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( ★Surviving Them Is Hell★ )

{The Light To Their Darkness🍊}.

By, Authoress P. Bey Writes

🌺🌺.CHAPTER: 2.🌺🌺

Pretty soon other men came and walked around the bakery, they threatened the owner and managed to take all the money away from the poor man.

Roxanne held Kayla closely as she softly sobbed. They men kept pacing around the room and even killed a few people until the door burst open. “Hey! Stop!” A voice yelled. All the attention turned to the entrance and they saw a pair of gorgeous boys standing there.

One thing for sure, they were so good looking. “Let the people go and the get the hell out of here!” He yelled again, he looked furious. The men glanced at each other and laughed, the leader walked up to him, “Or what? What will you do kid? Hit me?”

Before he could laugh again a hard painful kick landed in his forbidden area, saliva dropped from his mouth. The guy grabbed his head and punched him in the nose so hard everyone heard the breaking of his nose.

All the rest of the crew attacked, the other guy who wore glasses attacked them and beat them up, in the end the robbers ran out but police caught them. The crowd applauded for there saviors. The handsome saviors. “Yeah yeah anyway I’d like some sugar cookies.” He ignored them all.

No one minded, they were so happy to be saved. Roxanne was so happy her money didn’t get stolen. She left with Kayla but not before examining the boys, they looked rich. There clothes were stylish and a limited edition Porsche was parked outside which was mostly likely there’s.


Upon arrival Roxanne rushed inside right after parking her bicycle, she went to her mother and jumped into her arms immediately. “Mom! I have the money! I can buy the uniform and go to school now!” She bursted into tears as she shared the news with her mother.

“What? Sweetheart how did you get the money?” Her mother Mrs. Myers was shocked, “I found it, I don’t know if it fell from someone’s pocket but I found it mom I have the mommy!” She took out the money and gave to her mother. A gasp left her lips.

“Oh my, Roxanne! Are you sure you found this? This is… Too much.” Mrs. Myers didn’t know how to react to the situation. “Mom, it must he a gift from god. You can buy the uniform for me now and food and new clothes.”

“What’s going on here?” Mr Myers asked as he entered the room, “RM has money!” Kayla said, Mr. Myers looked rather puzzled by the statement. “Yes dad, I have the money. I can finally go to the Academy now!”

Mrs. Myers showed him the money and even he was shocked, he smiled and took her into his arms. They all cried while embracing each other. “Finally sweetheart, your dream will come true.” He whispered.

Kayla got up and ran in the middle, they laughed as they picked her up into there arms. “Kayla, you’ll be spending some time with your aunt in another city since no one will be home to take care of you.” Mrs. Myers said. Kayla’s happy smile faded.

“But I don’t wanna go, I don’t wanna leave you guys.” She began to cry, “Sweetheart your sister will be going to college and you won’t see her till December. We’ll visit you every weekend okay we promise. Don’t you want your sister to fulfill her dream and be a singer?”

“Yeah. But can’t I go with her?” Nothing could calm Kayla down, Roxanne knelt down and wiped her tears, “Don’t cry Kayla, I’ll get a phone and I’ll call you whenever I can okay I promise.” Kayla hugged Roxanne, which will most likely be the last time.

“Dear. It’s not too late, let’s go to the Academy and get her uniforms now and new clothes. Maybe she can go tomorrow and still catch up.” Mrs. Myers suggested.

“That’s a good idea. The both of you stay home, Roxanne we know your size don’t worry we’ll fix you up and we’ll get things for you too Kayla. Stay safe.” They kissed there kids goodbye and quickly went to catch a cab after leaving $5000 with Roxanne. Because Roxanne was working so hard to buy the uniform which cost $500 a suit she didn’t get to attend orientation.

Orientation is when you attend the Academy earlier, just to get familiar with the surroundings and get to know everyone. Roxanne was lucky enough to get a scholarship since both her parents work there, her mother is a chef and her father is a janitor.

So it’s only fair she attends the Academy, but the principal only did so much. It’s only right for them to get the uniform for her and shoes cause everything else will be taken care of by the Academy.

