”. She said placing her hand together.

A guard suddenly rushed in and they turned.
“How many times have I warned that I’ll serve you head if you ever disrupt my meeting”. Mrs. Arrowood screamed.
“Am sorry ma’am, I’m sorry ma’am, Mr. Fernando and his Family are here”. He said breathing heavily.
“What?”. Mrs. Arrowood exclaimed as her kids were surprised as well.

“They just drove in now ma’am”.
“Go make sure the cooks are doing something”. Mrs. Arrowood said snapping her finger at Dahlia.
“What’s my reward?”.
“We’ll fvcking talk about that later and we’re using your dinner, name your price later”. Mrs. Arrowood said trying to compose herself.

“What are you waiting for, let’s go welcome them”. She snapped at them and they rose up sluggishly.
“I’m going to warn again, any of you ruin this, I’ll kill you”. She said and straightened up her dress as she stepped out.

They followed after her from behind to see the Ferrari 250 GTO that drove into the compound.
“You should stop being a pompous proud girl and date the Fernando’s son to get us some goodies”. Finn said and Ashley scoffed.
“And when did we become friends or have the sight of the world most expensive Ferrari messed with your head, I’m no friend of yours, Go date the twin if you want goodies “. Ashley said.
Mrs. Arrowood turned back and silence ensured as they looked away.

They stood in front of the vehicle as the front doors slide open revealing two people who came down from it.
A man in a red coat and a teen boy who was dressed in almost the same way.
“Mr. Fernando I wasn’t expecting you”. Mrs. Arrowood said full of smiles.

“Yeah, sorry for the surprise, I have an appointment tomorrow so…”.
“No not at all, you’re very much welcome”. She said.
“Kids”. She said turning back.
“Welcome to the Arrowood’s Mansion Mr. Fernando”. They chorused.
“You got Lovely kids”. Mr. Fernando said and she nodded.

“Oh so bad of me to keep you waiting, may we go in?”.
“Sure”. He said.
“Rex, ain’t you saying anything”. He added.
“I’m Rex we might have met before, I prefer Generator Rex”. He said.
“What about your twin daughter?”. Mrs. Arrowood asked.

The loud sound of a music could be heard as the passenger’s door slide open.
A teen girl stepped out with a stereo box and paused on seeing them.
“Arrowood Mansion, I thought we stopped by a boutique”. She said looking around.
“That’s Camille, Stereo Girl “. Rex said beckoning at her to reduce the music.

“I didn’t beg you to introduce me Generator”. She said stepping forward.
“Stop it”. Mr. Fernando said.
“You heard me”.
She frown and paused the music on her stereo box.
“Nice to meet you Camille”. Lovely broke the silence.
She stared blankly at him as she turned to her father.
“Can I play it now?”.
“No… Let’s go”. He said putting his hand around her shoulder.

“What about your other girl?”. Mrs. Arrowood asked as they moved toward the building.
“She’s a latecomer”. Rex said.
“Do you all hate me that much?”. They heard a voice and turned back to see a girl that looked like Camille coming down from the vehicle.
“Just a minute to finish with my make up”. She said holding a brush.

“Just fall in when you’re done”. Camille said.
“That’s right, let’s go”. Mr. Fernando said and they moved into the building while Finn waited behind.
They all moved into Dahlia’s Dinning and had their seat.
The maids pushed in a roller filled with different meal and offload them to the table.

“Sorry this should have been done before your arrival, Mr. Fernando”.
“No, not at all”.
Lovely couldn’t help but let out a creepy smile.
Kind words didn’t fit his mom is any direction.
He turned and there was Camille staring at him with Rex.
“What?”. He asked.

“You finally found a potential crush Rex”. Camille said and picked the fork.
“I’ve a girlfriend bitch”. Rex cursed at her.
“He looks way cute than her”.
Lovely scoffed as he hit the table angrily.

