CITY MERMAID – Episode 43



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🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️

Composed By: 🎈Sam🎈
🐬 Episode_43🐬

Kapella walked through the corridor of the rest room looking around for where the voice in her head was coming from.
She could see the students entering and leaving the different rooms there.
“Who are you?”. Kapella asked.
“You must be the Arctic”. She heard a voice and turned back to see Esther and Anna standing at the entrance.

“Who the hell are you?”. She asked moving toward them.
“Kapella Elijah, Just as beautiful as they describe”. Anna said as she stopped in front of her.
“C’mon girls, break it, restroom is not the best place to fight”. A senior student said.
“Come with me”. Kapella thought walking away.

They followed after her and she lead them to the roof.
So can you answer my question now? “. Kapella asked as she looked down from the height.
” She’s Esther, I’m Anna “. Anna said and Kapella turned.
” How do you know what I am? What is your mission here? “.

” Madison was right about you, you don’t understand the sisterhood “.
” Sisterhood of what?”.
“Mermaids don’t ask question like strangers even if that’s what we are, you confide in us cos we’re a family”. Esther said.
“I’ve heard that before just spill your mission”.

“I asked them to bring you hear”. She heard a voice and turned to see Madison walking out from behind the chimney.
Kapella toward her and hugged her.
“You’re fine”.
“Yeah, I was worried about you when we split, I wanted to search for you but hunters were in already “.
” I understand but we’re fine and I’m happy to see two new guys, thought they died in the explosion”. Kapella said.
“The explosion was underwater to it reduced it damage, most of us survived it and healing already”. Anna said.

“Welcome to the Family then um…..”.
“There’s a problem Ella”. Madison said.
“And what could that be?”.
“The Mermaid who knows about The Stealers didn’t make it”. She said.
“She died?”.

“No she got caught by one of their bullets”. Anna said.
“But there’s an extra problem, Lady Benita,she…. “. Madison said with teary look.
“No no don’t tell me”. Kapella stammered.
“She got captured as well, she sacrificed herself so we could escape after some of us were shot down “. Esther said and Kapella exhaled as she looked down the height.

She punched the brick of the chimney angrily and groaned.
“The Hunter Woman might kill her”. Madison said in tears.
“Don’t cry Maddy, we’ll find a way out of this”. Kapella said.
“Don’t say rescue, we lost enough Mermaids already and going to her den is the most dangerous, we’ll be walking right straight into a trap”. Madison said.

“Calm Maddy”.
“How can I be calm she’s like a Mother to us, I always wanted to go to school but now it’s ruined because a lot of people have seen me as a half human half fish and now Lady Benita, she was like a mother to us”. Madison said.
“I understand but I’ll work this out, I promise “. Kapella said and she nodded.

Cindy moved to an empty seat in the Cafeteria and dropped the meal she had bought on the table.
She collapsed unto the chair and picked her fork when a senior student sat beside her.

“You really got something delicious down here”. He said as he grabbed one of the burger 🍔 and pushed it into his mouth.
She couldn’t object as it could attract bullying from the Faction.
“You know I’ve been admiring you for a long time”. He said as he gulped in the cup of water of the table.

He was dropping the cup when someone stabbed a fork into his hand.
He screamed attracting the attention of everyone in the Cafeteria as Cindy raised her head to see him.
It was Finn.
“I hate when idiots interrupt my movie”. He said and twist it causing his to scream louder.
He let go of the fork and the boy staggered way crying as he clenched to his hand.

“Holla rude girl”. He said sitting down.
“Finn, what again?”.
“I thought superheroes are praised when they save victims or you probably watch telenovela alone”. He asked leaning close and she scoffed.
“You just stabbed someone’s hand, you’re nothing but a villainous vampire”.
“That’s sound like a perfect title, I was watching a movie and he obstructed my view”.

“There’s no movie here so can I at least eat my meal in peace”. She said.
“How rude, I just saved your ass”. He said.
“I didn’t beg you”. He said and turned to the door as Kapella walked in.
“Here comes the Queen and before I get my head snapped by some crazy brother….”.He said and gulped in the content of the cup that was left.

“That’s for the drink”. He said and rose to his feet.
Kapella stared blankly at him as he stared at her as well walking away.
“Are you now into bad guys?”. Kapella asked seating down.
“Seriously you’re a pain in this ass”. Cindy said.
Kapella picked the bent fork on the table and raised it up.

“Tell me you stabbed him”.
“Oh my God!”.
“Mmmm hmmm”.
“You’re crazy”.
“Yep, I’m a Mermaid so I love bad bad things”.
“Like Diaz?”.
“Geez! I’m going to so kill you”. Kapella roared.

“He just stabbed someone’s hand because he eat part of our meal”.
“Finn of course”. Cindy replied taking one of the burger.
“He definitely wasn’t here for me”.
“Of course he was”.
“You’re lying Cindy, I can see it in your eyes”.

“Just let me eat in piece alright?”.
Kapella fixed her gaze on Cindy with a creepy smile.
“Geez!”. Cindy scoffed looking away.

The bell rung loudly as the students trooped out of their various classes gisting as they wore their bags.
“C’mon Cindy I’m only kidding”. Kapella said running after Cindy who was walking fast down the hallway.
She finally caught up with her and blocked her way.
“C’mon Baby Girl”.

