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( ★Surviving Them Is Hell★ )

{The Light To Their Darkness🍊}.

By, Authoress P. Bey Writes

** Warning – Not Edited **
🌺🌺.CHAPTER: 3.🌺🌺

[Next Morning] 6:00 a.m. Sharp.

Roxanne’s eyes flung open, for a moment she was calm but then she remembered she’s going to the Academy she sprang so rapidly out the bed she nearly fell down. “Today’s the day!” She whisper yelled and giggled.

Today is the final day of orientation, luckily she’ll make it and tomorrow is the official day for the resuming of all daily activities. Looking around she noticed her luggages already packed. A smile cornered her lips, her parents did everything for her already.

The door to her shabby looking room opened revealing her parents, “Mom, Dad. Why are you up so early?” She asked, they chuckled and sat down. “Shouldn’t we be asking you the same question?”

Her face flushed red and they laughed at her expression, “That’s very good sweetheart. You’ve woken up so early and it isn’t even your actually first day it’s the last day of orientation.” Mrs. Myers said. Roxanne smiled broadly. “Did you guys pack my stuff for me? Why? I could’ve done it myself.”

“We are making your job much easier for you and here you are complaining? Such a silly girl.” They shook there heads while smiling, “But, weren’t you the people who told me to always work hard and never let someone do things for me…”

“Enough Roxanne. Your our daughter it’s our duty to take care of you, now since your already up go get dressed and come down for breakfast we made your favourite.” Mrs. Myers winked at Roxanne and walked out alongside her husband.

She swiftly rushed to her old worn out closet and took out her uniform which was on an hanger. The rest are already folded in the suitcase, she just couldn’t stop smiling but then suddenly worry got the best of her.

That Academy is full of rich kids, what if she doesn’t fit in?
What if she doesn’t make any friend’s?
Will they like her? Will she even past the school’s average?

But, she brushed off the thought, “You can do this Roxanne!” She told herself, “Just be yourself and don’t try to be something your not!” With that said she ironed her uniform and cleaned her room. For a while she just looked around, this’ll be the last time she’ll be seeing her room.

It’s not the prettiest, rather it looks pretty old and worn out, but still it’s her room. She spent all her life staying there, she’ll have a brand new room she’ll be sharing with someone else.

After laying the uniform on the bed she quickly went outside to get a bucket of water, after bringing it in she went into the bathroom brushed her teeth, bathed her body then washed her hair. She must be spotless.

Upon coming out she grabbed her old comb and while staring into the mirror she combed it and oiled it, when it dries it’ll be so shiny and pretty.

For the next 15 minutes she got dressed, she looked at her reflection in the mirror. She doesn’t even recognize herself, money makes you look so much better. She grabbed her 3 suitcases, backpack and phone then headed downstairs.


“RM!!” Kayla yelled and jumped into her arms, Roxanne hugged her like it’s the last time she’ll ever see her. The next thing about the Academy is, once you go you can’t leave (unless summer or Christmas break) till you finish all courses and grades. A bit of permanent stay.

“Your going away and your not coming back!” She cried, Roxanne kissed her forehead not even believing what Kayla is saying. “Don’t say that, of course I’ll come and visit you.” She cooed, Kayla sobbed softly.

“Kayla come here. You don’t want your sister to be late do you?” Mr. Myers pulled Kayla off, “Look sweety. I know your sad that your sister will be leaving but she must, do you not want her to be a famous singer?” Kayla sobbed while nodding. “I know you’ll miss her, but you have to let her. You’ll see her when Christmas comes and we’ll all have a big family dinner.”

“Really?” Kayla’s eyes beamed, “Yes really.” Roxanne chirped, the three hugged each other. Mrs. Myers coughed getting there attention, “Roxanne, when you get to the Academy you must go straight to the principals office okay?”

“Yes mom.” Roxanne also hugged her, “Okay come on now we wouldn’t want breakfast to get cold now would we?” They all chuckled and sat to eat, not without praying first.

By the time they’ve finished it was close to 7:00 am, her family led her outside with her stuff and stood by the roadside went for a cab. When one came he was paid to drop Roxanne directly at the Academy which he accepted.

For minutes they all just hugged and cried, finally they let her go and as the vehicle drove off they waved goodbye. Kayla rushed to the car however and gave Roxanne a paper, when she opened it, it was a drawing of there little family. She shed a tear of joy and looked back as the car finally came out of sight.


On a 3 way video call, J-Star, DK, Lee and Twinkle were having a conversation. “Oh my goshhhhh.” Lee said, “School begins tomorrow I don’t want to go.” He further complained.

“Your such a lousy person Lee, I can’t wait to go to school tomorrow. I’m heading straight to the library to see the new books they have.” J-Star said, “Are you frickin serious right now J?” DK asked not believing what his brother had just said.

“Don’t you dare say a thing to me Damian I am not in the mood for your bullshit. Anyway, I think I want to see the horror thrillers there really interesting….” Before he finished Damian pounced on him and the two started fighting.

Lee put his foot up watching the fight between the non look alike twins, Twinkle just stared blankly at the screen as usual showing no emotions of somewhat. “You nerdy bastard I hate you!” DK yelled, J pushed him off and laughed at him. “Say what you want buttercup I don’t care.” They growled at each other and there room door burst open revealing there father.