After frying the few eggs that were left and eating some more of the croissants Roxanne bathed Kayla and cleaned the house. While she cleaned she imagined how her life at the Academy would be, having a boyfriend is a certain no.

That place, isn’t for the stupid students. All averages must past 85.50 or you’ll be sent to the probation area, which Roxanne heard no one wants to be. And having such an average won’t be as simple as it seems. But Roxanne has an advantage.

Education doesn’t test how smart you are, it tests your memory. And she has good memory, so that’s a first. Now the second thing is her voice, and of course she’ll be learning how to dance. So now, she’ll do some rehearsing while she waits to see her beautiful uniform.


[Nightfall.] Crystal Forest.

Eerily silence filled the whole forest, only sounds made were from small insects. The trees stood tall and firm, the lakes were calm and silent. Suddenly, a broad, wide pair of wings flapped above the tall trees. A large bird like creature was flying above everything.

The creature flew and flew until it landed with a loud thud near twin trees, it’s wings opened revealing Twinkle. His eyes were shining brightly and his teeth was replaced with fangs.

He walked around still with his wings out, he folds them in when passing through gaps of the trees, “Well well well what do we have here?” Lee said peering from behind a tree. Twinkle wasn’t surprised he had sensed his presence sometime ago.

“Just taking a walk.” He replied nonchalantly, “Are you sure you okay Twinkle? You know I got you bro.” Lee kept pushing the conversation. “Look Lee, I’m fine okay just stop bothering.”

“Aww, you know I can’t do that.” He took a a matches box from his pocket, “Your my best friend my job is to annoy you.” After lighting one he blew fire from his mouth and it blazed up bigger than it should. He lit the whole box then threw it in the river.

“But seriously, are you really sure your okay?” Twinkle stopped in his tracks, before Lee could speak he was slammed against a tree, raw and pure anger flashed in Twinkle’s eyes. “I. Said. I’m. Fine.” Lee laughed at his best friend. “Doesn’t look like that to me though.” He seemed not too bothered with what Twinkle is doing at the moment.

Twinkle snarled and was about to slash his face when Lee pushed him off also revealing wings, he flopped them and flew backwards looking down at Twinkle with a smirk. “Look dude, you can’t blame them for your mother’s death forever you know. They did what they had to.”

“Shut up. You don’t know anything about my family or my mother Christian.” Twinkle turned away, “I know enough. You can’t hide things from me I know you, I know how you are. You seriously need to let go bro.” Lee landed on the floor and Twinkle glared at him. “Okay okay fine, I won’t talk about it anymore.”

He slumped against a tree and began playing with a stack of cards, the way he shuffled them seems as if he’s been doing it for so long now. The motion he used is so fast yet so satisfying to watch him do. “Where the hell is DK and J-Star?” Lee dropped the cards looking so annoyed.

From the thicket two boys jumped out, “Where the hell were you ássholes?” Lee stood up, “Shut up Lee we went to buy cookies for our mother.” DK rolled his eyes at him, “Aww, momma’s boys haha.” Lee laughed.

“Don’t call me that pretty boy!” DK growled, J-Star adjusted his glasses and took a small book from his jacket, “Seriously J your such a frickin book worm.” DK half yelled at his brother. “I make up for being a book worm with my good looks and charm.” J-Star winked at him.

“Damn! And that’s why J-Star will always be my favourite twin he’s such a damn player!” Lee high-five J-Star, DK rolled his eyes at the two of them.

“Whatever, you two need to get a room.” DK laughed, “Let’s go.” Twinkle cut in and flew away, “Jeez why so serious.” Lee flew away and the other two ran with them. Soon, the small group got to a picnic area where a group of 4 girls sat in bikinis by another lake, they looked at them from far away. “It’s show time boys.” DK was the first to walk out.

Sometime later, the 3 of them walked off adjusted there pants while Twinkle licked blood from the side of his lips, no they did not rape the girls. They got laid, wilfully. The boys seemingly had a lovely time with the females.

Twinkle just quenched his thirst for blood, he may be a player like the rest but tonight he needs to refill his blood supply. “Now that was fun!” DK was the first to speak up, “Dude, the way she bounced on me oh Lord those girls are freaks!” Lee laughed along with the other two.