“I hate creepy jokes”.
“Fine”. Kapella said wrapping her hand around her neck.
“Have you seen Lovely?”. She asked.
“He left the classroom before us”.
“I need to get Lady Benita from his mother’s grip, he’s the only one who can help without be getting into trouble again”.
“Your name should be changed to trouble?”.

“You’re starting the creepy jokes Cin”.
“Damn! Haven’t I told you to delete that from your memory?”.
“It’s refusing to delete so let’s keep it, Did you see Diaz today?”. Kapella asked.
“Seriously? Are you missing his troubles already?”.

“Just stop, I asked a question, who knows maybe they’re all this because of their mother”. Kapella shrugged.
“Seems he’s given up already so bad”. Cindy sang as they walked out of the school gate
“Hey wait up!”. Kapella called out as Lovely’s vehicle drove away but he didn’t hear her.


Lovely hit the highway as he drove speedily.
“Hey Roxy”. He said placing his phone on his ear.
“I’m on my way, I’ll pick you right now for the hospital, okay”. He said and dropped the phone.
Lovely raised his head up and was shocked to see a teen girl on the road.

He turned his steering speedily running right straight into an open warehouse.
He hit the wall and groaned as the airbag puffed on his face.

“Shit!”. He cursed as he pushed open the door and fell out.
He raised his head up and saw Anna standing with Esther.
“Who the hell are you?”. He asked staggering to his feet.

“Can’t you remember the face of the people you’ve hurt you Bastard!”. Anna said raising her hand up with Esther.
They both began to sing as they moved toward him.
“Mermaids.. You’re wasting your time”. He said.
“Of course singing doesn’t work on hunters but this will”. Anita said as Lovely heard that splashy sound behind and turning a flood of water flushed him away.

He crashed to the ground as he battled to get up as the entire water rose him and hit him against the wall.
He crashed on the bonnet of his face and fell off to the ground.
“You can’t imagine the pain, I wake up every morning with one face in my memory”.

“You!”. She sang loudly with Esther as they pushed their hand forward and the water pushed him against the wall.
“I don’t fvcking know you”. He roared.
She marched up to him and placed her leg on his chest pinning him to the wall.
“Look into my damn face and spill it again”. She said and he gasped as he remembered her.

“You do?, The helper who turned out to be an enemy in disguise”. She said and removed her foot as he slide to the ground.
She took few steps back and resumed singing with Esther causing to water to surround him but it scattered into droplet.

“Enough!”. They heard a voice and turned to see see Kapella moving toward them with Cindy.
“The Arctic, do not interfere in my issue, he’s evil”. Anna said as she grabbed his neck to the wall.
Kapella swing her hand to the left and the water on the ground pushed her back forcing her to let go of him.

“I said let go of him”. Kapella said as the bulb above explode.
“Mermaids take revenge and he’s a hunter, we don’t spare them”.
“He’s on our side”. Kapella said.
“No, he’s a liar and a trickster, he did same to me, he sent me back to captivity”. Anna said angrily.

“I was going to help you, my brother attacked you”.
“You liar”. She roared.
“He rescued me last night, he’s my Boyfriend”. Kapella said.
“What?”. Esther and Anna exclaimed as they turned back.
“He’s your boyfriend because he rescued you”.
“No, We’ve known each other for a while although he just got to know what I am”.
“He’s a fvcking hunter”. Esther said.

“I know that already”.
“You’re creating same history with your Mother, you must be connected to the Hunter Woman, maybe it’s going to be easy finding her true identity now”. Anna said staring at him.
“I’ve this under my control Anna”.

“No you don’t, blinded by love, just like your mother but such mistake isn’t repeating cos we’re informing the rest”. Esther said and they made to move but she blocked their way.
“Are you trying to wage war against your own people?”. Anna said.
“You’re repeating same history that have been reoccurring for centuries of centuries despite that your mother foolishly did it again and here you are, different Arctic, different hunter, same story”. Esther said.

“What are you talking about?”. Kapella asked.
“Maybe it’s best you hear it from Lady Benita herself because she probably didn’t know you were walking on the same path of death like your ancestors so bad she’s captured by his very devilish people, I’m not saying shit, not until we get her back”. Anna said and pushed Kapella from her way.

“I’ll do it”. Lovely said and they paused.
“What? No”. Kapella said shaking her head.

“I’ll smuggle your Lady Benita out of the place she’s held captive”.


The beach was quiet that afternoon as people had nice time under their umbrellas when a wave threw off surfers who were on the ocean, they crashed on the shore and looked back at the ocean.

Suddenly crocodiles crawled out causing eveyone to scream including the surfers who didn’t bother to take their surfboard as they all raced off.
The ocean was unstable as the backside of a woman could be seen emerging out of it with with clothes and hair.
Her face wasn’t visible as it was plain like that of the Stealers.

She stopped at the shore and squat low as she packed the sand with her hand and then inhaled the scent.
She rose up slowly as the crocodiles returned back to the ocean.
“Phoenix City, still beautiful as ever”. She whispered and pouring down the sand she vanished into particle of dust.



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