“What in the name of the moon goddess are the both of you doing?” He asked, the twins pulled away from each, “He started it dad!” DK yelled, J-Star took a vase and threw it at his brother who caught it at once.

“See, this is the reason why your both going to the Academy you two have no self control of somewhat.” Both looked at each other and scoffed at there father.

“Martha, come see your sons.”

“No no no!!” It was too late, the Luna walked in looking furious and seeing the messy room she burst in anger. “J go to your room this instant. The both of you have no manners of somewhat how dare you!” She yelled, glaring at DK he put his glasses on and left the room.

DK faced the scream and laughed lowly with Lee before cutting the call. “Oh my god, I knew those two brats were Mama’s boys see how fast they got off the call.” Lee couldn’t contain his laughter, Twinkle stayed silent while Lee continued to talk about other things.


“Thank you.” Roxanne said to the driver and he left, when she turned she was face to face with enormous gates. On them, in bold was [WELCOME TO ELITE VOCALIST ACADEMY!!]

A tear slipped down her eye, she made it. She at last made it, her dream Academy. Leaving her suitcases behind she walked up to the gate to caress it but shocking it opened, she didn’t know how it happened but she didn’t even care.

Excitedly she took her suitcases and walked it, they weren’t easy to carry they were somewhat heavy but she still managed. Stopping midway she gazed around once more, firstly, the walkways were GOLDEN, that’s right. GOLDEN.

A gigantic statue was Infront, it was of a woman who looked beautiful. Again, it was made from pure gold, they trees were neatly cut, everything was just kept so perfectly.

From where she was she could see the end of what looks like a Field, a large football field with the goals still intact. On the other side behind a fence was also a field, probably used for devotion or for meetings or something.

One things certain, this has got to be the biggest building she’s ever seen. It was side and tall, also she noticed some students walking around doing there own thing it there uniform.

“Hi.” She flinched hearing a sudden noise, turning around she saw a guy. And oh god was he good looking, as a matter-of-fact all the students she saw were good looking, standing next to this guy she feels like an ugly duckling. “I guess you were late for orientation, am I right?” He flashed her the most charming smile she had ever gotten from the day she was born.

“Y-yes. Yes I’m new.” Nervously she replied his question, “I’m Emerald, and you?” Tilting his head to side he pressed the conversation forward, “Roxanne, or just RM.” She laughed nervously, he beamed brightly.

“Roxanne, Roxanne.
All she wanna do is party all night.
Goddamn, Roxanne.
Never gonna love me but it’s alright she think am a ásshole she think am a player she keep running back though only cause I pay up.
Roxanne, Roxanne.
All she wanna do is party all night.” He sang to her, her mouth dropped.

A small group of students who were passing by complimented him, “Oh my god, your voice is so beautiful!” She exclaimed, he blushed and scratched his head.

“Thank you. But seriously I love your name. Why don’t you sing and let me hear your voice?” He requested, her whole system shit down in fear. “S-s-sing?” She stuttered, “Yes, I want to hear your voice.”

“I’ve never sang to anyone, except my parents. But… I’ll do it!” She had confidence, he smiled already liking her attitude.

“I want you to love me. Like I’m a hot pie. You think you know me? Doing what you like, so boy forget about the world cause it gone be me and you tonight. (Yeah) I wanna make you bad boy and imma make you swallow your pride. Ohh. Want you to make me feel, like I’m the only girl in the world. Like I’m the only one that you’ll ever know, like I’m the only one who knows your heart, only girl in the world.” She sang one of her favourite songs and he smiled so brightly.

“Your voice, magical. You sure you didn’t fall from heaven cause that voice of yours is out of this world!!” He said and she blushed, only her family has ever complimented her actually.

“Damn, I think somethings wrong with my phone.” He frowned taking it out and looking at it, “What’s wrong with your phone?” She asked looking worried.

“Well, your number isn’t in it.” He scratched the back of his head and put the phone before her wanting her to type in her number, she couldn’t believe a boy was actually flirting with her.

“Hey you!” A feminine voice called, they both looked around to see a beautiful girl along with two boys walking there way in red uniforms just like them, the girl stopped before Roxanne and looked her up and down in a rather judgmental way. She felt nervous all over again.

“I heard you singing. I like your voice, and your so beautiful don’t you two agree?” The two boys nodded smiling at her, first a boy complimented her and now a girl? This is so amazing!

“And your skin and here, what shampoo do you use?” She stroked her hair, “It’s so shiny and bouncy. You know what… What’s your name?” The girl asked. “Her name is Roxanne and can you please go Rosa we were in the middle of something.” Emerald said sounding a bit annoyed.

“Shut up Emerald in talking to my new friend.” She snapped, “Okay Roxanne. Your my new bestie.” She hugged her, feeling so overly happy that she’s getting along with everyone and has friends she hugged her back.

“Come on let’s take her to the principals office. I’m Rosa by the way.” She winked and took Roxanne’s bag while the rest took her suitcases, “Okay, Roxanne we’ll continued this conversation later.” Emerald said and walked off with the boys.

“How’d you know I’m going to the principals office?” Roxanne asked, “Obviously your going, all new students have to go to the principals office for there school stuff isn’t it obvious Roxy.” Rosa laughed and wrapped her arm around Roxanne’s shoulder.


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