“I still can’t believe Twinkle didn’t participate. He only hypnotized the girl and drained her body.” J said, “Yeah, Twinkle why didn’t you have s-x with the girl she was clearly giving it to you.” Lee asked in confusion. Twinkle kept a straight face, “I wasn’t in the mood.”

The three glanced at each, “If you say so.” They continued chatting while searching for new victims, Twinkle’s mind was too occupied with thoughts to pay attention to anything they were even saying.


[Elite Vocalist Academy.]

“I’m a bit surprised you both managed to get the money in time to purchase her uniform but at the same time impressed. Your daughter will surely have a lovely time at the Academy. I’m looking forward to meeting her.” Mr. Wilcox the principal leaned back on his chair cross legged.

“Thank you again sir. We really appreciate the fact that you gave our daughter a scholarship. It’s been her dream for so long to go here, that’s for making it a reality.” They thanked him gravely.

“But of course. Our Academy wasn’t redeemed the best just because Billionaire students come here. All kids get treated equally and no student must be hungry. All staff members who has kids of the age are given free scholarships to come here. We know it’s hard to work here since almost all students are vicious monsters, it’s the least I can do to make it up.” He smiled warmly at the pair.

“Yes indeed. I just love the designs of everything, but why are the halls and corridors so big I don’t understand?” Mr. Myers asked. “Well that’s simply because werewolves also work for us. So incase we go under a supernatural attack all wolves whether a staff or not, normal werewolf or Lycanthrope have enough space to bounce through. And those who can fly can fly through.”

“That’s very smart.” Mrs. Myers stared in awe, “(Chuckles) As I’ve said, our Academy is the best.” They all agreed with him.

They paid him for the Uniform and after giving him Roxanne’s measurements they got the perfect size. They bought 3 pairs, yes yes. They spent $1500 on three pairs of uniforms, just to show this Academy isn’t for the poor but they were an exception.

They later bid Mr. Wilcox goodbye, the students who were still in orientation all greeted them as they left. They were vicious monsters but so sweet and polite. Now they know why people would sell there souls to be here, everyone makes you feel welcomed.

“Roxanne will surely love it here, don’t you think?” Mrs. Myers asked gazing at the giant gates, “She’ll love it indeed. At least we know our little girl will be in good hands, and can hopefully be a good person when the time comes.” Mrs. Myers felt uneasy hearing what her husband said.

“Don’t worry. They can help Roxanne, she can learn to he good okay? Don’t worry. She’s in good hands. Let’s go.”

Both left in a taxi later on.


After they left the Academy they were lucky enough to find a clothes store that was still open, they bought lots of new clothes for Roxanne.

And Mrs. Myers bought some ladies items for her as well. Then they bought few items for Kayla and some stuff for the house.

And they didn’t forget a small phone for her, it wasn’t large, it was just an Iphone 8. Every student there has an Iphone twelve of some other expensive gadget, they just want her to somewhat fit in with the crowd.

By the time they got home Kayla was sound asleep, Roxanne sang a soft tune like every other night to put her to bed. She didn’t go to sleep however. The suspense on seeing the Academy kept her awake.

When Roxanne saw her uniform she immediately tried it on, perfect fit. Since the Academy has 4 delaminated grades. The color of the skirts and jackets/pants and jackets vary. For the freshmen like Roxanne, she must wear Red.

“Thank you mom and dad…” She sobbed into there arms, “I’ll make you both proud I promise.” They caressed her back and both kissed her forehead, making them proud wasn’t what they wanted. They knew who she is, rather what she is, well… What she’ll become. That’s what there more worried about.

But they didn’t let her know. She’ll have to find out herself. She was eve more happy when she saw her first phone, she has no idea how to use it but when she makes new friends she’ll be taught.

By the middle of the night, Mr. And Mrs. Myers has already arranged for Kayla to be taken to her aunt’s place, since no one will be at home to take care of her. They also polished Roxanne’s shoes and packed her things so there’s no stress tomorrow when she leaves.


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