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( ★Surviving Them Is Hell★ )

{The Light To Their Darkness🍊}.

By, Authoress P. Bey Writes


In a well known forest situated in northern Canada a very popular Academy was built. Students from every country come to this Academy and get voice trained.

Well technically, this Academy wasn’t originally built for singing or dancing. It’s a boarding school where only students with supernatural powers attend.



Those are nothing but cover ups so as to not reveal the Academy’s real purpose and true identity.

Surprised? Don’t be, all the students who are there are either changelings or were just born with supernatural powers. Changeling are shape shifters who can turn from a human being man/woman to a werewolf, Lycanthrope, Lion Tiger and the list goes on.

There’s no doubt that the students there are amazing singers and dancers who constantly win trophies in every competition they enter boosting the popularity of the Academy.

However, this place constantly has reporters swarming it like bees along with the students Billionaire/Millionaire parents coming there at least once a day to check up on there kids.

Overall, training the students to control there supernatural abilities during the day is risky so they chose night instead and this Academy has been running for a near a few decades that way.

This Academy is called ‘Elite Vocalist Academy’ and is obviously operated by day, but by night it still operates. It goes by the name ‘Descendant Of Monsters’ at night and yes that’s when students prowl out to show off there supernatural abilities.

It was quite a shock actually when Roxanne Myers/RM a mere human got accepted in the singing/dancing Academy. Since her parents were cleaners for the school she got a free scholarship to the Academy.

Her parents who are supernatural beings themselves and who were later redeemed not her real parents made her wear a small pendant to mask her scent so the monstrous students wouldn’t suspect that a weak human was among them.

Enough enough, I know I’m boring you. Now let’s get into a bit more dramatic details.

Firstly, RM missed orientation and on her first day knew no one at all. But she quickly made friends with a trio who are looking for another female to make a new song group.

Things went well so far until the most popular kids or rather monsters came to the school, the Third group actually liked her and didn’t bother her but the second who call themselves BABY DÓLLS hated her after she mistakenly bumped into the leader of the best group ‘WILD FIRE’ three times before the day ended.

That’s where her life of being the target for the group of female bullies started, that wasn’t even anything compared to when she found out she was living at an Academy filled with monsters and she’s the only human amongst them.

Want more drama? You got it, as the time past and the bullying escalated a group of the Academy’s richest and baddest playboys (WILD FIRE) all took her as there prey.

In other words, she was in the most Dangerous and vicious love triangle someone could be in, The BABY DÓLLS weren’t having this so a huge fight broke out. The next group which is called Crystal WÁTÉR also joined in on the fight.

The professors were all in great shock, not even there parents could stop the fighting.

How did it happen?

When did it happen?

Why did it happen?

Who’s fault is it?

The Academy was in complete despair as there best and award-winning singing groups all clashed against each other, non could see the other in a hallway and not fight.

So…. There’s pretty much complete Chaos in the supernatural Academy.

But all fighting seized the moment RM shifted revealing that all along she had supernatural powers, and she was a supernatural being that down to the Demons in hell feared. She was a nightmare to all Changelings, her kind overall were feared by all living beings.

Lords & Ladies of the sky’s.🌬️🌬️

Rulers of the earth.🌳🌳

Gods & Goddesses of fire.🍁🍁

Dark & Twisted Hearts.⚔️⚔️

Savage, Vicious, Predatorial creatures. Too dangerous, she’s a princess in a kingdom. A future queen. A deadly war awaits her. She must claim her thrown before it’s too late. She must fight for her birthright.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

** I don’t know, I can’t tell. **

** Join me on this ride and you’ll find out yourself😉😉. **

  • ( Chained To The Rhythm💞 ) * is a story I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss.

Genre – Romance

Tags – Playboys, Bullying, Drama, Suspense, War, Revenge, Love Triangle, Billionaire, Jealousy, Supernatural.

Setting – Northern Canada, situated in the outskirts.

~💜Ç. P. Beyonce💜


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