Mrs. Arrowood stared dagger at him but he was way too angry.
“And successful updated your list of enemies, congratulations sister”. Rex whispered.
“C’mon have your meal Mr. Lovely, she’s only trying to get on your toes”. Rex said forcing a laugh.
“Camille!”. Mr. Fernando called out.

“I’m trying to be friendly Dad but Mr. Pineapple face isn’t”.
“They’re kids Mr. Fernando, it’s nothing”. Mrs. Arrowood said.
“That’s right”. Camille said as gulped in the content of the cup in front of her.

The other girl got down from the vehicle as she struggled to put her heels on.
“Let me help you with that”. Finn said moving toward her.
“hish! Almost there”. She said and successfully put it in.
“Who are you?”. She asked as she rose up.

“I’m Finn, Finn Arrowood”. He said and her eyes popped.
“Scary name for bad guys”. She said walking away.
“You got the paint of a lipstick on your teeth”. He called out.
“Not your fvcking business”. She fired back.

She arrived at the table and had her seat.
“And that’s Crystal”. Mr. Fernando said.
“Oh Crystal, she’s beautiful”. Mrs. Arrowood said and Camille frowned.
“Did you hear that sister, I’m way cuter than you”. Crystal said as she took off her diamond spec.
“Tell her brother who’s cuter?”. Camille said.

Rex shrugged as he gulped in the wine juice he held.
“See for yourself Cami”.
“You got paint on your tooth”.
“I told her”. Finn said as he walked in.
“I didn’t invite you Mr…. What’s his name again?, Mr. Guava mouth”. Camille said and turned to her sister.
“Make up change no shit I’m prettier”.

“Ain’t they identical twin”. Ashley whispered at Lovely.
“Ask the bitch”. Lovely said.
“Can we eat in peace now?”. Diaz asked as he was feed up already.
“Who are you?”. Crystal asked.

“Kids let’s have it quiet”.

Lovely phone buzzed and he brought out his phone to see the message from Kapella. “Come get your vehicle in ten minutes or I’ll dump it”. He smiled as he raised his head up.
Diaz stared at him knowing fully well that it must have been a message from Kapella.

“Um does anyone knows Kapella Elijah the upcoming pop singer? “. Camille asked and everyone turned to 8

Kapella alighted from the vehicle as the door pulled open like it was awaiting her arrival.
“You got a car”. Steve exclaimed as she threw the key at him.
He caught it and jingle it.
“I need to test ride”. He said as she walked past him.
She grabbed his shirt from behind and raised him in with one hand.

She slammed close the door and collect the key.
“Do you want to die?”. She asked and he nodded.
“You pun…..”. She paused as she perceived a presence in the building.
“Is mom home?”. She asked.

“No, I should call her to tell you brought a vehicle home”. Steve said.
“Shhh..”. She said and climbed up the stairs.
She moved to the door of her room and kicked the door open.
“Terrible entry, Kapella”. A voice said and she stepped in to see Tomar seated on her bed.

“Steve stay down there”. She said but there was no response.
“Steve!”. She called out and ran out but he was nowhere to be found.
“We don’t rest Arctic Girl, we’re always busy”. Tomar’s voice came out from the cup of water on the table.
She emerged out and was now seating on the table.

“What do you want?”. Kapella asked.
“That’s the question but maybe we don’t want you anymore Kapella Elijah, everythin you used as an upper hand against us reside somewhere, someone taught you and there’s only one person who’s gone face to face with the Arctic and walk out free woman, Anita”.

“My mother is dead”.

“But she left something for you, The book”. She said and Kapella turned to her.
“Don’t be surprised, we entered into Jane’s head the last time”.
“I’m not giving you that book”. Kapella said.
“Very well Kapella Elijah, prepare four coffins but not withstanding when we’re done, we’re still coming back for you”. Tomar said and paused.

“And one tip, Jane must have lied you, don’t worry we’ll punish her”. Tomar said and vanished into the cup of water.
Kapella looked around and paused seeing the writing on the wall.
It was the list of names.


All crossed with a red marker.



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